Baby Weight Gain Food And Its Importance

Many parents are concerned about heir baby’s weight gain. The World Health Organization has established some general numbers about baby weight gain in a certain period. We are considering that baby is a tiny human until it turns 2 years. 

When it comes to the newborn babies, at first, they lose some weight after being born. We are talking about 5-10% of the weight they were born with. Very soon, the babies get back what they have lost, in about two weeks. After that, baby weight gain is starting. 

In the first four months, baby gain double of what their weight when we’re born. In the sixth month of babies’ lives, parents are adding some new food weekly, besides the breast milk. 

Baby weight gain food at the beginning is the fruit, and as time passes, parents start with vegetables, bread, cereals, and other ingredients. 

So, when the baby is 13 to 15-month-old, depending on its sex, it should have tripled weight in comparing to the weight it had when born. 

Baby weight gain food shouldn’t worry you; there is plenty of nutrients baby can eat and usually like it. Of course, the most important baby weight gain food is breast milk, so never give up on breastfeeding if there is no certain medical reason.

Is your baby really underweight?

If you have doubts about your baby’s weight, the best way to know where you are at is to consult a pediatrician. But you should know that baby’s average growth and development depend mostly on the baby itself and genetics. So, you shouldn’t expect to have a chubby baby if it was born tiny and parents are naturally skinny. 

There are ways to measure if your baby is underweight. It is called a weight percentage. When the baby is under 5 percentile, it means it is underweight. 

Keep on mind that if you are giving to your baby weight, gain food, and as long as baby is happy and healthy, you don’t have anything to worry about. 

Weight gain according to age

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There are periods into kid’s growth and development divided into four groups: infancy, preschool years, middle childhood years and adolescence. 

Two weeks after being born, the child is starting to grow and develop. By the age of one, the baby is tripling its born-with weight. In the period from first to the second year of life, the baby will gain about 2,2 kg. 

Between 2nd and the 10th year of life, kid’s growth will go slowly, and after a couple of years, you will notice how your child has grown up. In this period, kids are putting on 2-3 kg and growing between 6 and 8 cm a year. 

In the period of adolescence, there is a final stage of kid’s growth and development.

If your child is really underweight

If your child is underweight, you should take the same steps in consultations with a doctor. Underweight can cause dangerous conditions and diseases. The doctor will prescribe the therapy and advice you to give your child different types of food, depending on the condition it has. Underweight can be treated in the hospital in very serious stages. 

Doctors are usually advising to increase the number of calories in nutrition and add some ingredients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and drinking enough of fluids. 

General tips for introducing weight gain foods for babies

With baby’s growth, the energy they need is also increasing. At some point breast milk is not going to be enough, and babies are about to start eating real food. The experts say that time to start feeding a kid with baby weight gain food is in its 7th month. 

To know when ready for eating baby weight gain food, you should notice some signals that the baby is showing. For example, when the baby tries to grab something to eat, when it looks with interest at people who are eating, when can sit alone properly, and when it has doubled its born-with weight, the baby is ready to eat real food. 

The best baby weight gain food to start with is rice or corn. After that, you can add fruit and vegetables. So, you can use many ingredients such as apple, pear, carrot or pumpkin at the beginning. Some recommendations are to cook and mix ingredients well into a squashy mass and feed the baby with it. 

Adding baby weight gain food should go slowly, in late morning hours. Try to add one new ingredient weekly. 

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10 healthy weight gain foods for babies

Here is a list of ten best types of baby weight gain food:

1. Breast Milk

As you know, breast milk is the most healthier baby weight gain food that provides everything baby needs for proper growth and development. But as the baby is growing, it needs more energy and has to get used to real food.

2. Ragi

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Ragi is great for baby’s first real meal. Easy to digest, and baby will easily get used to it.

3. Health Mixes

Health mixes are great foods for your child. This baby weight gain food can contain every ingredient baby already has tried to eat. In this way, you can provide all the healthy baby weight gain food in one plate. The best part is that this kind of food is homemade so you can be sure that your child is eating healthy. 

