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Keeping a healthy lifestyle is never easy. Especially in our current fast-paced lives, overwhelmed by commitments and responsibilities. People rarely have time to slave over stoves, trying to cook food that is nutritious and tasty.

Most people would prefer to eat out or takeaway. With the emergence of fast-food chains and neighbourhood convenience stores, buying ready to eat food has become more convenient.

However, there are currently increased health issues linked to the lack of a healthy lifestyle, such as obesity. We should be changing our habits toward leading a healthy lifestyle.

This means getting sufficient exercise and having the right amount of nutrition every day. In this article, we will be focusing on clean eating, a dietary aspect. This is because food is a large part of our lives. Besides, doing it properly can even help us to keep to a strict budget and keep fit. 

Why clean eating?

Clean eating promotes eating less, processed foods. By following clean eating meal plans on a budget, we aim to reduce the intake of food with preservatives. This helps us to stay healthy by reducing the amount of salt and chemicals we consume. It can also help us to lose weight by reducing the amount of added sugar we consume.

Is clean eating a diet?

No, clean eating is not a diet. It is an eating habit that we can practice throughout our lives. Unlike most diets, dictating that we should remove carbohydrates or protein, this promotes eating food as naturally as possible. 

What is clean eating?

Clean eating promotes choosing organic foods over foods sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. It also promotes whole eating foods instead of mass-produced packaged and canned food. More plant-based foods should be adopted in the diet as well. Plant-based proteins such as lentils, beans, and peas are less likely to be processed or cured. 

Clean eating meal plans on a budget

Planning is key. Try to plan out healthy meals and make a shopping list, so that you know exactly what needs to be bought. Cooking large portions, then freezing them in the small portion is another tip.

We could use the leftovers for stir-fries, salad toppings, and burritos. Stocking up on staples that are on sale saves money. If you will use the item is used in your meal plan, buying on a reduced price saves money. Sometimes, it is also cheaper when buying in bulk.

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Try these Clean Eating Recipes:

1. Pear Chocolate Chip Pecan Muffins

Clean Eating Meal Plans On A Budget 1

This recipe usually takes 40 minutes to serve with 20-minute cook time and prep time, respectively. The recipe calls for 3 cups of rolled oats, 2 ½ cups finely chopped pears and ¼ cups pecans. This can make a batch of 16 muffins.

When making clean eating meal plans on a budget, this can serve as breakfast, over a week. Occasionally, you can eat it as a midday snack too!

2. Spaghetti alla Melanzane

Clean Eating Meal Plans On A Budget 2

For this clean eating meal plan, there is a 65-minute cook time and 25-minute prep time. The main ingredients are cooked chickpeas, eggplant, vine tomatoes, whole wheat spaghetti and baby spinach. For flavour, add basil, balsamic vinegar, raw honey, red pepper flakes, black pepper, feta cheese and minced garlic. 

The recipe calls for 6 oz of spaghetti, which provides a serving of 4. As a clean eating meal plans on a budget tip, you could freeze them in portions of 1 serving. This would save time and money.

3. Lemon Chicken

Clean Eating Meal Plans On A Budget 3

Trying clean eating meal plans on a budget with a family may be more difficult, especially if there are younger children in the family. They would prefer to have more flavourful food. However, do not let this get in your way. This lemon chicken recipe may be the key to introducing clean eating to your whole family. 

This is budget-friendly because you can buy cheaper cuts of chicken. The herbs, thyme and rosemary, can be grown in our garden. The key is to marinate the chicken in lemon, herbs and butter. After that, pop it in the oven for 30-40 minutes, and your meal will be ready! It is child friendly because the lemon will add flavour to the chicken, yet it is not spicy.

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4. Chipotle Shrimp Quesadillas

Clean Eating Meal Plans On A Budget 4

This recipe can be included in clean eating meal plans on a budget because we can make extra salsa. We could then use this salsa as a dip for kale chips, or as a salad dressing. The dish is made within 50 minutes and makes up to 4 quesadillas. 

5. Ginger Soy Cod en Papillote

Clean Eating Meal Plans On A Budget 6

En papillote is the French word for ‘in parchment. This is a classic way of cooking which retains the moisture and steams the food, instead of pan-searing. Such a way of cooking is healthier and should be included in your clean eating meal plans on a budget list.

The dish would have a balance of proteins, cod, vegetables, bak choy, and carbohydrates, brown rice. The dish would also be filled with flavor from sesame oil, ginger, and other garnishes.

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6. Eggplant & Cherry Tomato Coconut Curry

Clean Eating Meal Plans On A Budget 5

Who doesn’t love curry? You don’t have to remove curry when planning your clean eating meal plans on a budget schedule. We can make in a way that follows the clean eating plan too. Just be sure to use low-sodium vegetable broth, fresh herbs, and fresh tomatoes. The best part is that you can now whip up a curry in 40 minutes. Your skills will definitely impress your friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you eat clean on a tight budget?

Plan your clean eating meal plans on a budget properly. By planning out meals weekly, you can customise your shopping list and stick it to. Thus, it is unlikely that you would overspend. When shopping, try to buy generic brands as these would cost less. One good idea would be to cook in large portions, then freeze them in smaller portions. This reduces the ingredients used in the cooking process, such as oil. It saves meal prep time too

What is the cheapest meal plan?

The cheapest way to follow clean eating meal plans on a budget would be to make lemon chicken. You can serve this with some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. If you wish to, you could add some leftover salsa!

How can I eat for a weak for cheap?

There are many clean eating meal plans on a budget that you could follow. The best way would be to cook at home for most meals. This would help to reduce the amount spent on service charges. When buying your groceries, choose cheaper cuts of meat. These tips would help to reduce the pricing of the food bought. 

How do I start Clean Eating for Beginners?

Start by cooking two meals per day at home. This can be increased over time. Limit added fat, salt, and sugars when buying produce and while cooking. Always read the nutrition labels of items you have bought

Is hummus clean eating?

You can incorporate hummus into your eating plan. It would depend on the ingredients used to make hummus. As all as there is a balance of nutrition, it is a healthy choice in your clean eating plan. Using chickpeas in your hummus is a good idea because it is high in iron and vitamin B.

Are potatoes clean eating?

Yes. Serving potatoes alone, without toppings, is clean eating. They are naturally fat-free and found in normal diets, thus are easier to start consuming.

What can I snack on when eating clean?

Fresh fruit is always a good option. These contain natural sugars, thus are not harmful towards the body. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of fruits. Everyone should be able to find fruit that suits their tastes. Greek or regular yoghurt, without flavouring, is another good snack. Yoghurt contains lots of probiotics which are good for your gut health as well. When on clean eating meal plans on a budget, bulk buying yoghurt can save money. A large tub can give you more servings at a lower price per serving.

Final Thoughts

Clean eating is one of the best ways to start living healthily. Not only is it affordable, using clean eating plans on a budget, but it is also relatively easy to implement. With the right amount of planning, we will lead a healthy lifestyle without having to spend a fortune.

Always remember that when we take care of our body, in return it will take care of us. We will find that we will spend less on medical bills, and feel more energised. With this in mind, do note that eating healthily alone is not sufficient. We will also need to clean up our act and have other healthy habits.

Do remember to exercise regularly and get sufficient sleep. These processes are also important to restore our body’s balance and help us lead fitter, healthier lifestyles.

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