Weight gain comes as a blessing to many underweight people. However, most people prefer weight gain home remedies compared to taking weight gain supplements because of the different side effects associated with taking supplements.

There are much weight gain home remedies that people prefer using to gain weight naturally. Some of the easiest to make weight gain foods include banana milkshakes, fresh and dried fruits, milk products, and raisins.

For instance, taking yogurt with every meal adds proteins to the body and helps maintain the body’s digestive system.

Full-fat nutrients are high in the number of calories and rich in nutrients, hence a great source of weight gain, and at the same time, a perfect source of calcium.

Other Weight Gain Home Remedies Include The Following;

1. Wine

Red wine also has some properties when it comes to weight gain. Taking red or white wine before every meal increases one’s appetite, making an individual crave food.

Boosting appetite before taking any meal is essential, especially for individuals on a journey to gain weight. However, most people replace wine with water, claiming that they both perform the same function.

We are consuming excess water before eating makes one complete and not starved. However, drinking water before meals is valid only for individuals on a weight loss journey. And, drinking water before meals helps in keeping one complete for a more extended period.

weight gain home remedies

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2. Dried Dates

Dates are a fantastic source of Vitamin A, C, K, B2, and E. These vitamins are essential as they provide nutrients to the body and are essential for the general good health of a person.

In addition to that, these vitamins provide the body with sugars, energy, and protein. Furthermore, the vitamins help an individual gain good muscles that the body requires without being at risk of gaining too much weight.

This is because dates are naturally dried and have no side effects on the body. Furthermore, dates can be accompanied by milk to help in the weight gain process for underweight people.

3. Butter and Sugar

Butter and sugar are commonly used in the kitchen to make desserts and cakes. This combination also helps in weight gain at home. We can get Butter and Milk quickly, and one knows what has been used in their preparation.

To safely gain weight at home without having the pressure of taking supplements, combine butter and sugar, and take the mixture daily before meals.

Taking this concoction for about one month gives the desired results. Clarified butter and sugar are a good source of weight gain home remedies and meal plans.

4. Mango

This type of fruit is also another good source of sugar and proteins. Underweight people should make it a habit of taking one ripe mango after every meal and at most three times a day to aid in the weight gain process.

Ripe mangos increase body mass after some time. In addition to that, this can mix with warm milk. Mangos and juice are known to provide the body with proteins, carbohydrates, and sugar.

home remedies for weight gain in adults

5. Peanut Butter

Another way of gaining weight while enjoying your breakfast is by adding peanut butter to your breakfast. Peanut Butter does not only make your breakfast tasty.

It also provides the body with fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, all of which are essential in the body’s functioning. In addition, peanut butter contains high calories, which is necessary for weight gain home remedies. Add peanut butter to your bread and see results in a month.

6. Bananas

weight gain home remedies tips

Most people do not know that taking bananas in the morning or evening aids in weight gain home remedies. Bananas are full of calories, which give instant energy to the body, keeping one active throughout the day.

This is one of the important reasons why many people who participate actively in sports usually take bananas between their breaks. In addition to that, some people prefer taking banana shakes to the fruit as a whole.

This is one of the best ways to eat your banana as a shake and replace it with morning and evening tea to achieve the desired results faster.

7. Baked Potatoes

Potatoes add carbohydrates to the diet, an essential element that should consider for anyone who wants to gain weight. However, potatoes are best eaten baked with butter and not boiled, the way people prefer.

Not all the nutrients are lost when baking potatoes as compared to when boiling. You can eat french fries also, but they should be air-fried in extra virgin oil. Furthermore, Potatoes should eat in moderation as too much consumption of Potatoes causes high blood pressure.

As it is commonly known, hypertension is a sign that the body is not functioning the way it should be. And that an individual is experiencing too much stress and poor diet.

Another factor to consider for better results is to take half an hour breaks between meals. That is why it is always advisable to eat in smaller quantities but frequently compared to eating large amounts at once.

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8. Sleeping

Yes, this is another way of gaining weight without hitting the gym. Sleep relaxes the mind and prevents one from overthinking and being stressed.

Stress is one of the crucial factors that hinder one from gaining weight because it causes unhappiness and destroys the body’s normal functioning. On the other hand, sleeping helps rejuvenate an individual and calm down the brain, resulting in good health.

In addition to that, taking an afternoon nap for about half an hour is also essential for weight gain. So for those who feel lazy going to the gym to gain weight, this is the best method of weight gain and having a sound sleep at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Won’t Take Wine Daily Have Negative Consequences?

An excessive amount of anything is dangerous. If you are taking a minimal amount of wine daily, it is ok. But wine is a drug, so drugs cannot be good in any way. But if you are taking it in large amounts, it can cause liver problems, heart problems, and diabetes.

How Many Dates Can I Have Daily?

Dates are very healthy and contain a large number of nutrients. These are very common in the Middle East. They are good and don’t have any adverse effects. But keep in mind that they contain a large amount of sugar. You can take 6 to 8 dates in a day at different times.

Doesn’t Peanut Butter Increase Cholesterol?

Nuts, fruits, and vegetables don’t have cholesterol in them. For example, peanut butter is obtained from peanuts which is a nut. Therefore, it means consuming peanut butter will not increase the cholesterol level of the body.

Can Potatoes Make Fat?

Potatoes are a source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are one of the macronutrients which the body needs. Your body needs a fixed amount of carbohydrates which break down in our body and gives us energy. If you eat potatoes according to the required carbohydrate level, they won’t make you fat. If you increase the carbohydrate level either in the form of potato or wheat etc. so obviously, it will make you fat.

Won’t Sleeping More Make Me Lazy?

Healthy humans need around 7-8 hours of sleep daily to gain effortlessly. So All you need to do is include a couple of hours of nap after lunch. Sleeping or resting more saves your energy and helps you gain weight. And no sleeping more won’t make you lazy.

Final Thoughts

The number of underweight people or health problems related to low weight is increasing day by day. You might be a victim of these problems, which you can easily overcome by maintaining a healthy weight. Our weight gain home remedies will help you in avoiding these problems and become healthy.

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