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After hearing the news of pregnancy, the new mom needs to take extra care of herself. She should start eating healthy food and also doing some light physical exercise. When the mother is healthy, the baby will be healthy.

The weight gain of the mother is an obvious thing in pregnancy because the fetus in her womb is gaining weight. At the very start of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus is 1 gram and gradually increase to 3 kg at the time of birth. As the weight of the child is increasing at the same time weight of the mother is also increasing. Women gain about 25 to 30 pounds of weight during pregnancy.

The doctor checks the weight of the fetus regularly by different methods that are by measuring femur length, abdominal circumference, head circumference, and bilateral diameter. Mothers should eat healthy foods like fruits, nuts, cheese, and meat to increase the weight of the fetus in a healthy way. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail what should be the ideal weight of the fetus and how to increase it. 

1. Average Baby Weight gain during pregnancy 

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At the starting of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus is 1 gram because that is just a combination of egg and sperm. But gradually, as time passes and the fetus starts to grow, and its organs develop its weight increase. Its weight remains 1 gram for 8 weeks. From the starting of the 9th week, the weight starts increasing and reaches 2 grams.

Then in 10th week, the weight of fetus become 4 gram. At this stage, the body parts of the fetus become to produce and grow. The fetus starts gaining the proper shape of a human being. At 11th week the weight becomes 7 grams. After this time, the mother also starts gaining weight. 12th weeks’ fetus will have 14 grams of weight as the body parts develop the rate of weight gain increase in the fetus.

On the 15th week, the weight will reach to 70 grams. Then in the 20th week, which is about 5 months, the weight becomes 300 grams. At the end of the 6th month of pregnancy, the fetus will gain weight up to 1 kg. In the 8th month, the weight will be 1702 grams. Then at the end of the 9th month, when the baby s fully grown, and it’s the time to give birth, his weight will be 3.2 to 3.3 kg. 

2. Baby weight gain during the First trimester 

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Baby weight gain during pregnancy occurs throughout that period, but we will discuss it in different trimesters. The first trimester means the first 3 months or 12 weeks of the pregnancy. During the first-trimester weight gain of the fetus is very less. When eggs and sperm fertilize, then the resultant fetus will have a weight of 1 gram.

This will remain 1 gram for 2 months or 8 weeks. During this period, not the fetus nor the mother gains weight, but it is a crucial period of pregnancy. During this time, only the spinal cord, brain, and heart of fetus develop. In the 9th month, the weight gain of the fetus will be 1 gram.

After the 10th-month weight is 4 grams, 11th month, it will be 7 grams, and at the end of the 1st-trimester fetus, the weight will be 12 grams. This is the period in which the fetus grows least. During this period, mostly women decrease weigh because they cannot eat food due to gastric issues and nausea feeling. 

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3. Second-trimester weight gain for baby 

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2nd trimester lasts from the start of the 13th week of pregnancy till the 27th week. During this trimester, the average weight gain of the fetus will be about 850 grams. This is because, during this period, the baby grows, and his body organs develop. During this period, the mother also gains weight, and her belly shows her pregnancy.

The nausea feeling of the mother goes away, and the period is easy for the woman. At the end of 2nd trimester, baby limbs grow so well, so he is able to move. If we see the weekly weight gain during 2nd trimester, then we will come to know that in the 13th week, the weight of the fetus will become 23 grams. At 14th week it will become 43, which means the fetus will gain about 20 grams of weight per week. At the end of the 16th week, the weight will reach to 100 grams. In the 18th week, the weight will be 190 grams.

In the 20th week that is 5th month, the weight of the fetus will be 300 grams. During the 6th month, the weight of the fetus will be 600 grams. At the end of this trimester, the weight of the fetus will be 875 grams. The average baby weight gain during pregnancy in this trimester is more than the first trimester. 

4. Third-trimester baby weight gain 

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It is the period from the 28th week to the end of the 42nd week or 9th month, Maximum baby weight gain during pregnancy occurs in his trimester. During this period, the bones of the baby become strong, and the baby grows to gain his height. He becomes a proper human being in the last trimester. So the fetus spends all the third trimester in growing so he will gain about 1500 grams of weight during this time.

When we observe the weekly weight gain of the fetus, then we will come to know that on the 28th week, the weight of the fetus will be 1005 grams. At the end of the 32nd week, the weight will be 1702, which means average weight gain during this month will be 700 grams.

He will continue weight gain and will become 2622 grams at the end of the 36th month. At the end of the pregnancy, the weight of the baby will be 3685 grams, which is more than 3 kg. This means at the time of birth, the baby will have more than 3 kg weight. During 3rd trimester mother also will gain maximum weight gain

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5. Tips to increase fetal Weight gain during pregnancy 

If you feel your fetus is not gaining enough weight, then discuss it with your doctor. She will monitor it in detail, and if she also diagnoses the same problem, she will prescribe you medicines. But you don’t have to worry much about it because that will not be good for you and your baby. Take supplements given by the doctor and also do these some things for baby weight gain during pregnancy. 

Eat a balanced diet and add healthy foods. Your food intake will help a lot in baby weight gain during pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean you have to eat a full meal of 2 persons. Don’t overburden your stomach and add 300 to 500 extra calories in pregnancy.

Eat parental vitamins prescribed by your doctor; take them regularly. Add nuts, seeds, fruits in your diet because they contain a large number of vitamins and minerals. 

Drinking water is very important during pregnancy because dehydration can cause many complications. Not only drink a lot of water, but also add fresh juices to your diet. 

Proper rest and sleep are very important for a pregnant woman. Extra exhaustion and pressure may affect the growth of the fetus. Make a proper schedule and sleep for a full 8 hours. 

It is common to say that a mother’s mood will directly affect the baby in the womb. So if the mother will be depressed, it will affect the baby. So stay calm and avoid stress and tensions. 

Go to your doctor regularly and listen to her guidance. Take medicine which prescribes and do a workout which she tells you to do. Don’t do self-medication and take her guidance in any health issue.

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FAQs On Baby Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Will doctors monitor baby weight regularly?

Yes, she will surely do it. She will monitor weight by one of the following methods that are abdominal circumference, femur length, head circumference, Occipitofrontal diameter, and Humerus length. She will measure them after the 20th week of the pregnancy. If she is not monitoring it, you ask her to do so.

What things should I avoid to make the baby healthy?

First of all, avoid tensions and stress. Avoid smoking and alcohol during pregnancy. You also have to quit unhealthy and junk foods and start a healthy diet. Avoid uncooked food and raw meat. Eat that food that helps in baby weight gain during pregnancy. 

When does the baby gain the most weight?

Your baby will gain maximum weight during the last weeks of your pregnancy. Because at that time, all the organs will have formed and developed. So the process of weight gain and maximum growth stats in the last weeks of the pregnancy.

Parting Thoughts

Listening to the news of pregnancy is such great news, but after listening to its responsibilities of the couple increase. Giving birth to a child means giving birth to a whole human being and a member of society. So parents should care for him in any way as this article is about baby weight gain during pregnancy, so the mother should give extra care to this matter. We have given enough tips and information which will help the baby weight gain during pregnancy and become a healthy child. 

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