The article below is about Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain. It may seem like a no-brainer. But it’s not something you can buy at any store or pharmacy to stop the weight gain.

Before deciding what kind of birth control would be best for you, you should research and talk to your doctor. There are many various ways of birth control out there. So don’t worry if one doesn’t work for you!

-Do you have a hard time controlling your weight? 

-Are you frustrated because you can’t lose weight? You don’t need to give up. There are many different diets and exercise programs.

-You might be unhappy with how you look because of the side effects caused by birth control.

If you are struggling with weight gain, read this! Then, we will tell you about different birth control methods and Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain. 

We will talk about when you can use these contraceptives and where they are. Then we will show you some tips to stay healthy even while using them.

Types Of Birth Control

Some types of birth control are at higher risk because they have more hormones. We will talk about which ones are okay for controlling weight gain and which aren’t. Each type has its benefits. So know the facts before using them.

Here is a list of different types of contraceptives you can try:

  1. Combination Birth Control Pills: These can help women lose weight and keep it off. It will help Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain.
  2. Progestin Birth Control Pills: These are the same pill as combination pills, but they have fewer hormones. Suppose you’re having trouble losing weight while on progestin pills; consider asking your doctor for a higher dosage.
  3. Skin Patch: This type of birth control is worn on the arm and releases estrogen and progestin hormones. It is also one of the best processes that check Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain.
  4. Vaginal Ring: This works like a skin patch, but it releases more hormones than the skin patch method.
  5. Progestin Only Pills: Try progestin-only pills if you struggle with weight gain while taking combination pills. They might make you feel like you’re on the combination pill. But it’s easier to lose weight with progestin-only pills.
  6. Nova Ring: This is an IUD that you put in your vagina. It holds there for three weeks, and then you have a week off. It releases hormones like others. But it is still safe to lose weight with this one.
  7. Depo Provera: This works by releasing progestin into your body each month or whenever you get the shot. It’s reasonable birth control for women struggling with Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain.
  8. The Pill: This is one of the oldest and most popular types of birth control. It’s a combination of estrogen and progestin, and it comes in a monthly pill form.
  9. Condoms: These are working by keeping sperm from entering the vagina. They are a good choice if you’re not trying to get pregnant.
  10. The Patch: This is a thin patch on your skin. It releases estrogen and progestin, preventing ovulation and thickening the cervical mucus.
  11. The Diaphragm: This is a shallow cup made of silicone. It fits over the cervix and blocks sperm from entering your uterus.
  12. The Sponge: This is a soft, round sponge that you put up in your vagina before sex. It blocks sperm and helps keep the pH balance in your vagina.
  13. The Diaphragm: It is a latex disk inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix. It prevents sperm from entering the uterus.
  14. The Cervical Cap: This is a latex cap that fits over the cervix. It’s inserted before sex and blocks sperm from entering the uterus.
  15. Spermicide: This gel, foam, or cream you insert into your vagina to keep sperm from reaching an egg. It works best when put in right before sex. It can kill any sperm that come after.
  16. Withdrawal: This is when the man pulls his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates. There’s a chance pregnancy can occur, but it’s deficient. It only works if you get the timing down ideally.
  17. The implant is a 4cm flexible rod that puts under the skin and releases progestin. It durables for up to 3 years and can make it hard to lose weight. It helps check Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain.
  18. The Shot: This birth control method gives you hormone injections every three months. The shots are very effective at preventing pregnancy.
  19. The patch: This is a thin, beige square that you stick to your skin once a week for three weeks. You can still lose weight while using the patch, but it might make you feel hungrier than usual.
  20. The IUD: The great thing about this type of birth control is hormone-free. It can last up to five years in your uterus. It’s also very effective at preventing pregnancy.
Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain

What Birth Control Is Best For Teenagers

If you are a teenager is vital that you have birth control pills that are FDA approved for teens. Some examples are :

  • The minipill, 
  • Depo Provera shot, and 
  • IUD (like Mirena). 

These birth control methods contain fewer hormones than adult versions of these same contraceptives.

What Is Birth Control Best For Older Women

There are a few different birth control options for older women. 

  • The pill. 
  • the patch, and 
  • The ring is all good choices. 

Another option is 

  • the IUD (like Mirena) can be left in for 5-10 years.

