Best Weight Gainers And Their Advantages

There is a plethora of weight gainers out there today that can help you gain weight. If you are about to find the best weight gainers, here are some pieces of advice in this article. 

We are going to present the list of the best weight gainers supplements. Also, we are going to say something about the criteria that make the best weight gainers be your choice, and in the end, we will answer some of the most asked questions related to this topic.

To know which is the best weight gainers, you should be familiar with the rule that there is no such thing which will provide you results without any effort of yours. Weight gainer, in basic, works very well if you follow the rules of healthy nutrition and exercising. If not, then the weight gainer will not provide you anything but getting fat.

 Your primary goal in using this supplement should be to gain muscle mass. This is a hard process, and the result cannot come overnight. But, if you follow the basic rules, in a short time, you will start noticing that the best weight gainers is one that works well with your body and starts showing the results.

Best 7 Weight Gainers reviews

1. Naked Mass – Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Naked Mass - Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Here is a weight gainer made out of only three ingredients. There are naked casein, naked whey, and organic maltodextrin. This supplement doesn’t contain any gluten, soy, growth hormones, or artificial sweeteners. It is a non-GMO product. 

Each serving provides you 1250 calories. There is 50g of protein in one serving, 252g of carbohydrates, 11,5g of BCAAs, and 5g of sugar. The gainer provides pretty much all you need to gain weight. It is good for muscle recovery after training and contains quite a small amount of sugar.

The product comes in three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored. It fits well to mix it with fruit and have a very nice and refreshing smoothie. If you add some ice cubes, you can get a very nice and refreshing drink, especially on the hot summer days. On the back of the box, you can find the label with all ingredients written on. The package includes a scoop for serving. Each serving equals four scoops.

This weight gainer provides you high-quality nutrients. By breaking it down, we can find some more nutrients such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin A. With proper nutrition and hard training; the gainer will help you achieve the results quite fast.  

Consumers say that product works very well. They claim that results are visible within two weeks and even less. Although the product is expensive, most of the consumers are happy with it. This weight gainer is available for buying online. 

2. MRM All Natural Gainer

MRM All Natural Gainer

This weight gainer comes in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. It contains probiotics, essential amino acids, complete protein, and it is gluten-free. The product has a vegan certificate, and all ingredients are natural. This makes it a high-value product. 

There are five probiotics in its composition. They will provide you a complete absorption of healthy nutrients from the food you take in. Probiotics also improve your immune and digestive system.

Because of the 10g of amino acids that the product contains, your muscles can recover fast after the stress they experienced during the training. Each serving provides you 25g of protein that helps you keep your weight and build muscle mass. The product is suitable for mixing with water.

Manufacturers suggest on the label to take 2 scoops daily. You can mix the product with any beverage you like. You can also prepare it in the blender, and with ice cubes. This can be a very delicious and refreshing beverage on hot summer days. 

All of the ingredients are coming from organic plants. This is a healthy product that cannot do any harm to your body. Consumers are very happy with it. So, if you are trying to gain weight, you lost due to some disease, or if you have allergies related to the milk and eggs, this is a very good choice for you. 

It takes about 10 days before you start noticing the results. The taste is very nice as well, so the picky eaters will enjoy this supplement too.

3. IRONVEGAN Gainer Chocolate Protein Powder

IRONVEGAN Gainer Chocolate Protein Powder

Here is a supplement with very valuable ingredients. The amount of proteins in this product is 42 g per serving. This is a vegan-friendly supplement that contains ingredients that come out of organic plants. 

It provides you over 700 calories in each serving and 12g of fiber. As we already know, fiber is important for our immune system, and they make all these calories not to be empty. This supplement can replace a meal because it contains a lot of nutrients that your body needs for proper function. 

The best part is that we can find the only 1g of sugar in the composition of this product. So, the diabetics can use it too. Containing amino acids makes it a great choice for bodybuilders and those who train very hard. 

When we break down the supplement, we can find a decent percentage of potassium, iron, and calcium. This weight gainer has a certificate that proves that there are no forbidden substances in its composition. 

On the back of the bag that powder comes in, there is a label with details about the product’s composition. When you prepare it, it has a very nice and creamy texture and tastes like any other vegan drink. The consumers are happy with the product, and this is definitely one of the best weight gainers on the market.

4. OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

This is a supplement that comes in a 6-pound and 12-pound box in flavors of banana, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, and vanilla. Each box contains a scoop. Two scoops equal one serving. In one serving there are 1250 calories.

