About Baby Slow Weight Gain

A baby’s weight indicates that whether he is a healthy baby or not. A normal healthy baby has 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg weight, and if a baby has more or less weight than this scale, then he is not considered a normal healthy baby.

But some babies gain weight slowly. Such babies eat and drink like a normal baby, but his internal organs take more time to digest every meal. Due to this, they take more time to gain weight and result in baby slow weight gain.

In some cases, it is not a serious issue because it’s in the genes of the baby. But in some cases, it is a serious issue. Such babies need more care and attention. By gaining weight slowly can affect the activities of the baby. He can face problems to understand and perform any routine task because, like the other body organs of the baby, his brain also grows slowly. That’s why baby slow weight gain can be problematic.

Slow weight gain in babies

Baby Slow Weight Gain-slow weight gain

Not every baby gains a slow weight. Some gain weight so quickly that they become overweight. This does not mean that they have extra nutrients which help them to grow faster, its due to the overdose of the nutrients. And some babies are slow weight gainers because they have very weak internal organs.

Which des do not produce enough nutrients from the food that they eat or drink. This deficiency of nutrients makes it difficult for them to have normal weight. That’s why such babies look weak, and their weight also very low as compared to a healthy baby. 

Baby slow weight gain problem makes baby unfit and unenergetic. Such babies start everything late. Like they start walking late as compared to a healthy baby. They start speaking late. They need to put more afford into every task. Their slow weight gaining makes them weak, not physically but mentally too.  

What causes slow weight gain in babies?

There are many reasons for baby slow weight gain. Unhygienic food, food that is not properly cooked, uncovered food, unclean environment, dirty clothes, these are some of the important factors which cause slow weight gain in babies. Babies should be given properly boiled milk or water, food that should be well hygiene, and a room that should be neat and clean. 

Unhygienic, uncovered, unboiled food and a dirty environment can affect the baby’s health and interrupt his growth. These factors have germs, bacteria, and very dangerous viruses, and the baby’s immune system is strong to fight with them all. 

1. Improper Nutrition

Baby Slow Weight Gain 3

What will happen if you need water for extinguishing the fire, and you are given wood to put it out? The result will not be good. And what if you need an apple for making apple shake and someone gives you mango, and say make apple shake with this. Could you make it?

Same in the case of the babies, they need a proper diet, which helps them to grow and to gain weight faster. But what if we give them an unhealthy diet and expect them to grow faster?

They can never get healthy and grow faster with such a diet. Babies need a diet that has all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, dairy fibers, fats, calcium, iron, and potassium. Such a healthy diet makes them strong and helps them to gain weight faster

But babies’ stomach can’t handle too many nutrients altogether. So instead of giving them all together, try to give them according to a time table because excess or lack of any nutrient can cause baby slow weight gain. For example, we give milk to the bees by adding sugar because we think that by adding sugar, babies will drink the milk with more interest.

But we don’t realize that sugar is not good for their health as it cause many diseases and affects his health badly. So, don’t make food interesting by adding unhealthy food. Give them healthy food, which provides essential nutrients and does not be the reason for baby slow weight gain

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2. Food intolerance

Babies’ tastes differ with each other. Some like sweet food and some hate sweet food. That’ why food intolerance is one of the main reasons that some babies gain weight slowly, and some gain weight faster. We give food to babies according to their taste so that they can get healthy.

But sometimes we need to give them such food which they don’t like, but for the sake of good health, they must have to eat it. And sometimes, their digestive system does not ready to digest that food and spit all that food in the form of vomiting. This food intolerance situation causes many issues. The baby does not get sufficient nutrients for gaining weight faster. And through vomiting or any infection, he also loses many nutrients from his body. 

So, for preventing this situation, it is very important to keep in mind about the taste of the baby and give him according to his taste. If somehow you feel the baby is not getting sufficient nutrients, then give him alternative food that can fulfill their nutrients requirements. Develop the habit of eating everything in them so that you don’t have to force them to eat anything. Food intolerance can be very harmful because instead of giving new nutrients, it can also ruin those nutrients that are already present in the body. Breastfeeding the baby is the best option.

3. Digestive system problems

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The major problem with the babies is their fragile digestive system, which can’t digest anything so easily. Being an adult, we can eat anything because our digestive system is very strong and can digest anything. But the baby’s digestive system has its rules. It digests liquid easier, so it forces babies to just have those diets which are in liquid forms.

But if mistakenly babies eat something solid, it shows its anger by not digesting it and spitting it out undigested. These problems can be faced by almost every baby, but those babies who have a very weak digestive system, their condition s even worse. Their digestive system faces problems even to digest liquid food. This problem leads to another problem, which is a slow weight gain.

To solve these problems of the digestive system, we should be gentler. Wes should only give the food in the liquid form to the babies so that their digestive system can digest it more easily. If you want to give them any solid food, make sure it is well cooked or boiled. Try to make the food more easily digestible by giving it into small sections.

Don’t give an excess of anything; it will disturb the function of the digestive system, and once this function gets disturbed, then the baby will also face many problems like underweight. Baby can also get sick if his digestive system does not function properly. So, for keeping his digestive system on track, give him mild food or liquid form of food. 

4. Infections or other diseases

Baby can get any infection very easily or disease very easily because their immune system is not strong. How can they get infections or diseases? It’s due to the carelessness of the parents: Baby’s need a clean environment and a neat cloth. In a dirty environment, there will be many germs that can infect him and due to unclean clothes, there will be chances of getting a fever or any other disease.

Not only clothes and environment but unhealthy food can also e the cause of infections and diseases. As the baby’s digestive system is very fragile, and it can fight with powerful germs, bacteria, and viruses, so it gets infected due to those harmful microorganisms.  

The best way to save them from infections and diseases is to give them a neat and clean environment. Don’t let them wear dirty clothes. Cover their food. Don’t give them too cold or too hot milk or any food. Their food should be properly boiled.

The person who touches them should also be very clean because germs pass through a person to another. Use net so that mosquitoes or flies can’t sit on them or bite them. Wash the pots properly in which food is given to them. After all these interventions, if they get any infection or disease, visit a child specialist, and get the proper treatment for them.

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FAQs On baby slow weight gain

When should I see a doctor about the baby’s slow weight gain?

When your baby’s diet is good, and despite this, you see no progress in his weight, and you feel he is getting weak day by day. Then you can see a doctor. But along with precautions of the doctor, you have to be more careful about your baby’s health and diet.

Should I be alarmed about slow weight gain in the baby?

Yes, because if this problem has not resolved from the beginning, it can affect the baby’s future life. Baby slow weight gain makes him weak and makes him less energetic. So, this slow weight gain can be an alarming situation, and you must help our baby to deal with this. 

Is slow weight gain always an indication of problems?

No, baby slow weight gain is not always an indication of the problems. It only indicates that the baby is not getting enough food, and his body needs more nutrients for proper growth. Such a baby needs more care and attention. This is not a disease, but it can cause many diseases. 

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Keep In Mind

It does not matter how the baby is gaining weight. What matters is how you deal with that situation. There will be many people in the world who were not given treatments for gaining weight, slowing, and that becomes a serious issue for them.

As has already been mentioned above that slow weight gain is not a disease, but it can cause many diseases. So, instead of letting this affect your baby’s life, overcome it with proper diet and good care. Make a time table for your baby and give him food according to that time table.

Give him only those foods which he likes, don’t make him eat something forcefully. Make sure the food that you have given to the baby is well sterilized. Do as many precautions as you can because precaution is better than cure. If, after all those precautions, you feel that your baby is not getting well, take him to a doctor.

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