Does Protein Help You Gain Weight? Ultimate Answers

Does Protein Help You Gain Weight

Why Does Protein Help You Gain Weight? 

Having the perfect body will make our life easier. People are shedding their sweat and a large portion of money for this purpose. With the perfect body, humans can function at their fullest potential.

Everyone has the resolution of building and maintaining the perfect body. For the same reason, we can see many people take subscriptions of the gym in the new year as a new year’s resolution. 

Underweight people largely find it difficult to gain weight than people aspiring to reduce Weight. Even after eating more people finds it difficult to gain weight. Have you ever faced this problem? If, yes, the main reason may be you are eating the food with less protein. 

So, now the question does protein help you gain Weight arises. To find out the answers, we will understand some of the basic and important things about the proteins.

Protein Calories And Gaining Weight

To get the answer for does protein help you gain weight, we need to understand the proteins a bit. Protein is a basic necessity for the sound body. Protein is made from large macromolecules or biomolecules. And it consists of one or more long chains of amino acid residues. 

The proteins play an important role in shaping the body. The hairs and nails contain protein. The body needs protein to rebuild and repair the tissues. The muscle strength, skin healthiness, and bone strength depend on the protein content. With the consumption of carbs and fats, proteins also needed vastly by the body. 

Each gram of protein contains 4 calories. In an ideal situation, one must consume at least 12 to 20 percentages of calories from proteins. This level of calories from protein facilitates the growth, maintenance of the body. And also it provides the required energy to function naturally—three to four hours required for the protein to affect the blood sugar. 

So, does protein help you gain Weight, let us find the reason how. 

7 Best Ideas Does Protein Help You Gain Weight

1. Dangers Of Excess Protein

Does protein help you Gain Weight? The answer is simple, and it is a big yes. The proteins are important for the human body. Like any other thing, the excess can be expensive. Hence if you consume proteins more than the required level, it leads to a harmful state. Below are the dangers of too much protein consumption.


If you consume too much protein without the proper level of body exercise, it will cause overweight. 

Bad Breath

If you reduce the carbs and increase protein intake, it will create a metabolic state. It is called keto state. As a result, it will create a bad smell in breath. 


The more intake of protein flushes out the fluids, water content, and nitrogen from the body. It will create a dehydration problem. 

Loss Of Calcium

Some of the studies have shown that it has a direct relationship with poor bone condition. 

Several Other Diseases

The high consumption of protein will cause the most dangerous problems such as kidney damage, heart diseases and more chances of cancer. And if you have a kidney problem already it will worsen the problem. 

2. Dietary Protein Needs

The correct method and quantities of protein will give you the answer to the question does protein help you Gain Weight. The better functionality of the body, of course, needs the protein at the optimum level.

Anything is ranging between 12- 20 % of intake is necessary for the body. The recommended level of protein intake per day for the average adult with minimum physical activity is 0.8-gram protein. This 0.08 gram is per KG of body weight. Hence, the correct intake is your Weight multiplied with 0.8. 

3. Healthy Sources Of Protein

Naturally, you can get the protein with many foods available plenty in nature. Here are the top foods that are rich in proteins that help to get the answer for does protein help you Gain Weight.


An egg contains up to 6 grams of protein. This is very rich in vitamins and a healthy source of protein.


Cheeses, especially, cottage cheese, which has low fat and calories are a good source of healthy protein. 

Chicken Breast

It is one of the most popular protein-rich food one can eat. If you eat without skin, it gives more proteins. 


If you are vegan, you can get the protein from the high protein nut almond. It has 15% of calories of protein. 


Including the oats in your diet gives the much-needed proteins, and it is one of the healthiest sources.

Adding to the above list, the other products like yoghurt, milk, broccoli, lean beef, tuna, lentils, pumpkin seeds, fish, shrimp, sprouts, peanuts are rich sources of proteins. Using these items with the right quantities helps to get rid of the question does protein help you Gain Weight. 

4. The Key Benefits Of Protein Intake:

The common question of does protein help to gain Weight. It certainly does. Along with this benefit, it has several other benefits listed below. 

Increases Strength

The proper intake of proteins helps to increase muscle strength. The protein is called the building block of the human body. It is no secret that protein increases body mass and strengthens the muscles. 

Help To Increase Bone Strength.