Starting with the box, which looks very interesting, so does the gainer itself. Each serving provides you 50g of protein, 25g of carbs, 25 vitamins, and minerals. So, breaking down the supplement, we will find multi-vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, folic acid, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine, fibers, and many other healthy nutrients. These nutrients can improve the look of your skin, nail quality, immune system, digestion, and low risks of getting diseases in the future.

The product is very easy to prepare. You should mix it about half a minute before you get a smooth mass. You can mix it with water, milk, fruit, ice cubes, or pretty much with anything that you like. There are no artificial sweeteners added, and the product boosts your health. Keeping your digestion and immune system healthy and helping you gain muscle mass makes it one of the best supplements to use. 

According to the consumers’ statements, it works best for people who have always had trouble gaining weight. But the other customers are also happy with this supplement. You can purchase the product online.

5. GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer

GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer

This weight gainer is a vegan-friendly and non-GMO product. It provides you 570 calories per serving. Serving also includes 50g of protein, 8g of BCAAs, and it is boosted with beta power.

Beta power is an ingredient made out of beetroot. Clinical trials proved that it helps you feel full of energy and strength, and allows you to train hard from day today. 

All of the ingredients this supplement contains are coming out of organic plants. There are 9 amino acids in the composition of this weight gainer. It turns out that this gainer contains enzymes from papaya and pineapple. Those enzymes are very helpful with digestion and stomach flora.

All proteins that gainer contains are coming out of 7 types of plants, but are sugar-free.

The product is very expensive, but it is also high value, pure, efficient, and money worth weight gainer. All of the customers say that it accomplishes all criteria to be the best weight gainers. You can find and order this product online. 

6. CytoSport Cyto Gainer Protein Powder

CytoSport Cyto Gainer Protein Powder

Here is a weight gainer that comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla shake. It provides 550 calories and 54 g of high-quality proteins per each serving. The gainer is a very valuable product that provides many nutrients that are not present often in such products.

Breaking down the gainer, we can find plenty of healthy nutrients such as zinc, iodine, magnesium, chromium, phosphorus, biotin, iron, niacin, and vitamins B6, B12, A, E, C, D. The product contains only 4g of sugar without any artificial sweeteners. This is great because diabetics can use it as well.

The back label on the box is very rich in text. You can find the list of all ingredients that are building the composition of this supplement. Directions are also on the label, so make sure to read all of it.

Anyway, the supplement contains all nutrients your body needs. It will help the protein synthesis in your body and allow you to train hard and recover your muscles fast. The product is not too expensive, considering how expensive weight gainers can be. 

The consumers say that gainer tastes fantastic, and mostly use it in combination with fruit, as a refreshing smoothie. They say this is a very good product which has helped them to gain weight fast and gain muscle mass as well.

Some of them were not happy with the product because they have experienced the distributor’s irresponsibility. If you are looking for the right gainer to start with, this can be your choice.

7. MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass Anabolic Beef Protein Gainer

MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass Anabolic Beef Protein Gainer

Here is a world’s number one selling beef protein gainer, which can provide you 720 calories per serving. This is a very expensive and well-known product in the world of supplements. It comes in many flavors such as strawberry, vanilla caramel, chocolate fudge, and chocolate peanut butter. You can buy a box of 12 servings and 25 servings.

This supplement is different from other weight gainers. It works a bit different from others because it includes fast absorption and hydrolyzed beef protein that prevents fats from storage. This is a high anabolic product and one of the best supplements for bodybuilders. It will allow you to gain muscle mass faster than with other gainers.

On the label on the back of the box, you can find directions and ingredients that this gainer contains. The product doesn’t contain any sugar. You can find 2g of fats in its composition, as well as 125g of carbohydrates and 1 g of fiber. It also contains potassium, sodium, and chromium.

The product is so famous that it has its own ambassadors whose statements you can read on the label. Those are professional bodybuilders with long careers. They claim that this gainer provides them strength, fast muscle recovery, and ability to train hard each day. 

Preparing this product is easy; just mix, stir or blend it with water well. After that, it is ready for drinking. Many people gave 5 stars to this product saying that they are very happy with it. It provides good results, and by following basic rules of good nutrition, hard training, and enough sleep, everyone can achieve his goal with the small assistance of this gainer. You can purchase this product online, or in a specialized store for bodybuilding lovers. 

Criteria used for evaluation

Best Weight Gainers 1

Several factors impact the quality of weight gainer. In this section, we are about to see which are these factors, and what it needs for gainer to evaluate these criteria. This can help you choose the best weight gainers for yourself. 

