Intro to Amazing Healthy Recipes

These amazing healthy recipes let you shake off the heavy meals that are hard to digest. Health is essential for every being in this world, and the food is the primary source of health.

Well, cooking healthy food is not easy. It takes time, in a way, a lot of time. But it saves you from the problems that an unhealthy diet could cause, such as the cholesterol, that directly threatens the heart.

Well, here we have got some amazing healthy recipes to eat:

Fried Tilapia:

Amazing Healthy Recipes

The Tilapia does not have the flavor like the salmon and tuna. In a way, it is some boring meal to take. But when it is pan-fried, it gets some fantastic delight that makes it a delicious meal.

Well, why should the Tilapia be picked? Because it has fewer fats compared to salmon and its carb is pretty much balanced. Ahead of that, it has the much-needed nutrients. It is also one of the best and amazing healthy recipes.

To cook the pan-fried Tilapia, you would need general purpose flour, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, ground cumin, salt, ground black pepper, and cooking oil. You also need the Tilapia, and if you could find the Tilapia filets, they would be great.

Additionally, do get the cilantro leaves for garnishing. And also the lemon or lime zest to sprinkle before eating. Altogether, the entire cooking process would take around half an hour.

Add flour, the powders and ground cumin to a bowl. Whisk the ingredients to combine. Now get the Tilapia filets and season them with salt and pepper. Be generous while seasoning it. Then dip the fillets in flour combination prepared in the bowl. Shake off the excess flour stuck to Tilapia. Next put them to rest on a plate.

Now get the oil and heat it in a non-stick pan or skillet at medium heat. Add the Tilapia filets to the oil and let them fry for almost four minutes. Flip the filets and make the other side brown. The crust should turn golden. Repeat the processes and cook the remaining Tilapia Filets.

The Fried Tilapia is ready. Serve it with cilantro and lemon or lime wedge.

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Avocado and the Black Bean Eggs:

Amazing Healthy Recipes 2

The second amazing healthy recipes are The Avocado and the Black Bean Eggs, which serve equally as breakfast and lunch. This fantastic healthy food is a must eat when you need a balanced dose of calories and other nutrients. You can use avocados as snacks too.

The ingredients include rapeseed oil, sliced red chillies, sliced garlic clove, a couple of eggs, a can of black beans, tomatoes, cumin seeds, sliced avocado, chopped coriander, and a wedge cut lime.

Prepare a non-stick frying pan by heating oil in it over medium-low heat. Add the sliced chillies and garlic to the pan and let them fry until they turn golden. Add the eggs to the pan and let them set. It would not take long.

Once they set, start adding beans to the pan. Also, add the juice of the beans. Next, add the tomatoes on the sides of the pan. And sprinkle cumin seeds in it. The beans should be soft, so they need to be heated only. Make sure not to increase the flame.

Set the sliced avocado and coriander on a plate. Add the eggs and beans mixture from the pan over to the avocado and coriander plate. Take the wedge cut limes and squeeze half of them on the plated mixture. Put the rest of the limes at the side of the plate and serve it.

The Avocado and the Black Bean Eggs include 356 calories in total. Along with that, it contains 20 grams of fat with 18 grams of carbohydrates. Further, it contains 11 grams of fibre and 20 grams of protein. It is a perfectly healthy food that can help you remain active the whole day at work. And when taken during lunch, it replenishes the energy to spend the rest of the day actively.

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Italian Style Veggie Meatballs:

Amazing Healthy Recipes-meatballs

Italians food is famous all around the world. Almost every one of us loves pizzas, pasta, and spaghetti. And they include plenty of nutrition. Well, the standard recipe takes over an hour to get cooked and served. The efforts result in serving for six. It is also the most delicious and amazing healthy recipes you can make at home.

Preparation of this fantastic meal requires chopped collards, lean ground beef, mashed and drained black beans, Italian seasoning, minced garlic, egg, salt and ground black pepper, cooked spaghetti and warmed jarred marinara.

Set the oven at 450oF to heat. Take a baking sheet and a parchment and spray it with cooking spray. In the meanwhile, the oven gets heated, cook the collards as per instructed on their package. After preparing the collards, put them out to cool.

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Spread the collards on the plate. Fill them with the black beans, beef, the Italian seasoning, egg, and garlic. Further, add salt and freshly ground pepper to the mixture. Start combining the mix with your hands until it thoroughly mixes. Take the scoops out of the mix and place pour it on the baking sheet.

Each scoop should be around two tablespoons. Now prepare the meatballs. Use damp hands to roll the meat mixture on the baking sheet into a ball. Make the balls of the entire mixture and place them at a distance from each other on the baking sheet. The balls should be equal in size.

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Now put them into the oven for baking. The balls would take around 14 minutes to bake. In the baking period, bring out the cooked spaghetti and heat them in the microwave as per the instructions on the box.

Along with that, pour the jarred marinara in a bowl for serving. The meatballs should be ready by then. Serve them with the spaghetti and marinara sauce. The Italian Style Veggie Meatballs are the most amazing healthy recipes, it includes 510 calories.

That is good enough to keep the body running the whole day long. Additionally, it has cholesterol, carbohydrates, and fats equaling 85 grams. Further, it also includes 29 grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber.

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FAQs On Amazing Healthy Recipes

Are tilapia really healthy?

Tilapia fish is very rich in protein and low in fats. Only 2.3 grams of fats per serving is present in it. It also contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which help in controlling the cholesterol level. These properties make tilapia really healthy.

Can I use any other fish instead of tilapia?

Other fish like salmon, cod and many other contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. All fish contain equal amount of protein. So if you don’t like the taste of tilapia then you can use any other fish of your choice.

How much Veggie meatballs can I have for dinner?

You can have about 100 to 130 grams of meat at a time. So make meatball taking this amount of meat and vegetables. Vegetables have less amount of calories so you can use them in large amount too. Make meatballs of your desired size. You can take those veggies meatballs whatever their number is.

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Last Words

If you are looking to gain some weight, these amazingly healthy recipes will you in achieving your goal, Besides this and remember to have a healthy and balanced diet, and also take plenty of rest.

ou know what foods to eat to gain muscle weight?

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