What Are The Dangers of Being Underweight Female?

The dangers of being underweight female are not as common as overweight. However, the health risks do not spare any underweight person. Some people are naturally underweight that adding pounds is very difficult, while others are underweight due to eating disorders. Underweight females represent health concerns, and this may be because their body does not get essential nutrients to build healthy skin, bones, and hair. 

Know here ways to understand you are underweight, and its dangers.

How to Know if You’re Underweight

BMI is recommended for people to calculate they are underweight. The Body Mass Index helps you and the doctor in determining you are underweight. BMI denotes your body fat as per your weight and height.

BMI ranges include:

  • Underweight is to be less than 18.5
  • Healthy or average weight is 18.5 to 24.9
  • Overweight is 25 to 29.9
  • Obese is 30 or above

The same calculations may be inaccurate slightly for an athlete having muscle build. Muscles weigh more and so this may show more body fat. If you know about the scale of weights and dangers of being underweight female, then it will help you to fight.   

How Being Underweight Poses Dangers?

Underweight people do not get sufficient calories providing energy. Thus, they suffer from malnutrition owing to insufficient vitamins and minerals intake. A scary fact is being underweight, and this increases the health disorders risk. Gaining weight can have good benefits for these people.

Media has developed for young girls some unlikely body ideal to be considered skinny. Hence we need to know in detail about the dangers of being underweight female. However, there are horrible dangers posed in being underweight, and the threats include:

Malnutrition, Vitamin Deficiencies, and Developmental Issues

Dangers of being underweight is malnutrition
Dangers of being underweight

First of all the dangers of being underweight female is malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies. Underweight people are prone to issues related to nutritional deficiencies. They are deficient in calcium that is required to keep your bones healthy and active.

Another essential nutrient, potassium also lacks when you are underweight, and the low levels of potassium are not safe for a healthy heart. Nutrient deficiencies interfere with joints, lung function, digestion, and mental health.

Underweight individuals have a weak immune system that they are open to infection. This is attributed to insufficient nutrients leading to difficulty in combating illness and also is unable to restore energy.

There are developmental issues with people related to eating disorders. Lack of healthy weight has trouble even in regulating body temperature. Underweight children face development issues, such as reduced brain development and stunted growth.

Lack of Energy

lack of energy

The other vital dangers of being underweight female are lack of energy. Underweight people always feel weak as their body lacks the required nutrient and fat storage.

Thus, it is difficult to complete tasks day-to-day at home, work, or school. Lack of energy may likely be caused by a lack of iron in the blood, and this is termed as anemia that takes away your energy. You can normalize the iron levels by increasing food daily intake and ensure energy level increases.

Poor Immune Function and Increased Risk of Certain Conditions

poor immune dangers of being underweight female

Dangers of being underweight female indicates your body does not have adequate nutrition. The immune system of your body does not function properly. A healthy immunity comprises having Vitamins A and C at proper levels, and this is essential to prevent illnesses.

There is no need to have plenty of reserves, but underweight indicates lowered immunity. This makes the body trying to fight off bacteria and viruses, whether it is common cold or cancer. Adding healthful pounds is a must and so eating proper food groups, promotes nutrient stores and improves immunity.

Dangers of being underweight female results in the risk of anemia caused by folate, iron, and vitamin B12 deficiency. This condition results in fatigue, headaches, and dizziness that may leave you tired and drained.

Fertility Issues

fertility issues

Women are mostly overweight to men. However, females underweight do not menstruate regularly. This interferes with fertility and reproduction that hinders sustaining a healthy pregnancy and that is one of the most important dangers of being an underweight female.

Low body weight in women leads to a lack of periods, irregular periods, and infertility. Women missing periods do not ovulate (release an egg) with each cycle and face difficulty in conceiving. There is a higher possibility that underweight women who have BMI below the range of 20 experience problems with conceiving.

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 How to Increase Your Daily Calorie Intake

The underweight problems in females have become common. Gaining weight depends on the muscle mass that is based on eating more calories. The surplus calorie in association with the routine of strength training leads to lean weight gain. Increasing the intake of calories should not include junk food. Responsibly increase daily calorie intake, including:

Protein Shakes

A post-workout protein shake requires the inclusion of protein and sugar in lots to trigger the recovery process. If you are taking a post-workout shake already, increase the calorie intake overall by making a more significant shake. Add more ingredients such as fresh or/and frozen fruits (bananas, pineapples, blueberries, strawberries) chocolate milk, yogurt, frozen yogurt, honey, and protein powder. These have critical ingredients for the process of recovery.

