The best Diet Plan For Underweight Female

Bodyweight problem has become a worldwide issue. A great number of people irrespective of their color, creed, race, or country are having problems regarding their body and its weight. And women also have been hit with it very hard.

A lot of women suffer from being underweight but this is not just a weight issue. It is a “health issue”. When the body is underweight, it means it lacks the nutrients that are required for the survival of the body. It can lead to a weakened immune system, osteoporosis, anemia, hair loss, and even fertility issues.

If you keep your body busy with fighting for survival, it could not flourish to become healthy. And that’s the essence of the whole talk that you have to gain weight to make yourself healthy and fit. And weight gain can happen only by consuming a healthy diet.

But here arises the question that what to eat and what not to eat? At such a point, a diet plan for underweight females can prove to be the knight in a shield.

Weight Gain Meal Plan for Underweight Female:

When planning to gain weight, you should always keep in mind the hundred thousand times said things that consume a greater number of calories a day than the calories you burn. The formula is old but highly effective. While deciding a meal plan for underweight females, you must keep an eye on fulfilling your nutrient requirement.

Just make sure that you are getting all the food groups in your diet, neither eliminate anything nor take any nutrient in excess. Everything must be balanced. Also, know the fact that your body needs carbs the most, then the proteins and after this, it requires lipids or fats. Although minerals and vitamins are required in a very small amount they are essential for the body’s normal growth and development.

1. Starchy Carbs are the Best Option:

Diet Plan For Underweight Female 1

Starchy carbs are not only rich with energy but also possess a good amount of calories which is quite helpful for your weight gain. It is recommended that about half of daily calorie consumption in the meal plan of the underweight females should come from the starchy carbs. These help your muscles to store glycogen providing strength to your muscles. 

Brown rice:

Brown rice is the most widely-eaten whole grain that is consumed very fondly. Whenever thinking of following a meal plan, a fear hits the mind that you would have to make dishes with difficult recipes or you would have to gather things that are rarely available.

In such a circumstance, brown rice is such a savior option. You can cook these in a number of ways in accordance with your liking and comfort and can easily incorporate it into the diet plan for underweight females.

Whole meal Pasta:

If you are able to achieve your goal by consuming your favorite food, what could be better than this! Pasta contains a bunch of calories. So you can easily cater both, your calorie requirement and your taste buds. 

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes help you gain calories without doing any noticeable alteration with your blood sugar level. Also, these contain healthy carbs and fibers along with the other essential nutrients.

These also contain antioxidants and thus help your gut become healthy.  These also help you fight against very dangerous pathogens that can attack in your gut. Thus these contain substances that are warriors against different chronic diseases.

2. Have Regular Fruits:

Diet Plan For Underweight Female 2

Fruits are the things that must be added in your diet regardless of the fact that either you are trying to gain weight or not. Fruits provide you with a lot of healthy and essential vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients. These have a low-calorie content but a very high cab content which makes it a must in the diet plan for underweight female.


Dates are extremely sweet that gives you an instant source of energy. These are highly nutritious containing a number of carbs, vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, etc. These are eaten as such or even these can be taken in the form of shakes or in any other foods.


Mangoes have surplus calories as well as carbs. These are the most delicious form of getting the calories into your body. Mango can be easily incorporated in your diet either in the form of shakes or puddings or smoothies etc. 


Bananas are one of those fruits that are rich with calories. These contain carb that is “resistant starches” that is they pass through the gut undigested and not only improve the gut health but also help you gain weight. 


Avocadoes are rich with calories and healthy fats. These are a delicious source of a bundle of calories. The calories gained from fruits give you healthy fats on your body. Avocadoes also have many vitamins and micronutrients that are essential for healthy growth and development of the body.

