Effective Tips for Weight Gain 100 Pounds

Weight gain and loss in our present society have been causes for concern for many people. Women seem to be susceptible to social stereotypes and are most concerned with appearances, but men and children are not unaffected by this issue. In this article, we are going to give you 7 amazing tips for weight gain up to 100 pounds.

Is One Ever The Right Size?

tips for weight gain 100 pounds

Everyone, at one point in time in their life, has thought themselves too thin or too fat and need tips for weight gain Even those who are not on either of those extremes have wanted to lose or gain weight for one reason or the other. These reasons range from things as necessary as health issues to things as trivial as fitting into a new outfit. The more common desire is that of losing weight. The modern world advertises a specific type of physical outlook, and what we have come to idolize as attractive is a slim build.

Unusually does one come across people who are eager to gain weight, with some even tagging gaining weight as a taboo. Even doctors recommend being conscious of what we eat and how many pounds we put on in order to remain healthy. Certain conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart problems, are closely related to excessive weight gain. Being overweight is generally not advisable. Given that fact, we should realize that being overweight is different from just gaining weight.

Though you may not believe it, as it is not widely taken into consideration, gaining weight does have its benefits. I can imagine that you are shocked or incredulous at this affirmation but keep reading, and you may acquire the enlightenment you never believed you needed.

Why gain weight?

If you are naturally skinny and feel like you disappear into clothes or amongst people, you may want to gain weight. That’s right, “skinny” is not always as high as it is portrayed. A dress may suit one, but not another, what looks good on the colleague you admire may not look the same on you. Try to gain a little weight, and you may discover a new you, the best version you have ever known.

In the extreme case that one is anorexic, you will need to gain weight.

Having gone through a period where you starve yourself (because you feel you are “fat”) to the point of becoming flesh and bones, you may lack the confidence to start a new journey in the opposite direction. The most important thing to overcome in this case is your mindset. Gaining weight doesn’t necessarily translate to being ” fat.” Instead, it should be viewed as a fulfillment of overcoming the fears that lead to anorexia.

For those who are exercise junkies, who love being in the gym or even just training at home, it is imperative to build muscle mass and gaining weight is the only route to achieving that. Whether or not you find yourself among the groups of individuals discussed in the previous paragraphs or if, for some other reason, you would like to gain weight, I have prepared a list of concrete ways to do so.

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Here Are 7 Tips For Weight Gain 100 Pounds

There are so many methods of losing weight from dieting to exercising to medical intervention and so on. On the converse, there is only one way to gain weight; eating, that’s it. contrary. Following are the tips for weight gain 100 pounds, you should follow.

Tip no. 1: Eat more significant portions

Good food can bring joy to even the most disheartened soul, and if that is all the effort you need to make, isn’t life just beautiful. Dieting, sometimes, has been known to cause the opposite effect, where instead of losing weight, the body adjusts to slow down metabolism, and the patient ends up gaining instead. What a shame, a delicious home-cooked meal would have been worth the pounds.

Deciding to eat is the first step. Next, it is essential to pick the right type of foods that encourage weight gain. I am not talking about getting stuffed with unhealthy junk foods but rather healthy carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Beef, potatoes, bread, eggs, pasta, rice, nuts, etc. are good examples. If you are not intolerant to dairy, it is a fantastic source of nutrients.

Don’t let go of dessert, and it may just have the calories you need to reach your goal. Liquids are also very essential, try a fruit shake with some yogurt in the mornings or whenever suits you. For those who love nibbling, snacks are an excellent addition to your weight gain diet tips. No worries, there are so many options in the market for healthy snacks. You can gain weight without the risk of damaging your health.

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Healthy Tips To Gain Weight

Tip no. 2: Eat more meals per day.

If you usually get filled up quickly, you could try dividing up the portions. Eating small pieces after every 3 hours may help provide you with an overall higher calorie count. You don’t get stuffed in one meal, so you are not giving up your agility, as a full stomach can make you lazy.

