About Baby Not Gaining Weight At 2 Weeks

Giving birth to a fresh life always an extraordinary thing. That is the reason every parent will be anxious, excited, and mixed with all emotions when the baby is born and its initial weeks. If you are a mother, then you will be overwhelmed with many thoughts and emotions.

Many aspects will determine the healthiness of a baby. And finding out the health of a baby through bodyweight is one of the easiest yet effective way. Hence if you notice any reduction in the body weight or there isn’t any gain in body weight, pay attention. It shows there is something that is not right. That too, if your baby not gaining weight at 2 weeks, it is the thing to worry about. Since this is the period when babies grow at a rapid phase.

Babies often Lose weight during the first week

But there is no need to panic. If your baby’s weight is the same or you see some reduction in its body weight, there could be many reasons for the same. Especially if your baby weight is reduced during the first week there is nothing to worry about. Because losing weight in the first week is very common, and it is natural. They grow after the first week. 

We expect babies to lose weight in the first five to 7 days of life. However, the weight loss must not happen in a big way. A five percent reduction in weight is considered normal for a formula-fed newborn. And if you are breastfeeding your baby, then it is expected to lose at least seven percent to 10 percent in the first week. Most babies will regain their body weight from the second week. If a baby loses more than the normal limit, it is sick or maybe because of premature birth.

Not gaining weight by week 2 shows Issues

If people get to know you are blessed with a baby or babies you will hear the common questions like, how “what does the baby weigh?” and “how is the baby growing?” That means the body weight is the basic and most significant indicator of its health. 

As we already discussed, it is natural for babies to lose weight in the first week. But if the baby not gaining weight at 2 weeks, it is an alarm call for you. Because after losing weight in the first week, it must recover the weight from the second week. So, if there is no improvement in the weight, then consult a doctor. Before that know what is the possibility of not gaining weight. We are providing the problem and how to tackle them to get bodyweight. 

1. Poor latching is the most common

Baby Not Gaining Weight At 2 weeks 1

If your baby not gaining weight at 2 weeks, the most common problem will be the poor latching. It is how your baby takes your nipple and areola into its mouth. Latching is the most important aspect of breastfeeding. 

You can get to know whether your baby is latching correctly or not. If you are feeling pain while breastfeeding it is the sign of incorrect latching. Your baby may chew on your nipple instead of gumming the areola. To fix this issue, you need to unlatch by breaking the suction by putting your finger into the corner of your baby’s mouth and try again.

Let us look at the way to solve the poor latching problem. The below step-by-step guide will help to get away from the severe latching problem.

  • After your baby is in the correct position, hold your breast with your free hand. 
  • You need to place the thumb above the nipple and your areola at the place where the baby’s nose will touch your breast. Your index finger must be in the spot where the baby’s chin will touch the breast.
  • Then lightly compress your breast and give a shape that is resembling your baby’s mouth.
  • Turn your baby’s mouth towards your breast and tickle its lips with your nipple until the mouth is open.
  • Bring your baby to the breast without pushing the head and allow your baby to take your nipple. 

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2. Not breastfeeding the baby enough

Baby Not Gaining Weight At 2 weeks 2

If your baby is not gaining weight at 2 weeks, one of the main reasons will be insufficiency breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of the important aspects of your baby’s growth. If breastfeeding is less, there will always the problem of malnourishment and as a result, it will not grow. In the initial days, mother’s milk is the one and only source of food for the babies. 

To ensure the optimum level of milk feeding, you can follow some tips. You need to follow a proper feeding schedule. If you do this, your baby will get adjusted to the cycle and whenever it is hungry, it will drink the required amount of milk. The latching also plays a vital role in breastfeeding. If teaching isn’t correct, the baby cannot drink the required amount of milk for its growth. And the positioning also is important for painless and good breastfeeding practices.

3. Low Brest milk supply

Baby not gaining weight at 2 weeks – it is the problem many mothers and parents are worried about. With other reasons, low breast milk supply also could be one of the prime reasons for this problem. If you are not producing enough milk, the baby cannot meet its requirement.  So, obviously the baby will have to satisfy with the less milk and it will hindrance the weight gain and body growth process.

So, here are the reasons and tips to get rid of this problem. 

4. Not feeding enough

Less breastfeeding will stop the production of breastmilk. The more you feed your baby, your body will produce more milk.

5. Duration

The recommended time of breastfeeding is approximately ten minutes on each side. If you are feeding less than that, it will reduce the growth rate of your baby.

So, these are the main reason for low milk supply, furthermore sometimes if your baby going through a growth spurt it requires more and more milk and because of this, you may feel your body is producing less milk. But once your body gets adjusted to the requirement, it will produce more milk and it will balance the gap. 

6. Discomfort or pain may stop a baby from feeding properly

Baby Not Gaining Weight At 2 weeks 3

If your baby not gaining weight at 2 weeks, it may be because it is not drinking the milk properly and not in the required quantity. This problem may arise from the discomfort for your baby while breastfeeding. So, you must find out the position in which the baby is comfortable having the food. This will help both you and your baby to reduce the time, and the process will also become more comfortable. 

However, there is no thumb rule that you must feed babies particularly. They will show the position is suitable for them. If you try to force the food in other positions, they will shake their heads or turn the face to dodge the forceful feeding. So, pay attention while feeding your baby to find out in which position they effortlessly take food. And then continue to feed in the same position. 

The incorrect position not only causes discomfort for your baby but also sometimes causes pain to you. So, knowing the most comfortable position helps both you and your baby immensely.

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FAQs on Baby Not Gaining Weight At 2 Weeks

Let us look at the most common question we have heard from the parents who are thinking about the baby not gaining weight at 2 weeks.

Should I Visit A Doctor Is There Is No Weight Gain After 2 Weeks?

Before visiting the doctor, you follow the above guidelines or check a baby’s weight gain chart. Still, if there is no improvement in body weight, you must visit the doctor.

How To Find If The Baby Is Uncomfortable?

Babies will cry if they are uncomfortable. Along with that if you find them grimacing the face, not interested in eating, looking lethargic, kicking and tightening the muscles and frequently waking up between the sleep are the major symptoms of uncomfortable.

How Serious Is The Baby Not Gaining Weight At 2 Weeks?

It is a thing to worry, but there is no need to panic. This can be fixed easily by following the suggestions and practices given by the doctor. But finding out about this is important.

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Final Thoughts

Providing the proper nourishment in the early stage of the newborn babies is very important because at this stage you can find the quick growth rate in the babies. So, paying attention to your baby and regularly weighing their weight helps to find out the difference and take the action. But there is no need to panic if you find your baby is not gaining weight. With the help of doctors it easy to know the root cause and fixing the same. 

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