Which Are the Best Foods To Eat To Gain Weight?

The modern society is so fixated with bodily traits. People of all ages over the globe starve themselves daily. To suit a single stereotype that views slimness as the ultimate and perfect body form. Most people unaware of which are the best foods to eat to gain weight.

best foods to eat to gain weight

 The drive behind this skinny craze has nothing to do with real fitness at all. Instead, it is merely an image of models’ physical looks. That has led people into this controlled way of thinking.

This sign is pretty famous among the younger and female populations. Who is supposed to be in their prime years of being attractive?

Gaining weight up to a healthy level is a noble idea. Just like any other effort, there are correct and incorrect ways to achieve it. Loading up on junk foods like sodas and fried chicken can get you there pretty quickly. However, these unusual methods will come with their cons. These cons outweigh any benefits.

Weight gain should happen in a manner that helps increase both muscle and fat. It will reduce the risks of weight-related illnesses such as diabetes. Let’s look at some of the proper ways and foods that can help with weight gain.

Calorie Overload

Gaining weight is possible if the body gets more food than it can utilize. That is why you should know about the best foods to eat to gain weight. Eat calorie-rich meals to beat your system at this game. It is, of course, vital to know first your rate of calorie consumption. Modern tolls like smartwatches and accessories can help.

Load up on Protein

Foods To Eat To Gain Weight

Protein is the way to go when it comes to weight gain. Sources of protein are pretty common even with the most modest diets. Protein also helps to promote muscle growth. It will not just increase body fat. Foods such as eggs, meat, and nuts are a great way to load up on proteins.

Opt for Whole Foods

Modern diets have a lot of processed and refined food. Eating whole foods instead can be very nutritious for the body and promote weight gain. Grains like oats and unprocessed brown rice are a crucial feature of a wholesome diet every day. These foods aid proper digestion and food utilization.

Spice it Up!

Using spices in food preparation is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. It spruces up tastes and promotes higher food intake. Which eventually encourages weight gain. It is good to stay away from undue veggies in the diet.

Energy Dense Foods

Foods that contain high amounts of energy also favors weight gain. The benefit of these is that they are less filling yet with more calories to them. Almost all dried fruits fit in this category. Nuts and dairy is also an excellent start for each day.

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Best Carb For Bodybuilding

Carbs and Starch

carbs - best foods to eat to gain weight

Many weight loss fans always advise people to cut down on carbs. For weight gain, we should do the exact opposite. Load up on food like rice, pasta, and potatoes every day. Carbs, however, tend to fill up the stomach faster so you may want to eat at intervals and can be one of the best foods to eat to gain weight.

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Wrapping Up

Several tricks can also promote weight gain along with the best foods to eat to gain weight. One of these is the habit of periodic eating. Opt to eat smaller meals spread out during the day at short intervals. Also, avoid water, juice, or alcohol before standard meals. It helps avoid filling up your stomach with liquids. A more rich diet can also do the trick. It includes creamy coffees and even protein shakes. Also, a good night’s rest helps better weight gain. It is advisable to quit or reduce smoking, which is known to cause weight loss.

Anorexic ailments are rising sharply over the past few years. Many activists have tried to fight this body-shaming trend. However, the mind-set is already deeply rooted in society. Even without any outside harassment, young people already tend to body shame themselves. Many people seem to forget that. Being underweight always is as unhealthy as being overweight. 

Clinically speaking, one can only be regarded as thin if his or her BMI index falls below 18.5. However, more common for females to be deemed as underweight by the index.

The BMI scale is one useful tool that can calculate the proper weight to height and age ratio. That is proper and suitable for most of these people who are obsessed with being skinny. Sadly, they do not score well on the scale despite their thin looks. The drive to be lean driven by the fact that. Doctors are always indicating the problems of obesity. They are focusing on how obesity has become one of the world’s most pressing health issues. They do not focus on the risk of being underweight.

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Underweight Complications

Foods To Eat To Gain Weight 2

Perhaps the root cause of this whole craze is lack of understanding. Let’s quickly examine some of the problems linked with being thin.

  • Statistics have shown that being underweight causes a twofold risk increase. It is the leading reason for an early death for both men and women. It is considering that obesity only raises this risk by 50%. It is quite clear the need to cut short this mistaken doctrine.
  • Immune functionality has also known to reduce due to being underweight. It spikes up the risks of infection by various diseases for the body.
  • Being underweight has also been linked to fertility issues in both men and women. It may complicate life, especially for younger people.
  • The possibility of enduring muscle deterioration has also linked to underweight individuals. It has also known to increase the chances of developing dementia, even for the younger demographics.

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Common Weight Loss Causes

Several root causes can induce weight loss and cause one to be underweight. Most of these are clinical; however, the good news is that just about every single object can be reduced or improved with the proper care.

  • Eating disorders are probably the leading cause despite having several academic debates on the subject. These disorders are medical; for example, anorexia is a mental disorder.
  • Unusual metabolism has also known to lead to weight problems due to abnormal body functions.
  • Several other chronic illnesses are a result of weight loss, such as celiac disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  • Other forms of infections also linked to weight loss, especially where parasites involved, such as TB and Aids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much calorie daily is safe?

Females need about 2000 calories and males need 2500 calories a day. For weight gain calorie level should be increased. If you want rapid weight gain then you can more calories but they are not safe. So if you want to increase healthy weight then you should increase maximum 500 calories a day. It will not cause any harmful effect.

Excessive protein can cause health issues?

Excessive protein can cause many serious health problems. If your protein intake is very high it will effect liver. The function of liver is to remove toxins from the body, this function will disturb. This results in increased amount of toxins, ammonia and amino acids in body. It also may affect the brain function.

Which spices do you suggest?

Spices are very important for making the meal delicious. You can use nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, black pepper, funnel seeds, and cumin seeds in your food. They will not only make food tasty but also have some good effects.

Are carbs and starches really healthy options?

Carbs are macronutrients which are the essential part of food. Starches are complex carbs and are healthier than simple carbs. Carbs and starches give us energy for normal day activities. So they are the healthy options and skipping them is not a good practice.

Final Words

You should always choose the best types of foods which can give you more calories and steer up your weight gain process. You should be aware of common weight loss causes so that you do not lose weight and work on the best foods to eat to gain weight.

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