Bigger Meals

Increase the size of your meal by adding calories. Add 100-200 calories with all the main three meals. Increase around 300-600 calories daily consumption that helps to gain weight. Add calories to each meal easily by adding a glass of milk, fruit pieces, peanut butter 1-2 tablespoons, nuts or lean meat of fish, turkey or chicken. Underweight requires you to add vital nutrients so that it fuels your body or else it will cause malnutrition and affect your health.


Increase calorie intake as a strategy. However, eat small snacks in between and gains the lean muscle mass that is high in nutrients and calories. The snacks include jelly sandwiches and peanut butter, lean meats, fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, and tuna.

Pre-Bed Meal

Eating high in protein, a pre-bed small meal helps in gaining weight. Your body requires protein to ensure the repair process is on. Excessive calories alone can make you gain weight or fat and not the time. Eating at night is not an issue. A protein-rich small meal before sleep gives enough nutrients for your body such that you can recover in full. 

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Count Calories

Weight gain requires a combination of calorie surplus with strength training. The routine of strength training results in damaging the muscle tissues, and this gets repaired when you take adequate rest and your calorie surplus energy works.

Eating enough food is a must just thinking you are consuming sufficient enough does not work. In case you are unable to gain weight, it means the number of calories you are taking is overestimated. It also indicates your calorie intake needs to be increased. 

Check the calorie needs with a calculator specifying your gender, size, physical activity, and age. Giving these details brings your daily calorie needs estimation. You may add around 500-750 calories meeting your needs and as a routine practice, measure your intake of calories.

You may also make use of apps that help you in counting the calories quickly. Counting regularly the calories ascertain you eat enough nutrients and proteins that there is healthy growth.

Add Healthy Calories to Your Diet

There is a need to tweak your lifestyle and diet. You can acquire healthy calories to your diet and keep away from adverse effects affecting your weight loss. Gain weight by adding

  • Smaller and frequent meals. As a routine add more snacks.
  • Eat rich in nutrients foods such as fruits, whole grains, seeds and nuts, dairy products, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  • Add nuts, cheese, and seeds and increase your calories through your main dishes.
  • Pay attention to that you drink. Prefer smoothies than other beverages, coffee or diet soda. 
  • Gain weight by exercising. Add muscles by working out such that it stimulates your appetite.
  • Drink after a meal, after 30 minutes.

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 Eat More Frequently

Underweight people can eat frequently. You can enjoy snacks containing healthy carbs and sufficient protein. Consider options such as protein bars, crackers with peanut butter or hummus, or trail mix. Enjoy snacks containing good fats, include avocados and nuts, ensuring a healthy heart.

Underweight females indicate a poor appetite. This may be due to emotional or medical issues that eating food may be less appealing. Eat and increase the intake of calories with smaller meals.

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Rethink Your Drinks

Taking liquids is a must, drink whole milk. There should be fat-free alternatives. Consider fat or light-free versions giving your body a full feeling. However, avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, sodas, and energy drinks.

Drinking before meals indicates you do not leave much room for eating. So, go comfortable with fluids. Do not say no to drinking, but do not let the beverages fill your belly. If you notice, drinking while having a meal is not suitable, drink after 30 minutes after the meal. At the same time, do not dehydrate. The needs of a person vary, but you can remain hydrated by drinking water several glasses all through the day.

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FAQs On dangers of being underweight female

I am pregnant and underweight, will it affect my child?

If you are underweight in pregnancy them it will not good for you nor for your baby. When you are not taking enough nutrients, your baby is not taking them. It lead to weakness of bones and many other. It may lead to miscarriage and premature birth of baby. If you are underweight your baby will also be very weak and may have health problems.

Increasing weight will increase my energy?

Increasing weigh in healthy way will increase your energy. If you are increasing weight this means you are taking more calories through food. Those calories will give you energy for daily activities and will make you healthy.

Does protein shake really help weight gain?

Yes, protein shakes really help in weight gain. Because protein shakes give protein which help in building and strengthening of muscles. Muscles have more weight which increase the weight of whole body. Extra protein is stored in body in the form of fats so they really are helpful in weight gain.

Are yogurt drinks good for weight gain?

Yogurt is very healthy and have many benefits. It is a rich source of calcium and also have probiotics which are very good and help to improve the metabolism. So if you cannot take yogurt you can make yogurt drinks. Yogurt also contains fats so yogurt drinks are also very good for weight gain.

 Final Word

Being underweight may be your genetics. If you feel healthy and are eating well, your weight may be constant. Besides, if there are no medical issues, no need to set off the alarm bells. However, if the body weight is lower due to poor nutrition or any underlying health issue, it calls for immediate attention. See a dietician or doctor and evaluate understanding your body needs. I hope you have understood the dangers of being an underweight female and what to do. Gain Some weight to avoid problems in the long run.

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