Getting Fat On Purpose: 6 Best Ways

Getting Fat On Purpose

Why Getting Fat On Purpose To Be Healthy?

We live in a society where being obese, fat, or overweight is not healthy. Perhaps even not attractive compared to a person with a normal toned and shaped body. Being fat is not a choice but a gift hereditary. It may be a result of diet and lifestyle. Same as being skinny or lean is not a demand but genetics or others. So the thin wish to Getting Fat On Purpose

It can argue, that being overweight or underweight has pros and cons. It is vital to know and not cross the thin line to severe health problems. Being obese can suffer from low esteem. Being skinny also has the same effects. It can affect your personal and social life as well. So it is crucial to know How To Get Fat On Purpose.

Why You Might Want To Getting Fat On Purpose?

Being underweight or skinny can cause severe health issues.

These are:

  • You are to feel self-conscious.
  • Your body will most be unable to do.
  • It leads to sacrifice your overall health.

The most common side effects of being underweight are.

Such as:

  • Compromising your immune system.
  • Hormonal issue (for women).
  • Nutritional shortage, low self-esteem, and insecurities.

 Having a healthy or fat body comes with pros.

These are:

  •  A strong and healthy immune system. 
  • Reduced risks of Dementia and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Decreased rescue time for healing. 
  •  It keeps you warms in winters and cold climates. 

You can solve it by taking a good diet with the right amount of calories. Thus you can speak to a doctor for more tips. This article will guide you with the clues to get started. So, Getting Fat On Purpose is a great need.

1. When You Are Seriously Underweight

Lots of possible risks come with being more underweight. You may quickly attack by viruses and bacteria as your immune system is weak. Hard to fight and protect your body against it. When you fall sick, your body will take longer to cure and recover from illness. Or even if you had surgery. It could also lead to thinness and weak of the bones. It increases the risks of heart attacks as well.

The most important thing is to check your BMI (Body Mass Index). It adds to measure the relationship between your height and weight. For example, if your BMI is 18.5 or less, it means you are underweight. So, it would be best if you started to gain weight When You Are Seriously Underweight.

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2. Living In An Extreme Cold Weather Climate

Being skinny or having a low BMI can be harmful. It causes discomfort in cold weather. Because you are not having the right amount of body fat lacks in neglecting your body from cold.

It could also lead to aches in the body and bones. Thus cutting or skipping calories can hamper your metabolism. Here it does not produce need heat to keep the body warm through the cold climate.

So, it is vital to be getting fat on purpose by taking good fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

3. You Might Like The Chubby Look

Not only does gaining weight help your organs and overall health. But it also regards your dignity. Hence People in society tend to judge others based on their faces. So underweight people need to gain more weight.

Taking each day body or perhaps a dadbod (for men) not only makes you look bright and excellent. But it also makes you feel better about yourself. Chubby Cheeks look cute. There’s no dislike that Women with thick thighs do look better too.

4. For Better Protection Of Organs

You are overcoming your insecurities about your body and weight on the outside. It also helps gain weight inside the body organs and protects them as well. Underweight people might share hardship in fighting against illness and germs.

The body heals at a plodding pace. As it does not have need nutrients to help the body cure and rebuild the damaged tissues. Underweight people have a high trend to get pneumonia. Very often, they suffer from the flu.

They also have the worst idea from health issues. So, For Better Protection Of Organs, weight gain is a must. Take good food to lead a good life.

5. Other Medical Conditions

Being skinny and having a nutritional shortage can hamper the works of your body organs. It is due to a lack of need nutrients.

It leads to hair loss and pales your skin fairness. You also feel tired and idle all day. As a result, you will feel weak and lack the stamina to carry out everyday works. Getting Fat On Purpose will give you more courage and energy reserve.

Being lean doesn’t get any easier or better for women. Thus it brings more hard life for them as compared to men. Also, it affects their period cycle. Women can also face problems over pregnancy due to a lack of body mass. As a result, women feel pain and discomfort as the baby grows. It leads to severe issues for the mother and the baby as well. Thin is fit for none. So, Getting Fat On Purpose is a real need.

6 Best Ways Getting Fat On Purpose Healthily

Gaining weight can help you defeat shame and insecurities related to your health, physique, and mind. It makes you feel good. It is taking nutrition that works to gain weight. Thus, it helps in a healthy life. The thin causes lots of problems. These are high blood pressure, heart diseases, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other health issues. However, some ways will give the best results. Such as:

1. Eat Lots Of Healthy Carbs And Fats

Gaining weight can be as challenging as trying to lose weight. First, you have to follow a strict diet and exercise routine to help you reach your ultimate goal. It is vital to have a balance and need nutrients in your daily diet for gaining weight. 