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3. Prefer Lean Protein: 

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Proteins are always highly recommended. This is because these help you to build muscle. When gaining weight, if you want to gain healthy weight, you should focus on building your muscle instead of gaining fat on your body. And proteins are the best source of building muscle. Thus proteins have a high ratio in the diet plan for underweight females. Following food sources are rich with proteins:

Red Meat:

Red meat has abundant protein content. It contains a lot of good calories as well. It contains leucine and a lot of other important nutrients that are necessary for gaining muscle mass. In addition to the protein, it also has a great number of saturated fats which boost weight gain. It can be taken in a number of varieties.


Fish is a very rich protein source. Fish oil is even a better option as it contains a larger amount of fats in it. Fish has unique Omega-3 fatty acids in it which are very beneficial for the human body.


Beans are often known as “the meat of the poor” because of their availability along with the availability at a cheap price and highly nutritious characteristics. Beans are a good source of protein as well as fibers.

4. Dairy items are your Best Friend:

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The diet plan for underweight females must be focused on dairy products as these contain a large number of sugars. These give you a good amount of calories to put on weight. Dairy products must be a part of your meal plan to give you some extra nutrition.


Milk is a super nutritious food. Many people do the mistake of taking skimmed people. It may be a good idea for those who are trying to lose weight. But for those trying to gain weight, milk must be consumed as a whole.

Because milk is not only rich with calcium and other nutrients but also has a pile of calories in it. Milk also gives protein to your body and makes your teeth and bones stronger. People who are underweight are at a high risk of osteoporosis so milk must definitely be the core part of their meal plan.

And milk can be prepared for drinking by adding any fruits in it or you can even make shakes or smoothies out of it. It can also be used in making cakes or brownies and you could gain calories and taste side-by-side.


Cheese has bundles of proteins, fats vitamin D, calories, and calcium in it. It is a healthy option for weight gain. It not only fulfills the nutrient requirement for the body but also prevents a number of diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, and many other infections.


It is the best part of the milk. It contains a good amount of fats, proteins, and carbs thus making you gain weight very easily. 


Yogurt is a fermented dairy product that is rich with proteins, calcium, and many other essential nutrients. It is known to improve digestive health as well. From heart health to immune system working and from dealing with osteoporosis to gaining weight, yogurt helps in all. It is also a popular source of probiotics that contribute to making your overall health better.

5. Avoid Sugar and Caffeinated Drinks:

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Any kind of drink that contains caffeine can prove to be dangerous for you. Caffeine provokes nervous stimulation and thus it could also have a negative effect on your digestive system as well.

It leads to a number of issues including water retention by the kidneys, vomiting, etc. People consume it to make their sleep run but ultimately, it makes their health run. So if you are following a diet plan for underweight females, it can let your whole effort go waste.

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FAQ’s For Diet Plan For Underweight Female

Which one is better red meat or fish?

You can’t declare any one of the two as better. Both have their own advantages. Both are very rich sources of proteins and calories. However, fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for both bodies as well as the brain.
It also makes your immune system better. Red meat, on the other hand, contains leucine and creatine which are essential for muscle building. Hence both must be added to your diet for underweight females for marvelous effects. But be aware, don’t take any food in excess as it can cause damage to your body and health.

How long till I see the result?

When you change your meal plan, you are actually changing your lifestyle. There must be visible changes but it is illogical to expect that the results would appear overnight. Rather, it would definitely take some time. It may take a month or so for you to observe changes in yourself.

Which food is best for Women?

All the nutritious food that can make women healthy and strong from outside as well as inside is the best for women. Following the diet plan for underweight women can prove to be helpful. As women should be heedful towards their health, they should consume a balanced diet focusing on their bone health most importantly.


A meal plan is always helpful to decide what to eat when achieving some weight goal. But your priority must be to “gain health” not to gain weight. For this purpose, you should consume all the natural and nutritious foods as suggested in this diet plan for underweight females. Make sure that you are gaining all the nutrients including carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, and taking them in the right amount. Because the whole of society has its foundation on the women’s shoulders. You can also throw in some light exercises. 

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