In addition to that, it encourages snacking, which, as previously discussed, is excellent for putting on a few pounds. Surveys have shown that many people are giving up the traditional three meals a day for multiple mini-meals. It is quite easy to adapt to if you are the one who is usually very busy and can hardly find time to eat a three-course meal. Eating more meals a day isn’t just beneficial to weight gain tips, it may also make one’s life a lot easier.

tips for weight gain foods

Tip no. 3: Avoid slimming foods.

The last of the food-related tips is to avoid slimming foods.

On your journey to healthy tips for weight gain, citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, and grapefruit are not your friends. Stay away from wet foods like soup, green tea, and the likes; save them for when you have the flu. Avoid lean beef, skim milk, or foods whose essential fats have been stripped away. Your dietary aim should be calorie-dense foods. They taste better anyway.

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Tip no. 4: Avoid stress.

It may be a small misleading at first sight because it is practically impossible to avoid stress altogether. Even if you were to lock yourself in your room forever and never go out, you still wouldn’t be able to eliminate stress. From the home to the workplace to our social lives, stress can be experienced everywhere. Even that minute mosquito hovering all around you is enough to shoot your stress levels off the top of the roof.

Stress is the body’s way of reacting to changes that require adjustment or response; it affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically. One of the physical effects being weight loss. I wish there were a remedy to this phenomenon, sadly there isn’t, but there are ways to keep it at bay.

Once you realize that you are getting overly stressed, try to lessen the responsibilities you take on, remember you prioritize yourself and your wellbeing. Take some time off from work, change jobs if necessary; it may not be worth your trouble. You come first. Get lots of rest, and sleep is an essential component of the day, caffeine should not be a substitute, on the contrary, it should be avoided if you are working towards gaining weight. Furthermore, don’t be too hard on yourself, endeavor to do things that make you happy.

Tip no. 5: Exercise

Exercise is not only meant to aid weight loss. The right type of training can help you build muscle mass and encourage weight gain. Exercise also induces hunger; you are advised to eat before and after a workout. This way, you stay healthy and still keep calories. As a plus, your body gets toned and fit. Who says gaining weight is not beneficial? It is.

I recommend trying Weight lifting or yoga.

Tip No. 6: gain: Consult a professional

Make an appointment with your doctor or dietitian concerning how you could effectively gain the desired amount of weight.

People tend to get frustrated with trying to lose or gain weight because there is no visible progress and bad tips for weight gain. You may just be making a mistake that can only be deduced by a professional.

Gaining weight is not an easy feat. Some have a tough time doing so, especially when there could be medical issues involved.

Consulting a professional is always recommended.

Tip no. 7: Be patient

Often, we come across articles that promise results in 7 days, others, one month. There are even those that claim to produce results overnight, absolutely ridiculous. If one thing is sure, it is that the workings and mechanisms of the human body are not powered by electricity. They are not electronic; they take time.

tips for weight gain naturally

Learn More About Weight Gain Tips

FAQs On Tips For Weight Gain

Gaining 100 pounds can have negative effects?

When you increase such high amount of weight then resultant weight will not be normal. You will become overweight or obese. Here are many health risks connected with obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases etc. So gaining 100 will not be healthy.

I cannot eat bigger portions I feel bloated, what can I do?

Reduce the amount of food to get rid of bloating. Divide your daily food in 5 to 6 small meals. This will increase your metabolism and food get digested easily so there will be no problem of bloating. Dividing food will also enhance the rate of weight gain. Add some food like oranges or lemon which boost up the process of food digestion.

Which exercises do you recommend for weight lifting?

For weight gaining you should build your muscles and make them strong. You can bench press, push ups, pull ups, squats, planks, overhead press and lunges.

How much time should it take to achieve 100 pounds?

Gaining 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week is normal. When you are gaining weight at this rate then you will require about 50 weeks to gain 100 pounds of weight.


It all boils down to believing in one’s self. Making all the effort to achieve a goal only to slack off afterward is quite disappointing. Gaining weight should be carried out in a way that even after reaching the desired weight, one is still able to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Best of luck towards 100 pounds through these tips for weight gain!

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