To not insult and to be as accurate as possible, we will provide the medical definition of underweight problems. As reported by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control), an underweight person is somebody whose body weight is reflected too low to be healthy. These people have BMI (Body Mass Index) more economical than 18.5, and their body weight is usually smaller than usual by 15% to 20% (Per height and age group).

This BMI is a result of a wide variety of conditions. The CDC lists the following as the main reasons: metabolism issues, genetics, various illnesses (Both physical and mental), drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and simple lack of food. 

It is often the case that being underweight problems are symptoms of a disease. Among the conditions that cause severe loss of weight are: Cancer, hyperthyroidism, TB (Tuberculosis), Type 1 diabetes (Also known as juvenile diabetes), and anorexia nervosa. It’s also worth mentioning that being underweight is also often associated with gastrointestinal and liver damage as these types of issues render a patient unable to absorb an adequate amount of nutrients.

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A Further Examination Of Causes

1. Media Coverage (or lack thereof)

While obesity is often mentioned and covered (However inadequately) by the media, the number of risks that come with underweight problems is often completely neglected. It, of course, leads to most people being completely unaware of the dangers that come with the condition, as mentioned above, even though being underweight is linked to fatal diseases just as much as being overweight is. Thinness is often praised and desperately sought after in certain professions. The goal of this article and others like it is to change that situation and to replace ignorance with awareness.

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2. Lack of Food is one of the most important Underweight Problems

Underweight Problems

It is a well-known and well-documented fact. Approximately 13 percentage of the world’s population lacks the food to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is 795 million people. Admittedly progress is being made as these numbers have been steadily decreasing over the 21st century, but the recent wars in Africa and the Middle-East have made the situation worsen.

3. TB (Tuberculosis.)

Tuberculosis was historically called “Consumption” because of how it left the infected underweight and, therefore, with a weakened immune system. This weakness that was usually caused by loss of appetite led to various organs succumbing to infections. While it has mostly disappeared in the Western world, it certainly goes to show how severe damage can a weakened organism suffers.

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4. Anorexia Nervosa

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A most severe eating disorder whose cause is yet unknown, anorexia is characterized by the refusal to consume food and a healthy (almost obsessive) desire to remain thin. Patients often use extreme measures to stay underweight such as vomiting and frequent usage of laxatives.

Part of the cause is undoubtedly cultural as it is mostly observed within societies and professions that value thinness. It is also quite prevalent among adolescents and children who, as a result, often deal with growth retardation. It causes severe damage to women as well as contributes to bone density loss and may lead to osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Anorexia Nervosa has also proved to be lethal as it can easily lead to heart damage (Through atrophy of the heart muscle) or even sudden cardiac death.

5. Underweight Problems: A-List of Risks

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As already mentioned, it’s widely known that obesity may lead to heart damage; there are but few people who truly understand the cost that being underweight might cause. First of all, an organism that is still developing will most likely fail to thrive when it lacks the necessary nutrients. It, of course, is nothing but what’s scientifically called “Slow/ Impaired Growth.”

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Secondly, any underweight females have the risk of having a premature birth, giving birth to a baby before 37 weeks. A preterm birth baby is at higher risk when it comes to hearing and sight impairments, impaired growth issues, and cerebral palsy. It’s also worth mentioning that preterm death is, at this moment, the most common cause of death among infants.

Besides, an underweight person is far more likely to suffer from anemia, which in turn will be causing dizziness, headache, and of course, fatigue.

Furthermore, it isn’t all that uncommon for an underweight person to lack the necessary nutrients needed to fight off infections. Due to that fact, not only will they be getting sick with higher frequency than anyone else, they will also not be able to fight off common diseases such as the common cold easily.

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6. Stuff Your Face

I am just kidding. Don’t do that. To stop being underweight, you will need to follow a proper, healthy, and balanced diet, usually carbohydrate and protein-rich. Until you get yourself such food; however, we will be providing you with some advice.

  • Stay away from sugar and saturated fat-rich foods. You run the risk of doing a 180 and getting high cholesterol.
  • Get yourself some fruit and veggies. At least five portions a day.
  • Base your meal and occasional on foods such as bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. People on low- carb diets avoid because they’re high in starchy carbohydrates, which makes them just perfect for you.
  • When it comes to getting some protein, you will quickly be figuring out that meat, eggs, and fish have no equal. If beans and pulses, however, are more your style go for it, they’re protein-rich as well.
  • Drink a lot of water, 5 to 8 glasses per day are enough. Have you been told that a few thousand times already? Most likely. But here’s a new trick for you. Don’t drink water before meals or snacks. Otherwise, you will be feeling full very quickly.

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FAQs On Underweight Problems

Can underweight lead me towards diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder that is not only cued by overweight but certain other factors like genetics, health condition and lifestyle are also its factors. Underweight people can get diabetes. But being underweight is not the cause of diabetes.

I am recovering from Anorexia what do you suggest for me?

Start a healthy lifestyle. Accept yourself the way you are trying to understand the needs of the body. Don’t eat too much unhealthy food, try to avoid junk food. Drink plenty of water and do physical exercise.

What to do if I have anemia?

If you have anemia then try to eat healthy foods rich in iron. Also, consume multivitamins and other nutrients. Add red meat, fish, red beans, bell pepper, and poultry to your diet. Eat cow or hen liver green vegetables and all that food which contain iron. Don’t stress your body much and don’t do extra workouts. Take care of your food.


Look, we live in a society that pretty much demands that we’re thin. It is imperative, however, that we remain healthy both for ourselves and for those around us. Grab yourself a knife and fork and join the table. Knowing about the Underweight problems and preparing yourself is the best way to avoid these problems.

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