The struggle is real.

Which are the Best Healthy Food For Weight Gain? You came to the right place and this post is for you.

We all know how real the struggle is when it comes to losing some weight — working out, quitting junk food, being generally active and healthy. What doesn’t get enough spotlight? However, it is the opposite. If you’ve ever talked with anyone who’s chronically underweight, you’ll find that they’re mostly unable to put on weight. Hence for gaining weight this list of best healthy food for weight gain to guide you.

Now, admittedly, some of those people face issues with hypothyroidism or type 1 diabetes. Although we’ve done quite a lot of research on these issues, we’re not doctors, and thus, we will be addressing the rest. The people whose metabolism is erratic and the others don’t eat what they need to eat to gain some weight. We will provide you with some tips and tricks on what foods to eat and how to eat them, so that you may see yourself grow bigger and stronger.

4 General tips.

Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water

First of all, I know you’ve heard people saying that you need to drink water. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. So here’s something new for you. Don’t. Well, at least don’t drink water right before meals. Water fills you up and makes you full even when you haven’t eaten all that much. Now you still will be needing about eight glasses of water a day, but you will also need to time it correctly. Don’t let the water take up much space in your stomach when you’re about to fill it with the calories you need.

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking. Yes, you’ve read that right. Smoking is not only a terrible habit, but it also prevents you from gaining weight. Having the unpleasant experience of going through a weight loss diet myself, I can confirm that a cigarette replaces the snacks within the first few days. It happens vice versa as well. Quit smoking, and you’ll find yourself snacking more often, which will make weight gain much more comfortable. It is also an excellent thing to do for your general health, so do it anyway.

Have Some Sound Sleep

Catch yourself some Zzzs. It is often not stressed enough as when it comes to Millenials, a decent night’s sleep is rare. Sleeping properly tremendously aids your muscle development. You will also need to be sleeping consistently. That is to say, rest and wake up at approximately the same hours every day. It can be hard, but it is necessary for muscle gain and also extremely good for your general health.

Do Regular Exercise

Remember that you need to work out so that you may use all the additional calories to build muscle rather than turn them into fat.

List of 11 Best Healthy Food For Weight Gain

We have listed 11 best healthy food for weight gain and all of them can give amazing effects on your body.

Number 11: Drink MIlk

Drink Milk

There’s an excellent reason that humanity has been drinking milk for the last few thousand years. Hence, Milk is in the list of best healthy food for weight gain. Being used since ancient times by athletes for protein and carbohydrate intake, you’ll find that milk is an excellent dietary choice when it comes to adding some weight healthily. Not only does it contain both casein and whey proteins, but it can eat it as a snack.

Of course, you can add milk to breakfast meals, but research has shown that it can use it as a supplementary energy drink. Try drinking a glass before and after a workout since it greatly assists muscle gain. Bodybuilding diets use milk a well. If it has helped Arnold Schwarzenegger win Mr Universe and Mr Olympia, I’m reasonably sure it can help you get a little bit more muscle!

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Number 10: Rice

Rice is another best healthy food for weight gain that you’ll find extremely useful when gaining weight. It is not by chance that it is the most widely consumed food for a large portion of the worldwide population. It is the essential grain as far as human consumption for caloric intake is concerned. It accounts for one-fifth of the caloric intake of the entire planet!

Rice is exceptionally calorie-dense with a single cup providing you with nearly 200 calories. If you’re not the type to eat large amounts of food before feeling full, and if you’ re-reading this, I assume that you might be. This is great for you. While you can’t snack a cup of rice, it can use it as a side for various types of protein-rich foods. Protein plus carbohydrates indeed equal more mass!

However, as studies have shown that rice plants tend to absorb a lot of arsenic from the ground, a high concentration of this chemical can be terrible for your health too. Keep in mind that rice grown in Thailand, Pakistan, and India have a lot less arsenic than US-grown rice.

Number 9: Smoothies

Protein Smoothies

In this best healthy food for weight gain, we have kept Smoothies in number 9. Protein smoothies would be a lot closer to our first pick if not for the simple fact that most of the commercial versions of this food are full of sugar and lack nutrients. Because of that, you will have to do some research and make your protein smoothies at home. It’s possible to find a variety of recipes online so we’ll only be listing two such smoothies here:

  • The very berry super shake is one of the very best proteins and calorie-rich smoothies out there. It is inexpensive and easy to make. Eat it as a snack or a part of your breakfast and dinner.
  • For the heretics out there that enjoy pumpkin and get tired of conventional (delicious) tasting smoothies, you ought to try the vanilla pumpkin pie shake. It not only contains a lot of protein, but it’s also an excellent source for vitamin A.

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Number 8: Nuts


Go nuts! Yes, nuts are one of the best healthy food for weight gain. No seriously, go nuts. Nuts and nut butter are great for adding weight. They’re calorie-dense and protein-rich. A couple of cups a day make a perfect addition to a weight gain diet. You can even use nut butter to make some of the smoothies mentioned above or other snacks. You must, however, make sure that the nut butter you buy doesn’t contain sugar or extra oils. Can I say it once more? Go nuts!