  1. One of the oldest and most used items for gaining weight is milk. Milk is an ideal source of calcium that consists of carbs, fats, and proteins. It helps grow muscles and strengthen bones. 
  2. Another standard product is Rice. They contain calories, carbs, and fat. So, it is easy and quick to digest as well.  
  3. Potatoes are also rich in carbs and calories. 
  4. Other best sources of carbs are Oats, buckwheat, corn, quinoa, and squash. 
  5. Food healthy and the right fats are nuts, salmon, avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, whole eggs, and full-fat yogurt. Above all, these foods need Getting Fat On Purpose.

2. Focus On Fatty Cuts Of Meat

For centuries, meat has been considered the best and most nutritious source for gaining muscle. It is also for a healthy body. Meat contains nutrients like proteins, B-12, selenium, heme iron, and zinc. These help the body’s maintenance, repair, and growth. So, Focusing On Fatty Cuts of Meat is another best way to Get Fat On Purpose. Hence red meat contains creatine and leucine. These are known as supplements that boost and increase body muscle mass.

  1.  Organic meat (grass-fed) tends to have a high volume of omega 3. It is rare and costly. The choice is up to you.
  2. Chicken is also a good source of high protein like meat. Hence it contains low fat compared to beef. It is to have at low cost and easy to get.
  3.  As for pork, a meat pack with minerals and high proteins. Such as potassium, thiamine, and Vitamin B-12 and 6. It has more need fatty acids (omega 3) compared to beef or lamb. It depends on your choice. 

3. Drink Smoothies

Taking smoothies has become very pop over the past decades. It is another best way to Getting Fat On Purpose. It adds to each day’s diet for all. It increases weight and losing weight as well. 

 It can be hard sometimes to add more or the needed amount of calories to your meal. You might get bored of the staple diet. 

Smoothies could be taken as an active substitute instead. Also, those who are not fans of having three heavy meals a day. Can add smoothies in between meals to meet the daily need.

You can drink smoothies made of vegetables or fruits with different dairy products according to your choices. You can also add seeds and nuts packed with healthy fats. It can assist with gaining weight and giving a more nice taste.

4. Sleep Less

They are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise. It is also urgent to consider the amount of sleep you get daily. Sleeping less is a way to Getting Fat On Purpose. It may argue that sleeping more can increase and assist in gaining weight. Lack of sleep can also help in further losing weight. Poor sleep patterns or having less sleep have proved to create hunger. 

 Another study has said that a lack of sleep can add a bona fide increase in the intake of calories. It could, of course, be due to poor food choices and an increase in hungry. Thus you stay awake for a long time.

As a result, the cells become more insulin resistant. Therefore, they are signaling the body to collect more calories in fats. So it is by increasing hunger. 

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5. Try To Have Meals In Front Of The TV

Being confused while taking your meal can lead to getting fat on purpose. And you are increasing weight gain. Studies have proven that people tend to eat more when distracted than when paying attention.

Thus while watching TV and having meals together, the brain focuses on the TV more than paying attention to the foods you are having.

As a result, it leads to only paying a memory of what you were watching and not eating. Due to not having a memory of eating, you might have the urge of hunger after some time. As a result, you eat more food and increase the number of nutrients consumed than usual.

So, it helps with gaining weight. Same way, eating with a talk will lead to getting more than being silent. It is because you give more mind to talk than take. So, finally, you are taking more.

6. Be Lazy

Being lazy, exhausted, and feeling fatigued can also be a way to getting fat on purpose and is considered a beneficial factor as they help with gaining weight. Some might argue that being overweight is caused by laziness.

Besides, some might say that being lazy causes them to become fat. These facts are actual from both aspects. They go together hand in hand. Being lazy and watching TV or playing games makes you feel hungrier and want something to get on. 

Apart from having main meals, you would probably prefer a snack or junk food for in-between of meals. For some, that urge might be to keep them busy to prevent boredom. Whereas, for some, that might be considered stress eating.

In both cases, you tend to gain weight. So, eat more to gain fat to lead a good life.

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Getting Fat On Purpose To Give You An Advantage

Being underweight or skinny can cause serious health complications. In addition to feeling self-conscious, your body will most likely be unable to perform ideally and lead to compromising your overall health. Many possible risks come with being seriously underweight.

You are easily exposed to catching virus and bacteria as your immune system is weak and have a hard time to fight and protect your body against it. Due to a lack of nutrition in the body, it fails to recover and heal from injuries, internal organ trauma, and surgeries. Getting Fat On Purpose will help alleviate the problems.

The body heals at a very slow pace as it does not have sufficient nutrients to help the body heal and rebuild the damaged tissues. Being skinny and having a nutritional deficiency can compromise the functionality of your body organs. If your daily diet does not have enough calories, you might suffer from serious damage to your central and retinal nervous system, endocrine, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system.

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