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Donating blood is a sacred act. You can save a person by donating the blood for him. But, some rules are made for donating the blood. Here comes a question can underweight donate blood.

A person can donate blood only if he is in good health condition. The minimum weight limit for donating the blood is 50kg. The donor must be above 17 years old. A person is not eligible to donate the blood he had ever been using self-injected drugs. The patients of hepatitis and aids are not allowed to donate the blood. 

It should be clear can underweight donate blood. Underweight people face many health issues, so they are never allowed to donate the blood. Donating blood gives a new life to the people.

The person who saves the lives of other people is great. He could live his life with a great feeling of saving humanity. His body also performs the functions very well even after the donation and risk of many diseases reduce. 

1. You can if you are above 50kg/110pounds  

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You need to know can underweight donate blood. If you are above 50kg, you can donate the blood. You can save lives by donating blood. After donation, the body replaces the blood volume within the next 48 hours.

All the red blood cells that are lost during the donation will be replaced within the next four to eight weeks. The replenishment process helps the body to stay healthy and perform its function more effectively. 

When you donate the blood, you have to adopt some safety precautions to avoid any trouble. For the next one or two days, avoid drinking extra fluids. For the next five hours, avoid extra heavy physical exercises or weight lifting.

If you are feeling lighthearted, just lie down with the feet up until the feeling passes. Put the bandage on the arm and dry it for five hours. It is better to take some rest and give time to the body for fast recovery. 

2. Why this weight limitation 

Everyone wants to know can underweight donate blood without risk. The limitation for donating the blood is for the protection of the donor. The amount of blood in the body is related to height and weight.

If the weight of a person is less than 50 kg, he can not donate the blood because he is underweight. If he donates the blood, it will be dangerous for him. The blood level will reduce from the required level of blood in the body.

It will cause a lot of weaknesses in that person. For the safety of the underweight people, there is a rule not to take the blood of any person whose weight is less than 50 kg. 

The person who weights above normal is also not allowed to donate the blood. If the weight of a person is above 170kg, he can not donate the blood because he could have serious health conditions. Donating blood could cause several problems for him. 

3. Your body will not function properly if you donate 

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You want to know can underweight donate blood without any harm. The body does not perform its function properly if an underweight person donates the blood. The person may faint due to the low body weight.

After donation, the body needs recovery. Recovery is possible only when the weight of the body is normal. If an underweight person donates, they will take a lot of time because the level of blood in the body is low than the normal bodies.

The underweight person could face many health issues after donation. He will be tired very soon due to the less stamina. He could faint again and again due to the weakness that caused because of the low level of the blood. 

The weak immune system will not support for quick recovery. The situation could be very dangerous that could lead to improper functioning of the body. Never try to donate the blood if you are underweight because you need the right amount of blood in your body to perform various activities properly. 

4. Underweight people are more susceptible to diseases 

It is a common question that can underweight donate blood. Being underweight causes a lot of problems. The underweight people have a weak immune system. They are more likely to catch diseases and infections.

When the women are underweight, the periods stop. The level of the hemoglobin becomes less in the blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the brain. When the level of hemoglobin is low, there will definitely be poor oxygenation of the brain. It will cause laziness, fatigue, and cognitive decline. 

The underweight person is not physically and mentally perfect like normal people, so he should avoid donating blood. The recovery will not be possible in a weak person after donating. Even if he lies about the weight and donates, he will just be tired himself. His blood will be discarded instead of using when he faints on the bed while donating. 

What can you do?  

You should realize you can underweight donate blood. When you are underweight, there is no need to be worried. Being underweight is not a serious issue these days. Many techniques help you to gain weight.

You can live like normal people after gaining weight. You just have to make a perfect plan to gain weight and stick to it to get the desired result in a short period. You can recover the weakness in the body very easily by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Do not indulge yourself in any activity that can cause health issues for you.  

Consult a doctor for the proper diet plan. Also, visit a fitness trainer to make sure that you are doing the exercises perfectly. 

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Exercise Guidelines For Underweight

1. Diet to gain weight 

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Eating healthy food is very necessary to gain weight. A proper diet will lead you to the goal that you want to achieve. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Prepare shakes at home and consume them frequently.

Avoid junk food and drinks available in the market because they are low in calories. Prefer the food with rich calories that boost the body by providing energy. The calories per day should be greater than the calories burned. 

Consume the food that is rich in protein and fats. Healthy fats have a lot of calories that are required by your body. Increase the number of meals. Take at least four to five big meals instead of two or three small meals. Doing so will give the body more energy, and the weight will be increased. 

2. Exercises to stay healthy 

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Exercises are very important to stay healthy. They make the body healthy and strong. You can perform various activities to gain weight. By proper exercise, the weight will increase gradually, and the result will be visible in the two or three weeks.

You have to do the exercise regularly and give time to the body for recovery. In the beginning, you can do the simple workout, and after some time, when the body is adjusted, you can add other exercises according to the requirement. Before and after the exercise, you have to eat something for quick recovery. 

Many exercises are helpful in gaining weight. You can do pull-ups and push apps. Squat is also a good exercise to gain weight. But remember that too much exercise is not good because it makes you tired and you end up with nothing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I donate blood with the recommended weight, will there be the risk? 

There is no risk of donating the blood when your weight is above the recommended weight that is 50kg. The body will recover soon after the donation. There will not be any side effects. The body will perform its functions properly even after donating the blood. 

If an underweight person donates blood, can it be fatal?  

When an underweight person donates blood, it will lead him to the low blood volume. He will not be able to tolerate the removal of blood from the required volume of blood in the body. 
The doctors strictly forbid to donate blood when you are underweight. 

What do underweight persons feel after donating blood?  

Donating blood is not good for an underweight person. He will faint even on the bed while donating. The body will not have enough energy to make him recover soon so he could face some severe health issues.

Final Thoughts

It is clear now can underweight donate blood? A blood donation is a great gift for society. It is truly the gift of life. Weak people also want to know can underweight donate blood. A healthy individual can give this gift to the people who are sick or injured.

In a time of one hour, a person could donate one unit of blood that is separated into four individual components that can save many lives. Someone needs blood every three seconds. One pint of blood can save the life of three people. An average adult is having ten pints of blood in the body.  

Blood donation is very beneficial for the body. It reduces the risk of cancer and hemochromatosis. It helps reduce the risk of damage to the liver and pancreas. Donating blood also helps to improve the cardiovascular system and reduces obesity. If you are a healthy person, donate the blood for saving the life of the people. The feeling of saving someone’s life will give you a lot of pleasure, and it will be good for your body as well. 

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