14 Proven Healthy Tips To Gain Weight

Healthy Tips To Gain Weight

are you lean? Are you underweight? Do you find it difficult to gain weight? No issues. In this article, I will be mentioning some health tips to gain weight that a person should pay attention to.

Internet is filled with numerous articles or blogs that describe how to gain weight and what to eat and what to not. But most of them lack the core part of it. 

Follow The Below Healthy Tips To Gain Weight Quickly

Eating everything now and then is not also healthy. It can lead to diabetes, diabetes-related disorders, heart complications, deposition of cholesterol, obesity, an unhealthy gain of weight, etc.

You need not worry about there are things. These things are related to weight gain, but they can be avoided easily if individual pieces of advice are widely followed.

Following some healthy tips to gain weight, people can quickly gain healthy organic weight and remain healthy. Let’s have a look at these recommendations described below-

1. Remain Immune

Remaining healthy is always a difficult task as every day, we are exposed to numerous pathogenic microbes. Thanks to our immune system that protects us from disease-causing microorganisms.

Whenever we are ill, most of our energy is consumed in fighting the invading organism. Various responses are given by the body that requires plenty of power. 

In such cases, a person may lose weight if he remains ill for a long and his appetite is also decreased. So always try to maintain yourself healthy. Avoid unhygienic places. Along with the clean habitat, a person must focus on personal hygiene also.

2. Heavy Foods

Heavy here mean dense, thick, and more calories. It is not in the context of weight! Food, which is having more calories in them, must be consumed by people to gain weight. So avoid foods that are less in calories and fill your tummy fast. Instead, go for calorie-dense food. 

People can consume whole wheat pieces of bread, corn flakes, and fries, among calorie-dense food. Protein-dense foods include eggs and meat as organic options. Fat-dense food includes nuts and cheese. These are healthy options for food for attaining more weight. IT can be your other handy healthy tips to gain weight.

3. Consume More Than What You Can Utilize

Almost everywhere, you might find or consultant mentioning that a person should consume more calories than what he burns. It is rightly true. A person should consume more calories, and there is a reason behind it. If you are working more and eating less, then you are providing fewer calories to your body. 

To continue the work, your body needs energy. In this case, your body burns existing fat deposits stored to gain power and continue working. Suppose the amount of food you consume is equal to the work performed. Then there is neither gain nor any loss of weight. 

You will be having a steady pressure throughout with just some minor fluctuations, if any. If you are consuming more calories than your body requires, then the excess calories are converted into fat and stored in the body. Therefore, it helps you gain weight. Therefore it is always recommended as a first-hand rule to eat more food to gain weight.

4. More Than Three Meals

So here are your following healthy tips to gain weight. First, consuming junk food may leave your belly full. Thus you may not have a temptation to eat more food. Second, to gain weight, a person should consume more than three meals a day. In between large meals, small snacks can be consumed now, which can provide extra calories. 

These intermittent small meals must be included between breakfast and lunch: lunch and dinner, respectively. It is highly recommended if you can consume more than that for faster weight gain. You can drink fresh fruits during these interim breaks. Freshly sprouted grains can be consumed sprinkled with spices and condiments. 

Apart from them, a person can carry a few dry fruits in their pocket and drink while traveling, working, or other activities. Remember, the aim is to provide our body with more calories than what is required.

5. Workout

The workout is one of the essential tips in these healthy tips to gain weight articles. A person should exercise on a routine basis. In addition, underweight people should exercise every alternate day.

Exercising makes your appetite grow more along with muscles. Thus, indirectly contributing to consuming more foods. Swimming, jogging, yoga, gym, Zumba, etc., can be performed in exercises. However, try not to shed too much of your sweat in these exercises, as we are not looking to lose weight but to gain weight.

6. Milk And Milk Related Products

Milk is an abundant food source enriched with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other minerals. Milk obtained from buffalo is creamier compared to cow’s milk. In addition, milk provides us with calcium that makes our bones strong.

You can incorporate fermented milk foods like cheeses, curd, yogurt, and butter into the diet as they are rich in amino acids and proteins. These are not only delicious but also densely packed with calories. Lactose intolerant people should avoid consuming milk.

7. Sleeping

Proper sleep is mandatory for people looking to gain weight. Asleep of at least 6-8 hours in a day is highly recommended. Short naps in between the day are most welcomed. It not only relaxes your mind and body but also relieves anxiety. Extra calories are stored in the form of fat during sleep.

8. Animal Flesh

Animal flesh is a rich source of protein and has the right amount of fat in them. They are mostly recommended to diabetic patients as they do not excessively boost blood glucose levels. Animal flesh is consumed in many forms around the world. 

