Importance of Foods To Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience swelling in their hands, feet, ankles, and even on their faces. This is a normal thing that happens all the time. Edema is a term for normal swelling that can happen on a daily basis. Normal swelling, or, edema tends to happen during the third trimester, and it depends on many factors.

The swelling is going to last longer in the summer due to high heat outside. Usually, these kinds of swellings are not that painful, but they do not go away that easily that’s Where Foods To Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy comes to your aid. 

If you experience abnormal swelling, that is often a sign of a serious problem that is happening in your body. If the swelling continues, or if it getting bigger, and you also experience other symptoms, you should seek medical help immediately.

We will be giving you some of the most common reasons why swelling happens during pregnancy.

Reasons for swelling during pregnancy

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The main reason why swelling happens is that a pregnant woman produces more blood cells and other fluids in their body. Swellings also happen because a pregnant woman consumes more water on a daily basis. The water is being held in your body, and that is why the lowest parts of your body tend to sell. Your blood flow goes up, and the pressure gets higher in your uterus and in the pelvic area.

If you are in your third trimester, the reason why your feet swell might be because the baby and your uterus are growing. The more your uterus grows, your blood pressure is getting higher, and therefore, not enough blood can return from your legs.

Another reason why swelling could happen is that your hormones are going wild. Hormones can make your veins feel relaxed so that they cannot move blood from your extremities back to the upper half of your body. 

We will be giving you a brief description of other and main reasons that could cause the swelling in your body.

1. Growing uterus

How the pregnancy progresses, the fetus starts to grow. When your fetus starts growing, your uterus will create more layers so that it could become thick and provide proper nourishment and certain comfort to the baby. When a baby grows, the uterus grows with it so that the baby could have enough space in the pregnant woman’s belly.

As uterus keeps growing, the blood flow that goes to your heart will be a bit reduced, and that is when the swelling starts. After the birth of the baby, your uterus will be three times the size than it was before. It will slowly start to come back to its natural size as time passes.

2. Changes In hormones

As you already know, hormones change a lot during pregnancy. Pregnant women experience a large amount of estrogen and progesterone increase during their pregnancy. Hormones often have an influence on swelling of the certain body parts.

When hormones change, they usually make a huge boom in your body. People say that pregnant women “shine”, well they have hormones to thank to. But, as the hormone level increases, the body starts to retain more fluids, which causes the swelling to start. This is a normal and common thing among the pregnant ladies.

3. Retraining fluid

Pregnant ladies drink water for two… or, for more. Anyhow, that extra amount of water piles up in a pregnant lady’s body and usually gathers in the lowest parts of their body. This causes their feet and ankles to swell.

This is a very common and normal thing. If it is summer, or if it is very hot outside, the water will stay at the lowest parts of a pregnant woman’s body, and cause the swelling. Another reason why this happens if a woman was standing for longer terms of period.

4. Excessive salt intake

Salt can make your body want more water. Avoid salt at all costs it will make your body to retrain many amounts of water. Try to eat food without adding extra salt into it, or try not to add any salt. Avoid salty snacks such as chips, and pay attention to those kinds of product labels in order to see the amount of salt that they contain.

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5. Excessive caffeine

Caffeine can be good for you but in normal amounts. Try to avoid drinking coffee if you are pregnant. The caffeine can cause water to remain in your body. Actually, avoid sugars too, because they can also cause water to remain in your body and eventually cause the swelling in different parts of it.

Tea and different kinds of soda also contain caffeine, avoid them too if possible. If you cannot fully avoid them, at least lower the intake of caffeine in your body, it will for sure help you with the swellings.

6. Processed foods

Importation of huge amounts of trans-fat can cause normal pregnancy swelling in your body. As we have mentioned before, it is for the best if you avoid snacks, both sweet and salty. Canned foods also contain a lot of trans-fat that can lead to swelling. Of course, if you cannot fully cut out all of these items, at least do not eat them that much. You will see how avoiding them would help you with swellings.

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13 Best Foods to reduce swelling

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Food can have a lot of influence on the swellings that can happen all over your body. We do not recommend any kind of diet you are, after all, eating for two. Diets are not good for you, you will just need to regulate your nutrition and pay attention to what you eat.

Even if you have cravings for sweets, forget about them, they are full of sugars that can even cause more swellings. Instead of sweets and chocolates, try eating some fruit or vegetables. The fruit consists of sugar and fat, but both are healthy and good for you.

A healthy snack in the form of fruit instead of industrially produced sweets and snacks can also be good for other things not just for the swellings. Remember that everything you eat, your baby eats too. You do not want to feed your baby with industrial snacks and meals.

