Why Lunch To Gain Weight?

There are plenty of reasons for weight loss. Some of them have an unhealthy diet. Some are because of a specific or uncertain disease. And some are merely linked to continuous fatigue, tension, and anxiety. But being underweight causes a lot of health issues too. That’s why it is important to keep a healthy body weight, and that’s where lunch to gain weight comes to the rescue.

Scientifically the reason for weight loss is that the body does not get enough nutrition. The body consumes carbohydrates typically to keep itself running. In the absence of carbohydrates, it starts consuming fats. The good fats first and then the stubborn fats. The stage of stubborn fats is called “No Return Point.”

Means the body is unable to heal any damage caused because of malnutrition. Even the immunity begins to reduce, and resistance level against the seasonal illness begins to die out.

Simple is that, if your Body Mass Index is lower than 18.5, you are underweight. Do mind it, but do not get worried about it as some healthy recipes can boost your weight. But make sure that your BMI does not top 24.9 as across that you will hit the overweight limit.
Well, here we have picked 5 Foods for lunch to gain weight that could boost your health and increase your weight:

1. Full Protein Smoothies

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The protein smoothies are among the highly recommendable methods to gain weight. They recommend because of the high level of protein in them, which could speed up the gaining process. Indeed, there is plenty of nutrition packed inside one glass of protein smoothie. It is also easy to make which is good for lunch to gain weight.

Well, the homemade smoothies are considered to have more proteins than the commercial ones. There are even plenty of reasons for choosing homemade smoothies. First, the sugar, sugar is abundant in the market smoothies. Though sugar has a direct relation to weight gain, it has plenty of consequences as well.

Also, market smoothies do not have enough nutrition because there is just the flavour essence of the tastemaker, instead of the natural or real ingredients. When you prepare a smoothie at home, you keep the flavour, sugar and all other ingredients balanced. And that results in a maintained weight gain recipe.

Ahead of that, there is a variety of flavours to try.each; one of them has its benefits like the banana smoothie, which includes a wholesome amount of nutrition along with vitamins and proteins. Combine chocolate with the banana, and you can increase the nutrition level this way. Further, add the nuts to it, like the peanuts. It gives your body an energy blast.

You may especially feel it if you take it in the morning before leaving for work. Likewise, there are vanilla smoothies, chocolate, and hazelnut combo, caramel with apples, vanilla and blueberry combination and the super green veg and fruits shake.

The full protein smoothies contain up to 600 calories in each glass. Alongside this, they also include the other nutrients essential for the body, such as the proteins and is best for lunch to gain weight.

2. Nuts and Dry Fruits

At the underweight stage, the body requires nutrition more than its requirement. People usually get that they should start taking everything to gain weight. But that is not the perfect solution. Instead, the consequences could lead to obesity. Indeed, go for recipes with an acceptable amount of carbs and a sufficient amount of calories.

The nuts and dry fruits have a figure of carbs include in them. But they have enough calories to boost the weight gaining strength. Taking them as they are or adding them to desserts could do the job. You can add nuts to the smoothies, cakes, custards and even the baked meat. Add them based on the calorie level of the primary ingredient of the food. Else it may become difficult even to eat up a single serving.

On average, one ounce of nuts and dry fruits includes over 150 calories. Some of the nuts also top 200. And there is even a category of the dry fruits that rate above 300. The nutrition facts are on the packet of nuts and dry fruits. You may review it and consume accordingly. Besides the calories, this ingredient includes fibre, which is essential for muscles.

Along with that, plenty of minerals that can help reduce tiredness. Ahead of that, they contain natural oil. And that is why the hair oils have nuts and dry fruit extracts in them. Further, they even include the antioxidants that help fight to age.

This recipe might not sound delicious or flavorful at all. But the amount of nutrition packed in these is far more than many other ingredients. Well, an example of the food containing nuts and dry fruits is peanut butter. A peanut butter sandwich contains around 180 calories. Added up with chocolate spread, the calorie meter goes boom and is the best way to lunch to gain weight.

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3. Dairy Products

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Being underweight can lead to some severe issues. Such as infertility, surgery complications and lack of energy to work in the entire day. Make sure; your kids take their meal correctly. And also ensure that their food has a sufficient amount of nutrition. Otherwise, they (God forbid) could have a delay in growth.