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1. Effectiveness

Many people ask if the weight gainers are effective. Many studies are proving that these supplements are very efficient, but it takes a lot of hard work and effort to achieve the goal. 

There is no such thing as the best weight gainers that will magically provide you results. To see the results, you have to take the gainer that can provide you a decent number of calories. The best weight gainers can be a replacement for a meal. It will help you gain weight, especially if you take it before going to bed. 

Because weight gainers cost a lot of money, you need to be sure that you will follow all the rules to see the efficiency of this supplement. So, if you are not going to eat well and train hard with heavy lifting, you shouldn’t take the gainer. In that case, not even the best weight gainers is going to provide you results.

If you train hard, eat, and sleep well, besides taking weight gainer properly, you are about to gain weight. This weight will not turn into fats. It will grow into the muscle mass. Muscle mass will make your body look nice, and the effectiveness of the gainer is becoming visible.

2. Ease of use

One more characteristic of the best weight gainers is that it is easy to prepare and use. Weight gainers are usually coming in powder shape, in a box, together with the scoop for dosing. Also, there are tablet supplements and protein bars you can look at too. It comes in different flavors, but it doesn’t taste fantastic. So, the best weight gainers don’t have an amazing taste, but you can improve it. 

When you decide which one is your best weight gainers, it is up to you to make it taste well. This is what you can do about it. The gainer is quite easy to use. You should choose the right dose and stir it into the water or milk. Taking it with milk makes it more caloric. 

Taking the right dose of a gainer and mixing it with fruit will provide you a very good number of calories and healthy nutrients. The taste will fit you, as you will choose what you like. Almost every gainer has a nice, creamy texture when you mix it with other ingredients. 

Blending your best weight gainers with nuts, peanut butter, or banana will also be a good choice. Considering this criterium, the best weight gainers is one that turns out as a nice, creamy texture that doesn’t take much time to prepare.

 This characteristic is important as you want to save time and invest in the best weight gainer that will provide you results. You can take gainers once or twice a day, with meals or after training. If you need to gain a lot of weight, try using your best weight gainer before going to bed. This will allow you to take in calories that will result in weight gain.

3. Potency

Best Weight Gainers 2

The potency of the best weight gainers means that each serving of supplement contains the nutrients that are written on the label. This is strongly related to the quality of the supplement. Said simply, the best weight gainers should provide you all the nutrients that contain in each serving. 

Many manufacturers test a complete mass of weight gainer and sell it as a high potency product. But those who test each scoop are producing the best weight gainers. So, high potency is a characteristic of the best weight gainers.

This maker gainer costs a bunch of money, but also to provide you great results. If you are trying to find out which supplement is high on potency, you should check out for the certificates that the product has. 

Not all headlines that you see on the product are true. This is because the FDA doesn’t evaluate the supplements, so the manufacturers can write almost anything they want on the product. Which headline you are going to believe is on you. But, because many companies do not last long on the market, you can make the right choice. 

Those weight gainers that are cheaper, new, or not well-known as reliable, you may need to avoid. The best weight gainers is one that is familiar and that people have tasted and rated as good. That one who helped people achieve the goals, who’s the price is not too low, and that is familiar in the world of supplements, is the best weight gainers with high potency.

4. Value

If the weight gainer value is high, it means that the product is working. Simple said this is a characteristic of the best weight gainers. Because weight gainers are quite expensive, you need to know that the product has a high value. 

If the gainer is providing you results, helping to gain weight, provides enough calories, protein, healthy fats, we are talking about high-value gainer. The price of those gainers is quite high, so you should know that it is not a waste of money.

Although the best weight gainers accomplish this criterium, it will not work as long as you don’t follow the basic rules of use. Rules are simple, and you have to eat, exercise, and sleep regularly to see the results.

There are many products on the market that are expensive, but its composition and potency are low. Before choosing the best weight gainers for yourself, you should do good research. Gathering the right information will help you choose the best weight gainers with high value. 

Many people say that this supplement has not high value, but this is because they didn’t follow the rules and achieve any results.

Other factors to consider

Best Weight Gainers 3

Here are some other factors that you should consider while choosing the best weight gainers for yourself. We are about to review the purity of products and materials that manufacturers use to produce weight gainers.

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1. Product purity

This is a criterium you shouldn’t skip when looking for the best weight gainers to consume. It is about the quality of the ingredients that contain: the purer ingredients, the more expensive product. To be made out of high-quality ingredients, the product has to go through many processes and tests. 