4. Banana

Banana is a very healthy food for babies. You can start with a banana in the 5th month. Babies love it due to its sweetness. Banana is great to combine with other ingredients. It contains Kalium, vitamin B2, B6, C, and fiber. You can even make banana shakes.

5. Pear

You can add pear to the baby’s nutrition when the baby turns on 8 months. The pear contains fibres, Kalium and vitamin C. This baby weight gain food is great for babies because it provides energy, and it is easy to combine it with other food. 

6. Avocado

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Avocado is one of the best superfoods for babies. It helps developing baby’s brain and physical development. It also can easily be the first baby weight gain food to try with. 

7. Peas

You can add peas in baby’s nutrition around the 8th month. This is usually one of the first “green” foods for babies. It provides proteins, Calcium, vitamins A and C, and Iron

8. Potato

There are about 252 calories in one potato, and nutrition values are not very high. There are some amounts of vitamins A and C and Kalium. But potato is great baby weight gain food to combine with other ingredients. You can cook it and ass some milk, so baby will have nice porridge.

9. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato has enormous nutrition value. This vegetable is great to be a baby’s first meal. This baby weight gain food helps proper working of digestion system and health. 

10. Dry Fruits

There are opposite opinions about when to add dry fruits to the child’s nutrition. Some people claim that you can add it to a one-year-old baby’s nutrition. Others say not to add dry fruits before the age of four. People claim that tiny fruit such as dry raisins or dried cranberries can cause strangulation due to the child’s inability to chew up food well.

Anyway, dry fruits are healthy baby weight gain food, and it is better to add this food than the sweets. If you worry that baby could strangulate with dry fruits, you can mix it or chop up in the small pieces. But make sure that your baby has already learned how to chew up food. You can also make a shake of fruits.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best types of food for babies to gain weight?

The best baby weight gain food type is firstly breast milk for babies until the 6th month. After six months, the baby starts to eat real food, and it is best to add some cereals, potato, pumpkin, ragi, yogurt, sweet potato.
 Before adding any of the ingredients, you may need to consult a pediatrician. Make sure that your baby eats food that contains proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals. Do not forget that you should breastfeed the baby as long as you can. 

Which is the best food for baby weight gain for a 1-year old baby?

The baby weight gain food for 1-year old babies can be food such as oats, fruit, vegetables with breast milk or formula made, especially for this age. The most useful part is that you can mix many ingredients due to the fact that the baby used to many of it. 

What food is given to a 7,5-month-old baby?

Mothers are giving to babies several ingredients that are adding weekly in nutrition. So, you can add ragi, avocado, banana, pear, and start adding peas slowly. Health mixes made at home are the best choice. Breast milk is equally important baby weight gain food in this age.

What food should I give to my 1-year old 6kg weight baby for weight gain?

You can give your child plenty of food besides milk. Add some ingredients such as super-rich foods like milk, yogurt, potato, sweet potato or meat. Baby should have tripled its weight by the age of one, so if the child was born with 2kg, it is ideal to weight 6kg at the age of 1. 
Anyway, baby weight gain food will provide the nutrients baby need for healthy and proper growth and development. 

Which formula is the best for baby weight gain quicker?

Breastfeeding is the best way for your baby to eat, but at some point, it is not enough. So many mothers decide to add formula to the child’s nutrition. 
Formulas based on cow’s milk is the best baby weight gain food because weight starts to increase rapidly in comparison with only breastfed babies. 

Parting Thoughts

In the baby’s world, you are about to learn something new every day. When it comes to the baby’s weight, parents are usually worried if their baby is growing and developing properly, and if the baby is gaining enough weight. 

As long as your child is happy and healthy, you shouldn’t worry if it is smaller then other kids of the same age. But, be careful and feed your baby regularly and properly. When you start with adding ingredients, follow your baby because it can show signs of allergy. You should consult a pediatrician when you are about to make a change in baby’s nutrition. 

Don’t forget that breastmilk is always the best choice for the baby. At some point, you may need to add the formula into baby weight gain food, but some other ingredients too. 

Babies shouldn’t be fed too much, and you will notice when they throw up what their stomach couldn’t take in. Children are growing fast, and as long as they are happy, healthy and fed regularly, you don’t have anything to worry about. 

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