Many underweight people have always desired to gain weight without using any supplements or injections. The same way overweight people get the pressure to add more body muscles. Skinny people also wish to gain weight through all reasonable means because they are not happy with their bodies. But the best is if they can increase natural fats.

Everyone wishes to gain weight in a natural way to avoid adverse side effects. That may be associated with adding weight artificially. Natural methods of gain weight are the safest and healthy way. Healthy Weight gain mostly comes through our diet. Therefore, food is the major contributor to gaining weight naturally.

Follow The Steps Below To Get Natural Fats

1. Eat Fruits

natural fats foods

Fruits have natural sugars, which are most important in weight gain. For instance, mangoes, papayas, and bananas are commonly known for their sweetness. This is because they have natural taste and sugars, which help in gaining weight naturally.

Sugars provide the body with instant energy when we consume and keep us active throughout the day. Besides, these fruits we can take in the form of desserts or as homemade smoothies. Usually, the sugars we purchase from stores are artificial and better, and we should avoid them.

2. Use Milk Powder in Food Preparation

Secondly, using milk powder increase calories in foods. Therefore, it’s essential to drink skim milk because they are healthy and vital for natural weight gain. We can use milk powder in the preparation of many dishes, especially soups.

Using milk powder to make soups could make the soup creamier, thicker, and More nutritious while keeping all the nutrients intact. So hashes are healthy, and we can take them separately or by any food we like.

3. Try Eating Red Meat

TRy eating red meat for gain weight

Furthermore, red meat also has weight gain benefits, just like the above foods. However, its high cholesterol component makes it best for people who want to gain weight naturally. The meat preparation procedure depends on your taste and preferences. Still, applying a little olive oil to raw meat is mainly advisable before tossing it in the oven for cooking.

It gives the meat an exceptional taste and makes it tender and juicy. In addition, ribs offer the best source of natural fats, as they are much softer than other parts of the meat and are a good source of healthy fats. Besides, ribs have high-fat levels, and too much fat consumption is not fit for the body.

4. Eat Avocados

Avocado is a natural fats to cook with

It would help if you considered investing in planting or buying avocados because of their healthy natural fats content. Avocados contain healthy and natural fats that provide the body with adequate nutrients and help to gain additional calories. In addition, you can add other foods that enrich with high natural fats, such as olive oils and nuts. Add avocados, olive oils, and even nuts to your everyday meal and see the desired results.

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5. Eat Three Meals a Day

Make it a habit of taking three meals daily. Many people tend to skip one meal, especially breakfast, but this should not be the case. Instead, take the three meals and in added quantity to help increase calories and gain more weight and gain fat fast. Consequently, some people cannot eat more substantial meals at once because it upsets their stomachs. In this case, they should eat smaller proportions at regular intervals. 

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6. Have Treats Occasionally

Altering your diet once in a while is not harmful at all, but overdoing it is dangerous. After taking the main meals, have that chocolate snack or ice cream that you are craving. Late-night snacks help add more calories to the body because at night. We are not active in doing other activities as compared to during the day. So this allows us to get fatter fast.

7. Eat Nuts

Nuts offer nutrients that are essential for overall body functioning. Add nuts to your breakfast and see positive results after a short period. Additionally, you can also have peanut butter in place of nuts, spread it on bread, and take it with a hot cup of coffee or milk.

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8. Avoid Drinking Water Before Meals

Drinking water before meals makes a person whole and has reduced appetite. Reducing appetite is not what underweight people need. Skinny people are serious about gaining weight and anything that comes along with that. Not things that hinder them from achieving their goals. To gain weight naturally, suppress the urge to drink water before meals and replace it with homemade fruit juice or smoothies.

9. Add More Proteins to Your Food

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You can take food regularly, which is rich in protein for additional body mass. Diets rich in proteins should take after an intense workout because this is the time when our body needs to remain in good shape. In addition, people with a fast metabolism need to add more nutrition to their foods.

Besides, taking protein before going to bed also aids in natural weight gain as your body relaxes during this period. Taking milk or yogurt just before going to bed helps in rejuvenating, especially after hitting the gym.

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10. Exercise Frequently and Lift Weights

Frequent exercise and weight lifting help build up the body muscles and keep the body active throughout the workout. In addition, lifting weights in the gym is one of the safest ways of gaining weight naturally, especially after one has gotten used to lifting heavyweights.

Start slowly with light weight lifting before settling on a heavyweight. In addition to this, frequent exercise makes one hungry by increasing appetite. During this time, one can eat additional portions as compared to when they are not working out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am lactose intolerant. What can I use instead of milk?

For lactose-intolerant people, milk obtained from plants, including soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, etc., is very beneficial. Whereas, among the high-calorie milk, coconut milk has a very high-fat content. Fermented products like yogurt and cheese are also a perfect option.

Can I use plant-based proteins as well?

Plant protein is the healthiest way of gaining weight. Plant protein helps you fulfill the protein content of your body. It also stimulates the muscle-building process in your body. Nuts are a rich source of proteins, but they also have fats that help gain weight a lot.

How much weight do you suggest to an underweight person?

An under-weight person should gain enough weight to attain the average body mass index ranging from 18.5 to 24.9. It will require you to gain some pounds in achieving an average body mass index

What is considered severely underweight?

Anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) below the range of 18.5 is considered underweight. However, a BMI lying between 15 to 16 is severely malnourished.

Take The Underweight or Weight Loss Issue Seriously

It may sound awkward, but getting deeper into why you cannot gain weight is the starting point for a successful journey. First, consult your doctor and take the necessary tests to determine the leading cause of the underweight issue for those not born skinny. Then, the doctors can determine the cause and prescribe safe and natural ways of gaining weight. Follow the above steps to get natural fats!

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