The proteins not only help to increase muscle power, but they also strengthen the bones. The people eat more proteins has greater bone mass.

Decreases Blood Pressure 

The proteins help to decrease the level of blood pressure. As a result, it helps to reduce the chances of kidney diseases and stokes. 

Quick Recovery From Injuries

Since the proteins help to build the tissues, it helps the body from recovering the injuries much quickly. 

These are the key advantages. 

5. How To Identify The Best Protein Powder For Weight Gain

The choice of best protein powder depends on the below factors.

Muscle Building 

If you want to build, the muscles go for the powder with a high biological value. Whey proteins and whey isolates are the best options. 

Sugar Content

If you are a diabetic patient, you have to choose the powder which has no sugar content. 

Veg Or Non-Veg

Vegetarians choose to have vegetarian food. It applies to the protein powders as well. 

Kidney Health

The people who have kidney problems cannot be able to take the high protein dosage at a time. Hence they should go for the low protein contained powders.


There are a variety of protein powders ranging from costly powders to reasonable price powders. You can choose according to your budget.

By following these points, you can gain Weight and find out the answer to the question does protein help you Gain Weight by yourself. 

6. The Importance Of Protein For Mass Building

Proteins are made by amino acids. When you exercise, it creates small micro-tears in the muscles. And after that, if you have enough proteins will help to build the gap and thus helps to build strong muscles. But mere eating of enough protein won’t help to build mass without the proper exercise. 

By doing these will help to get the answer to the question does protein help you Gain Weight. There are also vitamins that you need.

7. Best Kinds Of Protein Supplement

Grass-Fed Whey Protein

The grass-feed whey protein certainly helps to gain Weight. Continuous use of this will help to find the answer does protein help you Gain Weight.

The grass-fed whey protein comes from those cows which are under 100% grass diet. The usage of this helps to build the muscle and improve the recovery of the injuries quickly.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is commonly used by athletes and older adults. It helps to improve exercise performance to increase muscle mass. Creatine has 100% creatine in Weight wherein creatine monohydrate has 90% by Weight. 

The usage of this will help to increase body mass and at last, helps to increase body weight. By continuously using this product, you can get the answer to the question – does protein help you Gain Weight.

Medium Chain Triglycerides

These are the manmade fats used to get the protein requirements. MCTs are used for patients who cannot be able to take other types of fats. And diabetic patients also can use this. 

Hence, this is the best thing for the patients to get the proteins, and by doing this, they can find the answer to the question does protein help you Gain Weight. 

Quality Carbohydrates

To find out the answers to does protein help you gain Weight, eating carbs help. 

The high rich carbohydrates like oats, bananas, sweet potatoes, beetroots, oranges, grapefruits, apples, etc. 

May The Gains Begin

I hope by doing all these steps, you will able to gain weight and get rid of the doubts and question of does protein help you Gain Weight.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Protein Should I Consume On A Muscle Building Plan?

For an adult with minimum physical exercise, 0.8 gram per his or her body weight is sufficient. Hence for the average man, it should be 56 grams per day, and for women, it should be 46 grams per day. 
One has to consider the fact that the above-said numbers are the minimum amount of proteins required in a day. To build muscle, one has to increase the intake more than this. However, this will differ from person to person depending on their body nature, muscles and many more factors. 

How Do I Know The Best Protein Powder For Weight Gain?

To answer the question, does protein help you gain Weight, you can try the protein powder and find out the answer. As we discussed in the earlier section of this article, the decision of choosing the right weight gain powder depends on various factors like a person vegetarian or nonvegetarian, does that person have any kidney problem, is he or she a diabetic person or not, budget and many more. 
But the recommended powder for one person may not suit another because each individual is different in their genetics and the way each source of protein behaves. Hence, one has to consider all these aspects and have to choose the better one which suits them. 

What Ingredients Should A Mass Gainer Shake Have?

The answer to this question is simple. The mass gainer shake should have protein-rich contents and of course, a good taste to satisfy your taste buds. Most of the mass gainer contains the protein powders, milk contents and fruits, and protein-rich nuts. 
These are the common questions people have in their mind, along with does protein help you Gain Weight. 

Final Thoughts

Does protein help you Gain Weight? Thankfully it does. If you can follow all the above-said methods and take precautions about the side effects of the proteins, you can achieve the weight gain. I hope you continuously follow these points and able to gain weight as per your wish.

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