Baby Weight Gain In Third Trimester Is A crucial Period

Baby Weight Gain In Third Trimester is very important, changes in baby occur most rapidly as baby starts gaining weight in this trimester. The fetus of the women starts growing as it is the time of arrival of the baby. In this trimester, the baby opens its eyes, and eyelashes start growing.

According to WHO, baby weight gain in third trimester is the fatal growing period of baby, and changes in the women’s body occur. In this period, women must have to take good nutrition and rest as a baby and mothers both need calories. Also, consult the doctor before getting nutrition because specific nutrition requires for baby growth.

As a baby gains weight, the mother also gains weight because of more fluids, Blood, a large uterus, and fat start store in the body. This adds a few pounds more, and this is the reason why doctors say not to gain weight in the first two trimesters. Tracking calories are more important during the pregnancy period.

Growth during the third trimester

Baby Weight Gain In Third Trimester 1

Baby weight gain in third trimester is rapid. As baby weight gain in the third trimester, the baby’s eyes open a bit, and its eyelashes start growing, and a baby starts stretching and kicking. Hairs start growing on the head of a baby, and red blood cells start forming the bone marrow of the baby.

Baby toenails start forming and growing, and also, the baby starts to breathe. Baby’s pupil changes because of light. His/her bones become strong, and his head remains soft. Baby nails start to grow in this period.

As baby weight gain in third trimester baby starts to move his head, stretches his body, and skins become smooth and pink. Baby’s chest becomes prominent.

Size during the Third Trimester

At the start of the third trimester, the baby weight gain in third trimester is approximately two and a half pounds. His weight doubles in the eight-month to approximately 5 pounds. In the last month of pregnancy, baby’s increase their weight half in a week.

When the delivery time arrives, its weight is almost six to nine pounds and considers a healthy baby.

What This Means for You

As for baby weight gain in third trimester, a mother needs good nutrition as baby and mother both need about 2400 calories in a day. It matters on the weight you have before pregnancy and after two trimesters.

By checking your health, a doctor may recommend more calories for you and your baby.

Misconceptions about pregnancy weight gain

Like that of the American Pregnancy Association, when you pregnant, your normal weight is approximately twenty-five to thirty-five pounds. If you are overweight, your weight gain is approximately fifteen to twenty-five pounds.

If you have less weight and when you pregnant, your weight gain is approximately twenty-eight to forty pounds.

For mothers and healthy growth of babies, it is necessary to make healthy nutrition. Unhealthy nutrition is not good for both as it may reduce the growth of a baby and may cause malnutrition.

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The purpose of weight gain

In the third trimester, the fetus usually gains most of the weight, and it grows approximately5 lb. And the increase in growth is about 4 to 6 during this period.

As the fetus grows, other things also increase weight. It includes more Blood, fluids, breast tissues, increased blood supply, and fat stores for breastfeeding and delivery.

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Tips to Gain Weight Safely

Women gain weight during pregnancy and may exceed the weight limit during pregnancy. Too much weight gain may affect health like long term weight increase, high blood pressure, Gestational diabetes and obesity, premature birth.

May increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

There are few tips so women can gain weight safely:

1. A health care provider 

Baby Weight Gain In Third Trimester 2

When you are pregnant, a health care provider monitors your BMI and plans your weight gain during pregnancy.

2. Consume a Healthy Nutrition

Taking healthy nutrition will give you protein, carbohydrates, and fats that are essential for you and your fetus.

For a baby weight gain in the third trimester, a woman can eat healthy foods and drinks like vegetables and fruits, whole grains, protein from fish, poultry, and mutton. 

By the Office of Disease Prevention and health promotion, women have to eat eight to twelve ounces of seafood in a week. 

The safe and better kinds of seafood include Cod, salmon, canned tuna, oyster, herrings, trout, and catfish.

The seafood food, which is not good for pregnant women, is marlin, orange roughly, shark, and swordfish.

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3. Eating small meals in a day.