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Number 7: Potatoes

Potatoes constitute an excellent source for starchy carbs. Hence Potatoes are in this list of best healthy food for weight gain. They’re full of fiber and nutrients, most significant of which is glycogen. You will need glycogen as it tremendously aids all workout sessions. Corn, beans, and oats will be included here as they’re similarly beneficial for anyone trying to gain some weight.

Number 6: Eggs

Here we go for the 6th best healthy food for weight gain. Eggs. It’s stereotypical we know, but eggs are amazing when it comes to muscle-building. Whole eggs contain high amounts of protein and healthy fats, but it’s possible to eat as many as you want, either as a snack or as part of a meal. Bodybuilding and competitive athleticism diets suggest the consumption of at least six eggs a day, but you can limit yourself to half of that if you want.

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Number 5: Full Fat Yogurt


Full fat yogurt is another best healthy food for weight gain. Now it should go without saying that since milk is on this list of best healthy food for weight gain, yogurt would be here too. However, yogurt, to us, is much more valuable as you can mix it with a variety of other foods that are listed here. Whether we’re talking about dried fruit, nuts, or smoothies, yogurt will be an essential part of your diet if you’re looking to add weight!

Number 4: caloric Intake

#4 is the Caloric Intake in this best healthy food for weight gain list. When it comes to caloric intake in combination with antioxidants and micronutrients, there truly is no replacement for dried fruit snacks. They’re convenient to eat and can easily mix with a protein source, such as yogurt we mentioned above, to create the perfect snack/ meal.

Number 3: Healthy Oils

Healthy oils such as olive, coconut, and avocado oil will become your very best friends during your weight, gaining diets. Adding virtually no quantity to what you’re already eating a tablespoon of these oils in either your salad or the sauce you wish to make will increase its calories and improve its taste. Do try to avoid other oils, though, and when it comes to olive oil, look for the extra virgin. It will prove to be genuinely invaluable! Healthy Oil is third in our list of best healthy food for weight gain.

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Number 2: Omega 3

Omega 3 Rich Food

Omega 3 is the second one among the best healthy food for weight gain. Ever wonder why you keep forgetting things or have a hard time to focus? Well, a lot of studies show that it’s because you lack omega-3 fatty acids. No more! Go for salmon and oily fish to improve not only your body but your brain functions as well. As a package deal, you will be getting the added benefit of a lot of protein and healthy fats. Remember, you will be getting more robust, and your immune system will be getting stronger, which is why this is our number two only to be surpassed by:

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Number 1: Red Meats

Red meats are first in this list of best healthy food for weight gain. I can feel my vegan friends cringing at this, but red meat has consistently proved to be the best muscle building food. There are actual examples in history where civilizations who based their diet on agricultural products freaked out when they met mainly meat-eating cultures.

Romans, for example, is said to have been surprised by how much more muscular and taller Gauls were than even most legionnaires. It is hardly a surprise to modern-day people as red meat contains quite a lot of leucine, which is an amino acid essential for muscle protein synthesis and the creation of new muscle tissue. As far as your diet is concerned, we would suggest going for fattier cuts as they have more calories than lean cuts. So red meat can be another best healthy food for weight gain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long till I gain weight eating healthy foods?

Healthy foods will not increase your weight in abrupt way. You have to wait for about 7 to 8 weeks to see the results of weight gain by healthy foods. You will gain about one pound weight per week.

How does smoking effects weight gain?

Smoking increases the metabolic rate and decreases its efficacy. Smoking reduce the person’s appetite and block the absorption of calories in body. So smoking effects weight gain in bad way. It decrease the weight of person and make it difficult for the person to gain weight

I am diabetic, what can I use instead of rice?

In diabetes you should not eat rice and potatoes. You can take quinoa, oats, orzo and couscous. You can also take peas, lentils, barley, wheat berries, beans, faro, soy and soy products and whole grains porridge and bread. You also can take brown rice in less amount.

Can I eat full fat yogurt daily?

Yogurt is very necessary and should be taken regularly because it has many benefits. According to new researches it is said that you also can take full fat yogurt. Fats present in full fat yogurt improve the metabolism of body and reduce the risk of diabetes. So you can take full fat yogurt daily.

What is the best source of omega 3 fatty acids?

You can get omega 3 fatty acids from many sources like salmon, cod fish, caviar, fish oils, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, soybeans, and kidney beans.

Final Words

There are lots of medicines like tablets, protein bars, protein powders, capsules and many more supplements for gaining weight. But you need to follow only the best healthy food for weight gain. After this, you can take good supplements for boosting it up. Few best healthy food for weight gain we have discussed above along with other vital general weight gains tips. I hope this post will help you a lot to surmise.

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