Drinking Milk To Gain Weight? 4 Strong Reasons

Drinking Milk To Gain Weight

Why Drinking Milk To Gain Weight Is Important?

The struggle to gain weight is a prevalent one in today’s culture. Admittedly it’s a far less frequent occurrence than the weight loss struggle, which is one of the main reasons why so few information exists on this topic. There are articles out there that focus on various dietary reforms that can achieve guaranteed weight gain. But this article will be focusing on one food and one food alone and that is drinking milk to gain weight.

As we all know, milk is a frothy and tasty white substance usually produced by female mammals. During this article, of course, we will be mostly ignoring human milk (Although, disturbingly, it has been used historically, mainly for to treat burn wounds) and we will instead be focusing on the rest of the animal kingdom.

Some History

The human species started consuming milk during the Neolithic Revolution. It considers being a side-effect of humans domesticating animals. What’s impressive is that the consumption of milk started independently in various regions of planet Earth at different times. 

So, for example, the Mesopotamians began drinking milk at around 9.000 to7.000 BC, While the British Isles joined the milk-drinking some 3.000 years later. Around the same time, milk production and consumption started in the Americas. What’s also quite surprising is that we collectively started domesticating the same few animals: cattle, sheep, and goats. In the African continent, sheep and goats came through contact with the Southwestern parts of Asia. Studies have shown that African cattle came as early as 7.000 BC.

Cultures Of Dairy Products

Dairy products have become a significant part of several cultures across the globe. Milk and honey is the food of choice in the Viking Valhalla. Doogh (or ayran as it called in Turkish) is a drink made of yoghurt mixed with iced water. 

It was the food of choice in many Ancient Persian palaces. Cheese, in general, has developed a cult-like- following through the centuries. There are a few hundreds different types of cheese. France alone is responsible for the creation of over fifty.

Humanity has been consuming milk and other dairy products for millennia. Trust in your ancestors that maybe they didn’t all go collectively nuts across the planet and started suckling on cows and goats breasts.

Consume And Grow! Drinking Milk To Gain Weight

The most significant part of weight gaining is taking in more calories than the calories you burn. Do not listen to the pseudoscience that claims that calorie intake doesn’t matter. If the average person, in terms of metabolism, suddenly began consuming extra 5.000 calories per week, he or she would gain weight rapidly. This type of weight will mostly be extra energy and will become fat.

1. Gain Extra Calories

However, to gain weight healthily, one needs to gain calories by consuming nutritious foods and not just high-calorie ones such as junk food. Therefore you will need food sources that provide carbohydrates and protein but which will be relatively low on sugars.

Here’s where milk comes into everyone’s assistance. Cow’s milk contains carbs, plenty of calories, calcium and is exceptionally protein-rich. A cup of milk assists greatly in muscle building which is why many athletes and bodybuilders make it an essential part of their diet. It offers a very balanced approach when it comes to weight gaining.

Especially the whey and casein proteins when combined with resistance training, create the perfect circumstances for an increase in muscle mass. Even with skim milk, some studies have shown that for men, a pure 500 ml a day dramatically helps the development of muscles rivalling even soy milk drinks that are for weight gaining nutrition.

2. Carbohydrates For Weight Gain

Moreover, anyone trying to gain weight will have to consume a fair amount of carbohydrates which milk also contains. The most carbohydrate-dense milk would be sheep milk with water buffalo’s milk being a close second. 

When it comes to non-animal products such as soy, almond and oat milk, we can certainly see a big difference. Oat milk is the most calorie-dense among these products. It contains both a lot of carbs and a lot of sugars. Soy milk, however, has quite a lot of protein, making it an essential part of vegan weight gaining diets. 

3. Plant Milk

Not only that but plant milk contains no cholesterol. It is the healthiest choice for cholesterol hyper- responders, a group of people whose body can’t handle cholesterol at large quantities.

Now not only are the various types of milk beneficial, but milk is an extraordinarily cheap and very easy to consume superfood. You can have a glass of it as a snack or as part of your meal (Mostly breakfast or dinner). 

4. Drinking Milk To Gain Weight Before Bed

To drive that point home, we ought to tell you that whether you work out hard or not a glass of milk is a necessary addition to whatever you will be eating before going to bed. If you want to gain weight, your body must be practically running on protein. 

