Understanding the Causes of Sudden Weight Gain

We often see how some of the individuals become victims of sudden weight gain. Even though it is natural for you to gain weight along with time, you should be extra careful about the causes of sudden weight gain. That’s because sudden weight gain has the potential to lead you towards some unforeseen circumstances that are in a position to hurt your life. Due to this reason, you must be fully aware of the reasons that can contribute to sudden weight gain.

Below mentioned are some of the biggest causes of sudden weight gain.

1. Heart failure 

In most of instances, causes of sudden weight gain can take place due to the retention of fluids. It is a common indication of heart failure. Therefore, you should be mindful of it. American Heart Association has conducted a series of experiments in the past to get a better understanding of this. According to their tests, a sudden gain of weight over 2 pounds within 23 hours can be an indication of heart failure. 

In the meantime, you should also remember that the bodyweight of a person fluctuates several times within the day. If the weight comes back to normal and if you don’t have any additional symptoms, you don’t need to worry about it. That’s because fluid retention and normal bloating can also lead you towards such changes in body weight. 

2. Polycystic ovary syndrome

According to healthcare professionals, people who are affected by polycystic ovary syndrome will also have to experience a sudden increase in weight. Those individuals will specifically experience a sudden increase in weight in the middle. It would cause the ovaries to go ahead and produce high levels of testosterone, which is the male sex hormone.

It is also one of the serious causes of sudden weight gain. When you become a victim of polycystic ovary syndrome, sudden weight gain in the middle is not the only symptom that you will experience. There are a few other symptoms, which you should keep in mind.

A few of the most common symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome include irregular periods, hair loss or thinning of hair and excessive hair on the chest or back. You will also have to experience an increase in acne, along with dark-coloured patches of skin around the neck, breasts, and armpits. 

3. Insomnia

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There is a strong relationship between lack of sleep and gaining weight. You need to be extra careful about this as well. When you are changing the sleep cycles, you will be disrupting the entire body. It can create an impact on your mood as well as the eating patterns. In most instances, people who are affected with insomnia will tend to overeat. 

According to a study back in 2013, sleep-deprived individuals tend to consume more carbohydrates. That’s because they come across the need to gain more energy into the body. It can eventually lead them towards causes of sudden weight gain as well. In most of the instances, they tend to consume lots of calories after dinner. 

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4. Medication

Some of the drugs that people consume can lead them to causes of sudden weight gain. That’s because the medicines you consume are in a position to lead you towards some prominent side-effects. A variety of studies on these medicines shown these.

According to the reviews, medications that are for treat high blood pressure, diabetes, and seizures are in a position to increase the risk factor of gaining more weight within a short period.

Due to this reason, you need to consult with a healthcare professional before you take the medications. Then you can overcome adverse effects created by them and the ability that they have to lead you towards sudden weight gain.

5. Thyroid disorder

Thyroid disorder is a health condition, which can lead you towards slowing down the rate of metabolism. When your rate of metabolism has slowed down, you will have to experience sudden weight gain, as well. That’s because it can increase the chances of retaining fluids. 

Similar to the other health conditions that we discussed, sudden gain of weight is not the only symptom with this health condition. The other prominent symptoms associated with Thyroid disorder include getting feelings of cold, constant fatigue, brittle nails, dry skin and dry hair, constipation, and stiff joints. 

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6. Kidney problems

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In most of the instances, kidney problems can lead people towards the rapid gain of weight. Along with rapid weight gain, you will also have to experience swelling in the body. Due to this reason, it is quite natural for you to get to know about the exact health condition in your kidneys. There are two types of kidney problems, which you would come across.

Kidney failure is the most common one out of them. In here, damages to your kidney would happen. When your kidneys are not functioning incorrectly, your body would go ahead and retain fluids. It can lead you towards weight gain.

It is also important to remember, damaged kidneys are not in a position to remove the fluids and waste from your body in an effective manner. Due to this reason, a buildup of fluids can happen in the tissues. It can result in rapid weight gain.

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7. Cirrhosis

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If you notice that your abdomen area looks enlarged along with rapid weight gain, there is a high possibility for you to become a victim of Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a health condition where the scar tissue in your body will replace healthy tissue. It would eventually cause fluids to build up within the abdominal cavity. Along with that, you will have to experience a sudden increase in weight as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am underweight, sudden weight gain is good for me?

Sudden weight gain is not a very good idea. It can prove to be dangerous as it puts a stress on your internal organs including heart, kidneys etc. These can also lead to chronic diseases like heart diseases.

I gained nearly 3 pounds last week should I be worried?

For healthy weight gain, you can put on 1-2 pounds a week. But if you are gaining about 3 pounds in one week, you need not to be worried as in one specific week, there can be a more rapid weight gain than the average. It is quite normal.

I started to have insomnia should I be worried?

Instead of becoming worried, you should pay heed to your lifestyle. You can get rid of insomnia by small changes including cutting off alcohol and caffeine, exercising regularly, getting proper diet and taking a good sleep.

Does insulin affect weight gain?

Yes, insulin initiates weight gain in people who employ insulin therapy. Insulin actually lowers the blood sugar levels and stores this glucose into cells which deposits in the form of fats later on,resulting in weight gain.

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Final Words About Causes Of Sudden Weight Gain

These are the most common reasons behind sudden weight gain. You need to go through the facts and figure out the exact reasons. Then you should rush to get appropriate medical treatment immediately. 

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