Foods To Help Baby Gain Weight Healthily

First 2 year of baby life is very much important. That is the age in which the baby gains weight, and his brain and all body parts develop. If the child cannot get enough nutrition from breast milk, he may become underweight.

His bones may become weak, and brain development can disturb. If the mother field is not enough to meet his hunger requirements, then it is necessary to do things that increase mothers’ breast milk. Otherwise, add formula milk in his daily routine. Check that the child’s weight is increasing properly according to age. 

When the child reaches a certain age, his solid meal starts. At that age, the baby must be given the food to help babies gain weight. Food which the baby eats at that time will affect the overall health of the baby.

So food must be chosen very cleverly. All the nutrients, including calcium, iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, must be added in their food. Food which contains all these things are the foods to help baby gain weight. These are some foods to help babies gain weight, which is discussed in detail in this article. 

1. Breast milk and fortified breast milk

Breast milk is the most important and full meal of a child. In the first 4 months, feed the baby with only breast milk. It will meet all the requirements of the baby when the baby is premature than he needs extra nutrients in the first few months to reach the normal body weight.

He needs more nutrition than the normal born baby. Then must give him fortified breast milk, which is one of the food in foods to help baby gain weight. You can add formula milk in breast milk to increase the number of nutrients and make it fortified. Not only the premature baby but other babies who are underweight also need fortified milk to gain average weight and health. 

2. Cheese

Cheese is a very healthy food that is rich in protein. It must be added to a child’s food as he starts his solid meal. But a small kid cannot eat, so grate it and mix it with any food like rice and porridge. Baby will not only enjoy the taste of food but also will get nutrients. And this is one of the most important foods to help baby gain normal weight

3. Seeds

As fruits are very beneficial and contain many nutrients. In the same way, some of their seeds are edible and are nutrients rich. The seeds can also be the foods to help baby gain weight. Seeds like sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pine seeds, and apricot seeds are a few of the beneficial seeds. You can grind them in milkshakes, chop and add in porridges, cereal, and rice pudding for your baby. 

4. Avocado

Foods To Help Baby Gain Weight 1

Avocado is also one of the foods to help baby gain weight. Mash the avocado and make its smooth paste. You can also add some water or milk to make it soft. Avocado is a wonderful fruit that contains fatty acids and many other nutrients that the baby needs. Avocado is the food that must be added to the baby’s food. If the mother eats avocado, then the baby can also get nutrients in breast milk. This avocado is not only useful for the mother but also for the kid. 

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is the main source of calcium. Baby fulfills his calcium requirements from mother milk during the first few months. When the baby starts taking solid food, his mil intake decreases. So it is very necessary to give calcium from any other source. Yogurt is the best option for that. Calcium is a building block of bone, so yogurt is one of the foods to help baby gain weight. You can add yogurt in rice or any fruit or even make shakes. It will not only enhance the taste but also help in making bones strong. 

6. Cottage cheese

Foods To Help Baby Gain Weight 2

Cottage cheese is the simplest form of cheese easily available. You can also make cottage cheese at home without the addition of any fancy ingredients as it is made up of milk, so it contains calcium as well as protein. It is one of the very healthy foods to help baby gain weight. 

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7. Eggs

Eggs are suitable for babies from the age of about eight months. They contain a large number of nutrients containing protein, vitamins, fats, and iron. So it is very useful for babies. When you are talking about foods help babies in weight gain than eggs is the main thing that comes in mind. At the start age, you can give boiled eggs to the baby by separating the egg yolk. It can also be given in many other ways, including making an omelet, French toast, etc. 

8. Nuts and nut butter

Nuts, including peanut, hazelnut, almond, etc. are very useful because they are rich in nutrients. If you are giving your different baby nuts, this means you are giving the sea of nutrients to them. And if they are underweight, so they need extra nutrients. If you are giving foods to help baby gain weight, then do consider these nuts. But small kids cannot eat nuts. So the best option for them is nuts butter. Nut butter contains more nutrients and is easy to eat. You can add nut butter in any baby food. They are also very good in taste. 

9. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also the most popular and favorite foods to help baby gain weight. Kids of almost 6 months can eat sweet potatoes. These are rich in fibers, and many nutrients, including vitamin B6, magnesium, vitamin A and C. Mothers can play with them and do different experiments with them and make different dishes. 

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10. Iron-fortified baby cereals

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Cereal contains all the nutrients a baby needs. But sometimes it happens that a baby doesn’t gain proper weight and become weak. Iron is very necessary for the baby, and its deficiency can cause anemia. Iron deficiency is a common problem nowadays. So it is very beneficial to give iron-fortified cereals to the baby. It will balance the amount of iron in the baby and make him active. 

11. Pureed meats

Meat is beneficial for elders as well as kids. Elders can easily eat meat, but small kids cannot. So for adding meat in their meal, pureed meat is the best option. Chop the meat in small chunks and put in a blender, and blend well. Now you can add this meat in rice, salty porridge, vegetable soups, etc. 

12. Oils and butter

If the baby is not gaining proper weight, this means he is not taking enough calories? So mothers have to add extra calories to their food. Fats are a rich source of calories ad fats are present in oils and butter. So healthy oils and butter must be added to foods to help baby gain weight

13. Waffles

Foods To Help Baby Gain Weight 4

Wheat and cereals are very important for kids because they give energy and strength. Many kids don’t like bread or roti in meals. This can result in difficulty in gaining weight. So you can add waffles in their meal. It will fulfill the requirement of carbohydrates, and kids will also love them. Small babies of 9 months and above can also eat them. It is a good option as a meal and will also be count in foods to help babies gain weight

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FAQs On Foods To Help Baby Gain Weight

Do solids help baby gain weight?

No, solids don’t help babies in weight gain. Mother milk contains more nutrients and best for the kid up to the age of 6 months. 

Does oatmeal help baby gain weight? 

Probably yes. Oatmeal contains a large number of nutrients and fibers, so it helps in increasing healthy weight. But it depends on the number of oats you are giving to your baby. 

Is rice or oatmeal better for babies?

Oatmeal is best for babies because it contains nutrients along with fibers. Rice contains a large amount of arsenic, so it is better not to use more rice. 

Can I mix oatmeal cereal with baby formula?

Yes, you can mix oatmeal with baby formula. It will be more nutritious and effective. 

When can a baby eat rice?

Baby can eat rice at the age of 4 to 6 months. He will automatically show the signs if ready for eating solid things. Some babies eat at the age of 4 months and some at the age of 6 months. But you cannot give them forcibly if he is not ready. 

What fruit should the baby eat first?

As the baby is drinking milk for a long period of time, so give him soft fruits for the first time. You can give your baby a mashed banana, avocado, or mango. 

Final Thoughts

Babies’ health is the most important thing for parents. Their weight should be measured every month and check the percentage of weight gain. They must gain some weight every month. It is necessary to give them proper calories.

A baby needs 500 per pound calories, which should be given to them. If he is not taking enough calories, he cannot gain weight. Sometimes if the baby is taking proper calories but still not gaining weight, it is a problem. Add some extra calories and add foods to help the baby gain weight.

Many foods are discussed in the article. If the problem remains the same, then it is time to consult a good child physicianHe will properly guide you and help you choose foods to help the baby gain weight and check him in detail. 

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