Dr. Ruth Schafer

Dr Ruth Schafer


Ruth Schafer, MS RD, CDN, has a master’s degree and is a registered dietitian in Clinical Nutrition. Ruth Schafer is providing counselling on nutrition for over a decade and has been continuously helping people in gaining and losing weight. Ruth Schafer began The Nutrition Center 5 years ago and is successful in helping her clients to lose weight around 10 to 140+ pounds, thereby improving the quality of lives dramatically, through various programs self-created. Same time Ruth worked significantly on Gain Weight.


Ruth Schafer is a Certified Insulin Pump Trainer and Diabetes Educator. An expert in the Diabetes field, she works with the Endocrinologists team, besides top physicians in the nearby areas and county. Ruth Schafer provides counselling to Type 1 and Type 2 people and Gestational Diabetes. Ruth Schafer also offers diabetes to prevent plans. She is working with adults and paediatrics in diabetes management using the latest technology. She is also assisting in achieving blood glucose control.


Ruth Schafer is a nationally recognized dietitian nutritionist, expert in healthy cooking. She is prominent also for developing segments required for writing articles suitable for magazines, for television. She is an excellent spokesperson for leading organizations and health-minded companies nationwide. 

Media Presence

Ruth Schafer has conducted over 1000 interviews on the media in the past decade. Ruth Schafer is a key speaker at lectures, conferences, corporations, and schools across the country. She has presented topics for children and adults on weight management, dining out, diabetes, motivational techniques, healthy eating on travel, meal replacements, and diabetes education to consumers, healthcare professionals, and corporate executives.

Ruth Schafer has given guest appearances on ABC News, The Doctors, CNN, and Fox News Channel. Several magazines interview her, and she has also given her written scripts for magazines such as Fitness, Shape, Self, People, Men’s Health, Parenting, Glamour, and so on.

Ruth Schafer has offered a range of nutritional needs to help clients and to promote their mental and physical health, athletic performance, and positive behavior changes towards exercise and eating patterns. Right from college students, professional athletes, actors, fashion models, teens, working professionals, and pregnant moms, all are benefited following Ruth Schafer’s nutrition pattern.

Culinary skills

In addition to Ruth Schafer’s nutrition expert, she also has a professional chef certificate. She loves using her culinary skills and develops recipes, teaches clients, and shoots cooking videos, making substantial changes in the kitchen.

Ruth Schafer is a Bachelor of Science graduate from Colorado University in nutrition and dietetics. She also completed nutrition communication in Masters of Science.

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