As for baby weight gain in third trimester, eating large meals is not good for pregnant women who have nausea, vomiting, and appetite changes. As the fetus and uterus of women gains, weight and size and stomach have less space to expand. 

So, in this case, women need to eat small meals in a day as the stomach can digest less food at this time. It may reduce the issues of digestion, heartburn, and nausea.

4. Track Calories

Pregnant women need to track calories and daily need of calories. If a women’s BMI is in the normal range before pregnancy, then she has to consume 340 calories in a day. 

For the baby weight gain in the third trimester, women have to consume 450 calories a day.

5. Exercise

Baby Weight Gain In Third Trimester 3

Exercising daily helps to reduce birth and obesity issues. Exercise helps pregnant women in lowing their back pain, constipation, and stables the cardiovascular system. It gives healthy baby weight gain in third trimester.

The best exercises are walking, cycling on a stationary cycle, swimming and yoga.

Learn More About Healthy Growth For Baby

FAQs on Baby Weight Gain In Third Trimester

How many pounds of baby gain per week in the third trimester?

This is the fastest period of weight gain of a baby. In a baby weight gain in third trimester, a baby gains half a pound in a week and reaches the approximate weight of 6 to 9 pounds.
For a baby weight gain in third trimester, it also depends on the women’s food intake. If she is eating unhealthy food, then it may affect the baby’s growth. So women must eat healthy food and the right amount of calories in a day.

How much weight does a baby gain per month?

Sometimes when a baby born, he/she may reduce weight in the first few days and again start gaining weight. In the first four months, babies usually gain weight between one and a half to two pounds in a month. And grow one to one and a half inches in a month.

Which trimester is the most critical?

The most critical trimester is your first trimester. In this trimester, a baby starts to develop its body structure, and organs start to develop as almost all miscarriages and baby defects occur in this period.
In this trimester, a woman needs to keep herself away from smoking, X-rays, Alcohol, and drugs. In this critical time, women have to go through nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and tender breast issues, etc.
As in this trimester, yoga, swimming and walking are the safest exercises to do. 

How can I increase baby weight during pregnancy?

To increase the baby’s weight, you have to eat five to six small meals a day. These meals include nuts, whole grains, dried fruits, yogurt, ice cream, etc. Eat butter, banana’s, apples, and peanut butter on toast can help you to gain the necessary nutrition intake in a day.
Daily intake of seafood like Cod, fish liver oil, and salmon, canned tuna, and vegetables include broccoli and green leaves. Lean meats, eggs, etc.
Dairy products with low fat are good for baby growth.

How much weight baby gain in the third trimester?

At the start of the third trimester, the weight of the baby is almost 2 to 2 and a half pounds. A baby will double its weight in eight-month to about five pounds. And gains weight about a half-pound per week in the last month.
In baby weight gain in the third trimester, the baby needs good and enough amount of nutrition to gain weight.

How can I estimate my baby weight?

You can estimate your baby weight by ultrasound, but this is not the most reliable way of estimation. As for a 9-pound baby, the predictive ultrasound calculation is 15 to 20 percent wrong. Ultrasound uses volumes to calculate the weight of the baby. It measures the head, waist, and bones to give estimated weight.
There are online calculators from which you can estimate your baby weight.   

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Things To Keep In Mind

In the baby weight gain in third trimester, women need to eat healthy food. And exercise daily as in this period her fetus gains weight and baby grows rapidly. So the right intake of meals is necessary for this period. He has to focus on her health for a healthy baby.

A woman must have to track her weight during her pregnancy as more weight or less weight may affect the woman and the baby too. She must track calories and daily intake so she can go through proper nutrition.

It is very important for pregnant women not to be in tension during the whole pregnancy period. As it affects the baby and woman’s health, and due to hypertension, miscarriages will happen.

Women have to keep themselves away from smoke, X-rays, Alcohol, and drugs. A woman must have to take the help of a health care provider so she can track all things that are necessary for pregnant women.

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