We will be giving you a list of fruit that can help you with the swelling, and that you should try eating at least a few times a day. Of course, skip some if you do not like them or if you are allergic.

1. Dark Leafy greens

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Dark leafy greens have huge amounts of vitamin B and iron that is very good for you. Dark leafy greens are a group of vegetable kale, spinach, collard greens, mustard greens, rapini, broccoli are all in this group. If you do not like any of these, you can always make smoothies and eat them that way.

2. Beets

Many doctors recommend pregnant women to eat beetroots doing pregnancy. Beetroot actually helps you with the inflammation too. If you have experienced any swelling pain during pregnancy, this is a natural way to reduce that pain. Your urine might be red afterward, but do not be afraid, it is because the beets are red.

3. Asparagus

Asparagus is a plant that is full of vitamin K. Vitamin K can help your body to transfer calcium through your bones. It can lower the swelling, and your baby will also get a daily dose of vitamin K. You can roast Asparagus or add it to salads and other dishes.

4. Grapes

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Grapes are antioxidants this means that they are really good for you and your baby. Eating grapes at least four times a week can help your baby get all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Besides that, grapes are full of vitamins C and K. You can just lay down, watch play your favorite movie, and snack some grapes instead of chips or popcorn.

5. Green beans

You can consume green beans on a daily basis, they cannot hurt you! You can roast them, cook them, or add them to salads. They have a ton of vitamins, A and K especially. Green beans are usually really cheap and you can get them at any market in your town. These can also help you gain weight properly.

6. Onions

Some women often wonder if the onions are safe if you are pregnant. The answer is yes, you can definitely eat onions if you want to! Do not consume them that much, but feel free to add them to salads or some of the dishes that you are eating. The onions can help with the detoxification of your body and therefore, lower the swellings.

7. Cherries

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Ah, cherries. One of the most amazing fruits that are full of vitamin C. Cherries has many substances that can just make your immune system better. Just make sure to not swallow the seeds when you eat cherries that can hurt the baby. Cherries can also help gain weight.

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8. Blueberries

Blueberries are fruits that are full with fiber and antioxidants. They can help with the detoxification of your body. You can even put them in a juicer (if you have one) and make a healthy juice without adding additional sugar. If it’s not blueberries season, you can always get frozen ones.

9. Raspberries

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Raspberries are in the same fruit group as blueberries. They can also help you with swellings and detoxification of your body. Besides that, raspberries are full with vitamin C and potassium. Same as for blueberries, if it’s not their season, buy frozen ones.

11. Bananas

Bananas are, by the way, good for you always. They can help you with digestion problems and with stomach aches. Bananas are full of folate that can help with the baby’s healthy growth. You could try to make a banana healthy shake with yogurt and raspberries for example. Trust us, it is delicious. They are great for healthy weight gain too.

12. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have the essential A vitamin, that is responsible for the growth and replacement of your and your baby’s cells. They are full with beta-carotene. Besides that, they contain fiber that reduces the level of sugar in your blood and can lower the swellings in your body.

13. Squash

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Squash is very good for pregnant ladies. Of course, it is not recommended to eat it in excessive quantities. Squash has magnesium and vitamin C in it. Besides that, calcium and potassium are two main substances of it. You can cook squash in many different ways. Look for the recipes online.

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FAQs on Foods To Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy

Should I eat these foods daily for swellings?

You could try and eat at least a few of these foods on a daily basis. If they do not help you, seek another swelling relief. 

Are there any medicines to use for swellings?

If the swelling is really painful, you could dry drinking Ibuprofen. Before taking any medication, talk to your doctor about it, he will give you more information and possibly other medication.

What to do about foot swellings?

Well, you could ask someone to give you a foot massage that could help you relieve the pain. If the massage is not possible, you could fill a foot bowl with cold water and put your feet into it. Drinking a lot of water can actually help you with foot swellings, so make sure that you drink enough water.

Final Thoughts

You should try and eat some of these foods on a daily basis. Skip the ones that you do not like, but try to eat at least some of them if possible. They will for sure help you with your swelling, and make you healthy and full of vitamins. Fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system and make it better. Foods To Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy helps you with the pain and to reduce the cause of the swelling.

Some women experience swellings after the birth of their child. You could still try to eat these fruits even after you give birth. Of course, if your swellings become extreme, make sure to get in touch with your doctor, or seek immediate medical help. Abnormal swellings are not good for you or your baby’s health. As we have mentioned before, if you experience any pain, you could ask your doctor to prescribe you some kind of medication for your pain.

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