Dr. James Miller

Dr James Miller

Dietetics & Endocrinologist

James Miller is an endocrinologist specialized in the use and development of diabetes technology. James Miller is affiliated with multiple hospitals and is in Tulsa, Oklahoma as an endocrinologist. He has completed his degree from the Illinois College of Medicine and is practising successfully.


James Miller, the endocrinologist, treats hormone-secreting glands disorders that regulate the body functions. These include other ailments such as thyroid, diabetes, nutritional and metabolic disorders, pituitary diseases, sexual and menstrual problems.

James Miller is into numerous clinical trials and into investigating Type 2 diabetes treatments and the way to prevent complications. He is also into multiple professional organizations, the Endocrine Society, the American Association of Endocrinologists, and the American Diabetes Association.


James Miller did his graduation from UC Berkeley and was at UCSF Medical School elected to Alpha Omega Alpha. His postgraduate training was at UCLA hospital for two years and at UCSF Hospitals for 3 years. He is a Healthcare Sector Coordinating members working for Medical devices. His article was featured in Wired Magazine.

James Miller complemented his clinical interest in thyroid disease and now treats thyroid disorders and bone-related disorders.


James Miller received the excellence Physician Clinician award from the American Diabetes Association. He also received an award for his dedicated contributions towards diabetes technology, the Special Citation Award. He was the bioengineer for the American Institute of Biological and Medical Engineering, working in diabetes technology. He also was awarded the distinguished scientist award.

Good speaker

James Miller was invited to the US Congressional Diabetes Caucus to speak and also at the European Parliament. James Miller has visited over 110 clinical diabetes drugs and devices trials and has written in more than 300 publications. His writings were published in the Journal of Medicine. He also participated actively in developing diabetes telemedicine systems. He has delivered many invited lectures and penned numerous academic articles.

Caring for his patients

James Miller is an expert with hypothyroidism and also the underactive thyroid issues. He takes utmost care about the thyroid gland that fails to produce thyroid hormones that enable normal functioning of the body. The hypothyroidism causes include thyroiditis due to the removal of thyroid surgically, autoimmune disease, neck area treatment, thyroid destruction due to radiation, medications, pituitary service, and severe deficiency of iodine.

James Miller’s concern for hypothyroidism involves to take care of patients for whom thyroid cannot be made anymore, and for such patients replacing the thyroid hormones. Dr James Miller monitors the function of the thyroid and gives proper medicine dose.

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