It will need protein even in the 8 hours during which you will be sleeping. The casein protein in milk is absorbed slowly by your body, making it an ideal consumption just before bed, and the whey protein (Also found in milk) will be increasing your muscle protein synthesis overnight.

On the other hand, we have to inform you that with milk consumption right before bed overheating and sweating might come as most carbohydrates are pretty hard to digest, and any carb-rich milk out there will have your body working extra hard. 

Avoid Couple Mistakes 

Also, other digestive issues may follow when drinking milk-based protein smoothies and lying down too quickly. The food could reverse inside your digestive tract, causing coughing, heartburn and even some chest pain. Of course, none of these are severe health issues, but all of them are things that can certainly keep you up at night and it won’t be beneficial if you are interested drinking milk to gain weight. Another common mistake by people who are trying to gain weight is that they try to lower their water consumption. Now, this does make some sense as water makes you full, and the last thing you want when increasing your weight is feeling full all the time. Milk offers a solution to this issue as well, as it is 85 to 95 per cent water. (It largely depends on the type of milk we’re talking about).

The Necessary Measures

As already stated above, milk is currently being used as dietary nutrition by bodybuilders and hard gainers. We have also listed several excellent reasons for why that is the case. However, there are a couple of pieces of information that must be kept in mind. Large consumption of dairy products, if combined with the general large consumption of calories. It will be increasing your weight fast, but not in the way you want. 

Essentially, you will be getting fat. So how can this issue be solved? Well, we have already hinted at it above but what’s necessary is strength training otherwise known as resistance training. What’s resistance training I hear you ask. 

Most known forms of this type of workout include push-ups, pull-ups, and squats as well as weight machines and free weights (Kettlebells and dumbbells). A good variation of resistance training is in TRX, which while doesn’t wholly replace weight lifting can help maintain and even build muscle mass. It is mostly suggested, however, as a work out supplement to regular resistance training. 

This type of training will allow your body to spend all the extra calories you will be consuming during your weight gain diet. They will all be going towards increasing your muscle mass. During your workout sessions, you will also be needing some protein shakes or protein smoothies. We would suggest looking around for recipes of these types of drinks; you may not be shocked now when you find most of them, including drinking milk to gain weight.

A Suggestion Or Two

Underweight people keen to know why drinking milk to gain weight is important, but first and foremost, we would like to mention that it goes without saying that if you’re vegan either for ideological or biological reasons you ought to stand by your beliefs (Or whats you’ve been told by your doctors). 

There truly isn’t a piece of better advice to give anyone about milk consumption, and generally about foods to eat when on a diet. Talk to your dietitian or trainer, they know best what your daily caloric intake is and how exactly your metabolism works so he will know what type of milk to suggest to you.

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FAQs On Drinking Milk To Gain Weight

Milk Can Lead To Fat Gain?

Milk is an important part of diet so must be taken regularly. But it also contains 8 grams of fats per serving. If you take fat free or skimmed milk it will not lead to weight gain. You just have to maintain the percentage of dairy portion in diet.

How Much Milk Daily Is Good?

A person needs about 1000 to 1200 milligram of calcium a day and milk is a great source of energy. So 2 to 3 cups of milk will give this amount of calcium.

Does Milk Make Me Sleep Better?

Milk contain an amino acid called tryptophan. This amino acid produce an enzyme called serotonin which relax the brain and help in peaceful sleep. Milk also balance calcium level which is also helpful in a restful sleep. So it is beneficial to take a warm cup of milk before going to bed.

Are Plant Milk As Good As Animal Milk?

Animal milk and plants milk are not the same in the amount of calcium. Plant milk has less amount of calcium. If the plant milk is fortified with calcium even then it will have less amount of potassium as compared to animal milk. So animal milk is better than plant based milk.

Final Words

Now just a closing statement of Drinking Milk To gain Weight, I will be talking to a very particular set of people, those who plan to hard- gain. You don’t have to drink high- fat milk such as whole milk. It does, however, happen to be the most fat-rich and is, therefore, the richest in calories by far. If you do aim to train intensively and daily you will need all the energy you can get and of course all the protein, so go for it!

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