For example, whey protein is part of a weight gainer. Its purity depends on the isolation of milk proteins. Isolated extract of milk proteins is whey. Whey is the key to all protein supplements, including the best weight gainers.

The next step in preparing protein is a condensation of whey and clearing it from all other ingredients: the more intensive clearing process, the purer protein. With the most intensive process, you are getting the purest product. This means that it has higher quality.

If the weight gainer contains a lot of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, it is not a quite pure product. You may not be sure which is the best weight gainers, but you can always ask the seller or someone who gets supplements well. 

The purest weight gainers are the most expensive ones, and practically this is a basic rule for choosing the best weight gainer

2. Materials

When making weight gainers, manufacturers are using many different materials. First, we can mention the box that the weight gainer comes in. These supplements mostly come in plastic boxes, packed well not to be damaged while transporting. Most of the weight gainers contain plastic scoops for dosing.

When using materials to produce a weight gainer itself, manufacturers use a lot of materials and ingredients. For producing protein, they use milk or whey. Some use soy, eggs, or peas. In the process of creating weight gainers, they also use plants, vegetables, and fruit. And by isolating, distillation, condensation, they get clean nutrients that supplement contains. 

Usually, manufacturers add some flavors to achieve the supplement to have better taste. Also, they add some artificial ingredients to make supplements have a creamy texture when you prepare it.

Learn More About Weight Gain Supplements

Frequently asked questions 

Do all weight gainers taste bad?

Most of the weight gainers do not taste very nice, not even the best weight gainer you can find on the market. But you can do something about it. Mixing it with other ingredients that you like can resolve the problem.

People are improving the taste of weight gainers by adding some ingredients such as bananas, nuts, peanut butter, and dairy. Also, a good solution is to mix it with fruit into the smoothie. This way, the strong taste that weight gainers have will be less intensive. 

Do all weight gainers need these weight gaining supplements?

No. Not all people need to take the weight gainer to put on some weight. Basically, if you increase the daily calorie intake, you are going to gain weight. But some people cannot eat more than they use to and don’t want to gain fat. This is where weight gainer is necessary.
Also, when taking weight gainers, you need to exercise hard and eat and sleep well. This will result in gaining muscle mass. You can achieve this without taking a weight gainer. Not everybody is the same, so the best weight gainer doesn’t work well for someone. But the others have many benefits out of this supplement.

Are reps just as good for building muscle?

The reps and the weight are both important for building muscle. When you are about to build the muscle, you shouldn’t avoid any of these types of exercises. Reps and heavy-lift are complementing each other. So, when you are performing low reps with a heavyweight, your muscle mass is going to increase. 

With high reps and lighter weight, you are improving the endurance of your muscles. While your muscles are building with high reps and lightweight, your nervous system and muscle tissue are recovering. So, combine these types of exercises, and you will have the results very soon.

Can I reduce fat using these supplements?

The weight gainer can help you reduce fats, but only if you are going to follow some basic rules. If you take weight gain, whether it is the best weight gainer or not, and do not exercise, you will only get fat.

 But, if you are consuming weight gainer, exercise hard, eat, and sleep well, you are about to lose fats and gain muscle mass. Anyway, you may need to start to count calories and try to reduce them for 200-300. This will help you to lose fats without too much effort and gain muscle mass.

Are these supplements value for money?

The opinions are divided about these supplements’ money worth. Some people think that these supplements are worth money and provide great results. If you are consuming weight gainers and having nutrition in balance, lower on calories but higher on proteins and fiber, the result will be great. 

The other group of people thinks that weight gainers are not worth of money at all. Considering the price which is quite high, they think that you can provide all that the best weight gainer is providing you just by nutrition. Those people even say that whey protein works as the best weight gainer.

Few Things To Keep In Mind

In this article, we have shown you a list of the best weight gainer supplements. Reading this, you get to know what is important when choosing the best weight gainers for yourself. Also, we gather the information for you, so it can be easier for you to decide.

The most important to know is that you should follow some basic rules while using the weight gainer. In order to gain muscle mass and not only fats, but you should also train hard. Your nutrition needs to be in balance, and you have to sleep well. Remember to include lots of fruit and vegetables in your menu, and some vitamins and minerals. 

The best weight gainers will help you to gain some weight, not only fats. This is an excellent way to make your health better and to get a nicer body looking. The best weight gainer is quite expensive, but the product is worth of money. You are going to notice results as soon as you start using it in a proper way.

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