You may have witnessed kids with shorter heights and even who lack interest in sports. That is all because of malnutrition. The quickest remedy in every such situation is milk. Not just for the kids, it also acts equally for teenagers, adults and older people.

Milk and the other dairy products have various fats, a load of carbohydrates and proteins. The fats range includes plenty of good fats that are needed by the muscles. Like the muscles of the eyes need good fats to stay open.

The carbohydrates dose is not like the one received from sugar. Instead, it is pretty balanced, which works as the fuel to run the body. And proteins, that is what everyone needs to stay healthy.

Along with these nutrients, dairy products also include some essential minerals and vitamins. One of the minerals contained is calcium. It keeps your teeth sparkling for long. And obviously, it is much needed for the bones to keep them strong.

Well, nutritionist suggests taking milk directly as it is. But you can also add it to a lot of food. Some good examples include puddings, custards, cakes, and some confectioneries. Another fantastic food to try is Gajrela.

Must not have heard it before. It is a South Asia carrot sweet that includes a lot of milk, carrots, and nuts. It is one good example of nutritious food. But keep in mind, it also has plenty of carbs in it.

4. Rice

Boiling the rice and taking them is among the most straightforward food to prepare. Just boil the water, add salt, add water-soaked and dried rice to the boiled water and let the water dry in the appliance.

Here you get the boiled rice. Well, this easy to cook meal has over 190 calories contained in 2 servings. Additionally, it includes carbohydrates that boost lunch to gain weight.

Even the single serving of boiled rice have plenty of nutrients in it, enough to support the weight gain process. Well, rice is one of the significant food at home and in restaurants. They usually are not taken as boiled.

Instead, they are supplemented with other ingredients and mixed with other foods. Additional ingredients added to this food increase the nutrition level.

Even taken with the other food, the nutrition level goes up. Indeed, you are not left to make two servings of rice as increased nutrition lets you gain a sufficient amount of calories. Some delicious meals include egg and chicken fried rice.

Make sure you eat as per your requirement. As taking more rice can cause phytic acid and arsenic to increase in your body. The phytic acid causes a reduction in the absorption of iron and zinc. And arsenic could result in poisoning.

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5. Meat

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Gym trainers ask the trainee to take red meat, as it helps in muscle formation. Alongside this, it helps in gaining weight. Even the nutritionist suggest meat to the patients who survived terrible road accidents. It helps the body to recover faster.

Meat includes fats, proteins, and some other nutrients. Fats directly impact weight gain. A regular intake of meat could gain weight faster, as the body gets a continuous dose of fats. The proteins and other nutrients help in forming muscles. Please also read Do Food Intolerances Cause Weight Gain

Consumers need to ensure that they consume the right quantity. If the fats go higher than the required amount, then it may cause heart problems, respiratory issues, and high blood pressure. You may get the lean meat. It does contain fats in it, but it has less threat to the heart.

Experts have conducted plenty of experiments using meat. In one of the studies, 100 older women were given food with lean meat added to it. The obtained results revealed gained weight. Along with that, it also revealed that those women gained 18% muscle strength.

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FAQs On Lunch To Gain Weight

Cant having smoothies for lunch make me hungry in the evening?

Smoothies are liquids and takes very less time to digest so you feel hungry after some time. So if you are gaining weight then it is recommended not to take smoothies as lunch. Take proper meal in lunch and save the smoothie for your evening snack.

How many nuts can we have for lunch?

You cannot take just nuts as lunch. If you are actually taking nuts as a meal then you are hurting your body. They contain calories but not helpful in reducing hunger. Also, you can take a specific amount of nuts a day, not more than that. You can take a handful of mixed nuts a day.

Dairy products can lead me to high cholesterol?

The dairy portion is an important portion of a balanced meal so you have to take it. Consume low-fat dairy products, it will not increase cholesterol level. Low fats dairy products are healthy too.

How much meat is recommended weekly?

Meat is a rich source of protein but it is important to limit the intake of meat. You can take total 350 grams of meat in a week. Divide this meat in maximum 3 times this means you can take meat 2 to 3 times a week. In other days complete protein requirement by taking pulses and legumes.

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Final word About Lunch To Gain Weight

All these recipes boost lunch to gain weight. But never take more than the requirement as it could result in overweight. Make a plan and include these foods in your launch to reap the benefits from the weight gain.

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