Which Are The Best Foods To Gain Weight When You Are Diabetic Patient?

I am assuming when you are reading this post; it means you are eager to know foods to gain weight when you are diabetic patient. Am I right? Yes, it will be the answer in most cases. But, at first, we should know the basics before discussing foods to gain weight when you have diabetes.

People who have diabetes have more amount of glucose in their blood. The cells do not absorb blood glucose. Cells respond to insulin during high glucose in people suffering from glucose. Insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity. Or the cells become resistant to it.

In both cases, the blood glucose of the diabetic individual remains high. It can be challenging for a person to gain weight while having diabetes. But it is not impossible. Here I will be describing you five foods that you can add to your routine diet to contribute more towards your body weight.

Apart from these foods, one should always consider a recognized and authorized nutritionist — doctor or consultant for a suitable diet according to the individual. One should consume fewer carbohydrates and more protein or fats to keep control of blood glucose. So let’s have a look at these foods-


Meat- Foods to gain weight when you are diabetic
Meat- Foods to gain weight when you are underweight

Meat is another Foods to gain weight when you are diabetic patient. Since the invention of domestication and poultry, humans are consuming animal flesh. Animal flesh is rich in proteins. Meat and meat products are rich in protein, water, and fats. Meat should not be consumed raw from the animal as it might be affected by microbes — Cook meat ideally before eating. Meat is a source of nitrogen-containing compounds.

Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, etc. Animal flesh can be consumed as meat and have 20-30 gm protein per 110g of meat. These meats are also rich in calories, which add more weight to your body. Non-Vegan sandwiches, ham pork, pepperoni, salami, beef, and corned beef are nutritious yet delicious meat types that an individual can have during diabetes.

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cereal - foods to eat when you are diabetic

Cereals provide much more energy per gram. Compared to any other type of food, and can be easily substituted for carbohydrates. A diabetic individual should include cereals in their diet. Whole grain cereals have abundant quantities of minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, etc. in them. They also have carbohydrate content in them, which is negligible.

A healthy cereal containing breakfast is a must to achieve your blood glucose level under control. Some whole-grain cereal is rich in carbohydrates. Diabetic individuals must avoid them. Before purchasing from the market, know the energy content. Cereals that are low in Glycemic Index must be preferred.

These cereals that are low in GI are- oatmeal, bran, steel-cut oatmeal. You can eat Various proteins with the cereals. Avoid Cereals that are rich in carbohydrates or have plenty of glycemic value. These include- flakes of bran, oatmeal instant, and corn flakes.

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Healthy Fats

healthy fats

Other foods to gain weight when you are diabetic is Healthy Fats. Fats are more reduced compounds than carbohydrates and protein.IT means that fat provides more amount of energy when oxidized. A more reduced form of fats means more calories per capita. To add more weight to your body, you can prefer healthy fats in your diet.

Omega6 and Omega 3 containing polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids are healthy fats. They are present in numerous food types. Food sources having high PUFA and MUFA are low in carbohydrates. But they also help in lowering heart complications. They are good food sources.

Yet equally effective in keeping your blood glucose level under control. Let us have a look at several food types that have good fat content in them. For example, Avocado, Dark Chocolate, Seeds of Chia, Eggs, Fishes (Trout, Sardines, Tuna, Bombil, and Salmons), Nuts, Flaxseeds, Olive Oil, Tofu and Olives contains good fat.

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Milk and Fermented Milk Products

Milk And Fermented Milk Products

Milk is one of the highest consumed liquid in the world and an excellent food source for a diabetic individual. Milk is rich in proteins and fats. Milk nowadays is consumed by a growing population due to its high nutritional content.

Milk from various sources can be low in carbohydrates. Thus keeping low your blood glucose level and is a small GI source of food. Cow milk is little in fat but rich in proteins. For more calorie-rich option milk from soy: soy milk, buffalo milk, sheep milk, high fiber milk, camel, and goat milk.

These are rich and dense food options that prove great to a diabetic individual keeping blood glucose level. Apart from milk, a person can also switch to fermented milk options. They are not only rich in various minerals and vitamins but also proteins.

Fermented milk products include curds, cheeses, yogurt, etc. Curds and cheeses are rich in amino acids as they have proteins that are broken down by microbes into amino acids — thus providing energy faster after consumption. Soy milk is one of the rich sources of protein. You can use cheese as a garnishing agent or grate them over cereals.

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High Fiber Foods

High Fiber Foods

Fiber is essential as the body essentially requires them. High fiber-enriched foods keep us healthy and help in lowering blood glucose. Fiber can be in the food type as soluble or insoluble fiber .some of these food sources that are rich in insoluble fibers. They help in maintaining low blood glucose levels.

Fiber-rich foods are bran flakes, bran, barley, whole grain bread, berries (blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries), spinach, carrots, beans, broccoli, lentils, oranges, bananas, plums, dates, apricots, etc are very good foods to gain weight when you are diabetic.

Banana shakes must be preferred as it is dense and rich in protein. High fiber dense foods must be included by and individual that is suffering from diabetes to keep blood glucose level.

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Frequently Asked Question

Won’t eating these foods continuously increase my blood sugar?

Everything we consume increases our blood sugar more or less. But the point to be understood is that using low glycemic food will increase our blood sugar in a controlled way. These foods will also cause a rise in blood glucose level but this rise is very low that it will not be harmful for you. You should use a diabetes-friendly diet and always consult your doctor. There may be such foods that are suitable for others but not for you.

Will these food cause problems with cholesterol?

Most likely, not at all. The foods that possess low glycemic index not only help you to lower your blood glucose level but also control the blood cholesterol. If you use food having low glycemic index and high protein ratio, it will be the best as it will help you gain energy without affecting your cholesterol level. Whereas those foods having a high carbohydrate ratio can prove to be dangerous.

I am lactose intolerant what can I use instead?

For lactose intolerant people, there are many other healthy choices. You should avoid milk as it contains lactose. But you can take eggs, avocadoes, fatty fish, peanut butter or any other nut butter, nuts and plant-based proteins. High calorie fruits including bananas, pineapples, dried fruits etc. cause an increase in weight gain. In addition, whole grain cereals, brown rice, whole wheat pasta etc. help you to put on weight while avoiding lactose.

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Final Words

These food sources and types described above are good to eat for people who have diabetes and looking forward to weight gain. You can consider supplements. Apart from these, one should always consult an authorized doctor according to his personalized characteristics. Apart from this, regular meals, small meals, and a proper and organized diet is a must for a diabetic patient looking forward to a healthy weight gain and keeping low their blood glucose level. I hope now you got the idea of foods to gain weight when you are diabetic.

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