Protein Bars are an excellent option for diabetics

Everyone who exercises or works needs a healthy snack. A healthy snack means that you eat some food that can provide you with a decent amount of healthy nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, fiber, calcium, iron, and others. The snack should give you more energy so you will not feel tired or exhausted after exercise, or a hard-working day. 

Energy bars are great, healthy snacks. You can find many different kinds of bars on the market. They are usually affordable for everyone. Which one to choose is up to you. You may need to choose those that provide you with more proteins and less sugar. Each bar has a label with a list of ingredients contains on the back. 

If you are diabetic and looking for a snack, the protein bar can be a great choice for you. Today, there are many protein bars with a low glycemic index on the market. This means the bar will not increase your blood sugar, so you can eat it without worry. 

Best protein bars for diabetics are those with a low percentage of sugar and with a decent percentage of proteins, fiber, and healthy fats. In this article, we are going to present some of the best protein bars.  

Top 4 Protein Bars for Diabetics review

1. NuGo Slim Dark Chocolate Brownie Crunch,Low Net Carbs, Gluten-Free, 12 Count

NuGo Slim Dark Chocolate Brownie Crunch

NuGo Slim protein bar contains 16g of protein and it is low in carbs and sugar. These bars are coming in many flavors. So, we can find chocolate mint flavor, raspberry truffle, toasted coconut, espresso, brownie crunch flavor. This product provides you with 180 calories. It also contains 8g of fats, 16g of protein, 6g of dietary fiber, and 17g of carbs. The bar provides you with some other nutrients that are highly important for your body. There are iron, sodium, calcium, and potassium. 

There is a label on the back of the product, so you can check its composition. Also, the product doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, maltitol and it is gluten-free. 

The product has gone through several tests, which show that this bar is low glycemic. There are no other products on the market known as low glycemic. Although the bar contains some percentage of sugar it is quite safe for diabetics to consume it. 

The bar is no replacement for the meal, but it can be a great source of proteins and nutrients that our body needs. the product slows metabolism and allows avoiding sugar spikes. This proves the bar is low glycemic and perhaps one of the best protein bars. The product owns a certificate that proves all the ingredients are gluten-free. 

The bar is a great snack, providing you with some extra calories that can help you to gain weight. Also, taking it after training will have a good impact on your body, due to the protein bar contains. A good way for diabetics to take the bar is before bed. This way the bar slows metabolism a bit and works well through the night with diabetics. this is the reason why this could be one of the best protein bars.

You can order these bars online; the price is not high. Many consumers say that the bars taste fantastic and provide much for the body. So, people are quite happy with this product. If you are looking for good protein bars, this could be it. 

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 2. ZenoBar Keto Low Carb Energy Bar, Vegan, Whole Foods, Low Glycemic, Perfect for Keto, Diabetic, and High Fat Diets

ZenoBar Keto Low Carb Energy Bar

Zeno bar is a product that two diabetics have created. They were searching for the best protein bars for diabetics, and as the research wasn’t successful, they came to a new solution. One of them has diabetes type 1 and the other has type 2. Looking for protein bars for diabetics, they have made a new one. Zeno bar is a protein bar that tastes great and doesn0t increase the level of blood sugar. 

The bar comes in three flavors, cocoas chip, strawberry nut, and almond nut. This product contains vegetable protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It contains sugar, but one that comes out of natural sources. This sweetener is called allulose, and it doesn’t act like a carbohydrate. According to this fact, it doesn0t increase blood sugar at all. 

Each bar provides you 3.4 carbohydrates and this amount keeps insulin in regular numbers. There is about 8g of fiber in the bar too. Depending on the flavor, the bar provides between 150 and 170 calories. The bar fits well with the keto diet, as well as with vegan, paleo, low-carb eating. These are the best protein bars for diabetics.

You can find a decent percentage of calcium, potassium, iron, and sodium in this product. The impact that the bar has on the body is increasing the energy level providing all the nutrients the body needs. You can buy these bars online, and they are available in different packs. The packs are containing three bars, six bars, twelve bars, and twenty-four bars. People use it before or after exercising, when cannot make it to lunch or any other meal, or as a snack. 

Consumers are mostly diabetics, and they are very happy with the product. You can find their comments online, where say that they tracked insulin on the monitors and the blood sugar didn’t change after eating the bar at all. So, consumers think that these bars are the best. 