Least Effective Birth Control Methods: 

The Least Effective Birth Control

  • Withdrawal, Withdrawal has a 22 percent failure rate.
  • Fertility awareness-based methods, fertility awareness-based methods have a 25 percent failure rate.
  • Male condom, the male condom has an 18 percent failure rate.

Most Effective Birth Control Methods 

The most effective birth control methods are implantable devices such as:

  • Hormonal implants and
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs) have a less than 1 percent failure rate.

Hormonal methods, including

  • The pill,
  • Patch, and
  • The ring has a 9 percent failure rate.

Barrier methods,

  • Including male and
  • Female condoms have a 12 percent failure rate.
  • Natural family planning, which includes tracking basal body temperature and cervical mucus, has a 24 percent failure rate. The above helps check Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain.

Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain When Beginning Birth Control

Suppose you are worried about gaining weight when birth control, talk to your doctor. Some various types of birth control, like the implant or IUDs, may not cause weight gain. Others, like the pill, might cause weight gain.

  1. Processed Foods Are Not Good For You: They have sugar, making you fat. So instead, eat lots of fruit and vegetables. And eat lean meat and whole grains like oats or rice.
  2. Exercise Every Day To Keep From Gaining Weight: You need at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, or something like it, most days of the week. Talk with your doctor about a workout plan and make time for physical activity each day. Exercise by walking or running, doing yoga, or even taking a kickboxing class – whatever you enjoy will help Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain. You can also read Top 6 Best Exercise To Weight Gain.
  3. If you think you have gained weight because of your birth control, speak to your healthcare provider today: Sometimes, when people take the medication, they gain weight. If this happens to you, another kind of birth control may work well without these side effects.
  4. If you gain a lot of weight while taking birth control, don’t give up: Talk to your health care provider about finding a better way to manage it. Birth control is an integral part of family planning for many people. And you don’t have to let weight gain get in the way. So know Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain.
  5. Eat A Healthy Diet: When you start using birth control, it’s crucial to eat a healthy diet. You should avoid processed foods and sugary drinks. And try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. That will help keep Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain. The content 7 Basic Workout Plan To Weight Gain will guide you to gain weight.

FAQs On Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain

What Should I Do If I Start To Gain Weight When Taking Birth Control?

Talk to your doctor if you think you have gained weight because of your birth control. The side effects can avoid, and you remain on the medication.

What Causes Weight Gain On Birth Control?

Weight Gain is typical. Birth Control can make you gain weight. Many things could contribute to changes in weight when taking birth control, so talk with your doctor if you have concerns.

How Much Weight Should I Hope To Gain While Using Birth Control?

Weight gain is different for everyone. It depends on your diet, exercise habits, age, and overall health. Use the BMI calculator to determine an ideal weight for your height and compare it with your weight. You can also use WebMD’s BMI calculator to see if you are at a healthy weight. Then you will be able to check Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain.

What Causes Birth Control-Related Weight Gain?

Weight gain caused by a change in hormones. When you start having birth control, your body may produce more estrogen, which can cause you to retain water and increase your appetite. It changes how the body works. So it’s easier to gain weight. Some people may crave high-fat or sugary foods when taking birth control.

What Are The Bad Effects Of Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain?

Weight Gain can happen if you use birth control. Therefore, it is urgent to speak with your doctor about your options. Weight Gain could cause by many things like changes in hormone levels, increased appetite, slowed metabolism, or cravings for fatty foods. If you find a difference in weight, talk to your doctor.

The Final Talk

Birth control is a personal decision. However, we hope our article on Birth Control That Helps With Weight Gain has helped you earn more about different types of birth control and how they may affect your weight gain.

There are many reasons that someone might be heavier. Thus they should know how to make decisions about their birth control without worrying about their other health concerns.

If you gain weight when taking birth control pills, talk to your doctor. They can help you find another kind of pill that might work better for you.

It will help you find something that fits your lifestyle.  If you want to keep fit yourself then read 8 Best Weight Gain Exercise For Beginners.

You can also lose weight without changing anything else in your life. For example, you might reduce the amount of fat in your diet or increase the amount of exercise. These are some things to think about it. The decision is up to you!

“Talk to your doctor if you don’t know which one is best. They’ll help guide you because this is a big decision that will impact more than just your weight.” You can also read 15 Proven Ways How To Gain Weight Fast.

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