This means that if you are diabetic, you can finally enjoy a tasty bar without fear. When it comes to the price, the bars are a bit expensive. But, as they do provide good results, they are pretty much money worth the product.  

3. Quest Nutrition Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar

This is an energy bar that comes in the flavor of chocolate brownie. The bar is very tasteful with a soft texture. You can buy a box of bars that contains 12 pieces.

Each bar contains a decent percentage of protein, fibers and it is gluten-free. It supports ketogenic nutrition and has a certificate as a gluten-free product. When we break down the bar, we can find 2 g of protein, 17g of fiber, 1g of sugar, and 4g of net carbs.

Since the product doesn’t contain any sugar or sweeteners added, it makes it very healthy. The bar provides you energy and you can take it as a snack, before or after training or before going to bed. 

One bar has 1g of sugar that comes out of natural sources, so it suits the diabetics too. Manufacturers use stevia to achieve bar to be sweet and tasteful. This is why these can be one of the best protein bars for diabetics. the bar doesn’t increase blood sugar, so it is quite safe to consume. 

These bars are affordable, and people like them very much. Some say that a great way to consume it is when you put it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. It turns out that after a bit of heating, the bar becomes like a hot chocolate brownie. Diabetics eat it as a dessert and are quite happy with it. 

In basic, bars are very tasteful and provide you with as many healthy nutrients as you need in one snack. Diabetics are happy with the bar and say that this is one of the best protein bars. also, people use to buy a pack of 12 or 24 bars, because of it cost-effectively.  

4. KIND Bars, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Gluten Free, Low Sugar

KIND Bars Dark Chocolate Nuts Sea Salt Gluten Free

King bars are energy bars that come in a box of 12, 24, and 48 bars. Each bar has a label on the back with the list of ingredients that the bar contains. 

The single bar weighs 40 g and provides you with 180 calories. When we break down the bar, there are 6g of proteins, 7g of fiber, and 16g of fats. The sugar amount is 5g, and 8% of it is added sugars. The bar contains some more nutrients such as iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium. 

This product comes in the flavor of dark chocolate nuts and sea salt. Sea salt is sprinkled over the bar. Kind bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, and with a low glycemic index. Although they contain 5g of sugar, it doesn’t affect the blood sugar to rise. This makes it one of the best protein bars for diabetics. people usually take it before or after training, or as a snack between meals or bedtime. It turns out that it tastes very good. 

If you have allergies, you should be careful and read the label well. The bar contains nuts, honey, peanut, almonds, sesame seeds and may contain nutshell fragments. What makes it great is that the bar provides a very good amount of fiber, protein, and other nutrients. The sugar level is low, so it won’t increase the blood sugar level at all.

Even though people are happy with the product, they do complain about customer service. 

The bars are not expensive. Many say that these bars are the best protein bars for diabetics, but still do not have a five stars rating. It is up to you to try and decide if they deserve five stars. You can buy this product online. 

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What is important to people with diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, one of the most important things for you is to have nutrition in balance. Also, you should control your sugar level often and have a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes regular meals, exercising, and getting enough sleep. The lack of any of these factors can affect your blood sugar to rise. 

When it comes to regular nutrition, you should avoid taking in sugar, especially artificial sweeteners. Your meals need to be rich in healthy nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, and fibers, calcium, iron, vitamins, and minerals. Try not to skip any of your regular meals daily, because it can lead to the increase of sugar lever too. 

When we talk about snacks, protein bars can be a great choice. protein bars for diabetics are those with a low glycemic index. Those do not raise your blood sugar level and provide you plenty of healthy nutrients. You should know that you can eat one bar a day. It can be your dessert, or snack before bed. If you exercise, take it before or after exercise, so this will provide you all the nutrients your body needs to recover fast after training.

Sugar is always your enemy

Sugar is our enemy, whether we are healthy or have diabetes. This nutrient is very tasteful and what many people do not know is that sugar causes addiction. Considering this, you should try eating fewer sweets and sugar at all. A better choice is to use natural sweeteners such as stevia. It is still tasteful, sweet, and will satisfy your needs. 

Eating too much sugar can cause overweight which later can lead to diabetes, heart conditions, and many other serious conditions. Too much sugar also causes skin problems, hormones disbalance, depression, anxiety, higher risks for getting cancer, stroke, miscarriage. Sugar is contained in almost every product today. Before you decide to buy any product in the store, try to check its label and composition first. 

A great substitute for something that tastes sweet is protein bars. There are many different types of protein bars on the market. You should choose those with low sugar levels and low glycemic index. The protein bars for diabetics are those with a low glycemic index. 

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Make sure it’s packed with protein

Best Protein Bars For Diabetics 1

If you have decided to take energy bars for snacks, you should know something about them. The primer rule is to read the label on the back of the product, which has a list of ingredients that the bar contains. If there is no protein in the list of nutrients, that is the bar you shouldn’t consume. 

Proteins are the most important nutrients your body needs for proper functioning. They allow your body to recover fast after training, help you to lose or gain weight in a healthy way, and make you not feel tired and exhausted. When you take in proteins, they will soon remove the feeling of tiredness from your body, because they do raise the energy level. 

Protein bars provide you with a decent amount of healthy nutrients, but choosing the right can be quite a task, especially if you are diabetic. Protein bars can contain enough proteins, but they usually contain too much sugar. And choosing one with too much sugar is not the best solution. Try to avoid those with too much sugar and artificial sweeteners, and choose some with natural sweeteners such as stevia. 

The best protein bars for diabetics are those with a low glycemic index. They are good for healthy people as well. Sugar content in these bars is pretty much low, so this cannot affect your body.

Suppress your appetite with fiber

 If you feel like you are hungry all the time, it is because you eat a lot of bad carbs, or better to say empty carbs. Your nutrition is probably not rich in healthy nutrients and that is why you have such feelings. This can stop once when you make your nutrition rich in proteins, healthy fats, and fibers

Fibers are very healthy for you. They keep your digestion system healthy and safe and suppress your appetite so you do not feel hungry all the time. What to eat to achieve such an effect?

Well, the protein bars are a great choice. These bars provide you with a decent amount of fibers that will make you feel full until the next regular meal. Besides the fibers, there are healthy fats and proteins in the bar as well as potassium, calcium, iron, and sugar. The proper amount of fibers from the protein bar is about 10 g and the same for proteins. This is what they at least need to contain to provide you not to be hungry. Try choosing the bars with a higher amount of protein and fibers, and less sugar and sweeteners.

If you are diabetic this works for you well, too. Fibers are good for your stomach, and you can feel full eating the bar. Most important for diabetics is the percentage of sugar, so check the label first. The best protein bars for diabetics are those with a low glycemic index and make sure to choose those.

Frequently asked questions

Are protein bars suitable as a meal replacement?

You can replace a meal with a protein bar, but it is not good to do such a thing often. Bars do not provide you with as many beneficial nutrients as the real meal does. Anyway, from time to time you do such a replacement if you cannot make it to the meal at a certain moment. If you are going to replace the meal with a bar, try choosing one that can provide you at least 500 calories, whey protein or casein, and fiber. These protein bars are not the best protein bars for diabetics.

What is a good bedtime snack for diabetics?

Good bedtime snacks for diabetics can be a meal that contains a high amount of fibers and a low level of fats. Such snacks are apples with peanut butter or whole wheat crackers. These snacks will keep your sugar level in balance. Pretty much any snack should contain proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, so experts recommend nuts, cucumber, tomatoes, celery sticks, Greek yogurt. 

Can a diabetic eat granola bars?

Diabetics can eat granola bars as long as they don’t have too much sugar included in the composition. These bars contain nuts, fruit, grans, antioxidants, fibers, and healthy fats and do sound like the best protein bars for diabetics. But as long as they do have chocolate or yogurt covers, they are not the best protein bars for diabetics. 

Are sugar alcohols bad for diabetics?

Sugar alcohols can be bad for diabetics. in fact, these are sweeteners that do contain carbs and can raise the level of blood sugar. Although, they are used in the products we see listed as “diet” and sugar-free. 
If sugar alcohols are in the protein bars, then those bars are not the best protein bars for diabetics, and they should look for another best supplement

Parting Words

In this article, we talked about the best protein bars for diabetics. these bars fit to use for healthy people as well. They contain less sugar than usual, and many of them have a low glycemic index. This means that they do not affect the blood sugar level. It is great for healthy people as well as for diabetics. 

How to choose the right protein bar? Just follow the label on the product’s back, and you will know. Choose one with low sugar amount, and a high amount of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. 

The best protein bars for diabetics are also best for healthy people. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes so it is better to choose ones with the smallest amount of sugar possible. 

Protein bars are a great snack for everyone and can help you get back energy at the work, or after training, and before sleeping. They can help you if you are trying to lose some weight, or if you cannot make it to lunch.

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