Fishes like- trout, salmon, bombil, carps, etc., can be consumed as they have good cholesterol. Fishes are also calorie-dense food sources. Apart from fish as animal flesh, a person can also consume chicken, beef, pork, and other meat sources. Eat properly roasted or grilled meat as all the unwanted microbes get killed during the cooking process. 

Lamb cooked in oil-rich in MUFA and PUFA proves to be very healthy sources of gaining more weight quickly.

9. Avoiders

Here, I will describe to you specific points that can be avoided while gaining weight. No doubt that you are looking forward to gaining weight, but the method should be healthy and organic and should not create any hindrances in the process. 

Let us have a look at these points. First, a person should not consume water just before drinks as it leaves your stomach full. Thus, it will not give you a temptation to eat and thus consuming fewer calories due to a full belly. Second, a person should also not drink water immediately after their meals as it affects the digestion process and absorption of vital nutrients in the body. 

Next, you should not consume oil that is rich in bad cholesterol. Consuming oil-rich with lousy cholesterol leads to deposition in arteries and capillaries, which obstructs the blood flow, leading to heart ailments.

Similarly, you should avoid food sources with high LDL in the diet. For example, you must avoid diet soda. Instead, I prefer more nutritious and healthy drinks in intermittent breaks. If you cannot consume more than three meals a day, try to have more calories incorporated into those meals. Also, try to have some leisure time around in a day to save some vital calories for your body.

Please avoid eating raw meat as it might be enriched in infection-causing microorganisms that can cause severe diseases. Instead, you can consume adequately cooked meat. Please note this tip among all of these healthy tips to gain weight.

10. Protein

Protein is essential for muscles. Apart from the use in muscles, they are also vital components of the cell and function as enzymes. Thus having a protein food source in your diet is highly recommended. Protein dense food includes various vegetables like- spinach, coriander, broccoli, cabbage, etc. 

Fruits like pineapple, oranges, avocado, citrus fruits, etc. Animal flesh sources like- chicken, fish, beef, and pork — sprouted cereals like beans and lentils and whole grains. Curd, yogurt, and cheeses also have more protein in them, along with different minerals and vitamins. 

These should be consumed in the diet as they are dense calorie food. An egg is a dense source of protein and can be consumed every day on the menu.

11. Routine

A tight routine should be made when you have to consume your meal. If you do not have a meal routine ask a doctor, dietician, nutritionist, etc., to provide you with a daily routine. Following a regular schedule helps build organic weight around your body, keeps you healthy, and makes immunity.

12. Fruits

Fruits are one of the best among all of these healthy tips to gain weight. Plenty of food types are available that are rich in carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and proteins. However, an individual must consume not all food types as it might not be suitable. For example, few people do not consume papaya s which may lead to the formation of acne on their foreheads, whereas in others, it increases digestion and clears the stomach. 

In some people eating pomegranate causes loose motions, while in some eat improves digestion. All food has its benefits. So one should always consume fresh food that they are more comfortable with. 

Carbohydrate food sources like watermelon, muskmelon, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, guava, etc., can be consumed during any time of the day. 

Protein-rich fruits like avocado, citrus fruits, pineapple, etc., are highly recommended. These will give you some extra calories, which will help you gain weight quickly.

13. Starch

Starchy foods boost up your blood sugar level instantly. They provide you with instant energy — no need to avoid them. Consuming them and incorporating them into your diet will lead to faster weight gain. Potatoes are an all-time favorite for people looking to gain weight. 

They are enriched in starch. Fries and chips are some great sources of calorie-dense food. It would be best if you did not consume starch in proper meals. You can drink starch during intermittent meals.

Fries and chips cooked in oil richer in MUFA and PUFA should be destroyed and in fewer quantities for breaks to add extra calories to the diet. Sweet potatoes, corn flakes, whole wheat bread, watermelon, muskmelon, carrots, etc., are some food sources with more carbohydrates in them.

14. Supplements

Supplements, as the name suggests, add more to your diet- calories. They are not proper meals. You can take a supplement after appropriate consultation from a doctor based on personal requirements and attributes. I would recommend before experimenting with accessories. You should follow my healthy tips to gain weight.  

Protein, carbohydrates supplements are rich in calories and can provide more calories per gram than an equivalent food source. These supplements are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, amino acids, etc. Whey and whey-related protein supplements and whey isolates are calorie-dense supplements and must be considered by individuals looking forward to gaining weight.

15. Consultant

Some people do follow all the advice they read or are given. But they still cannot manage to gain weight after a long time. They even consume more than three meals a day, avoid water before and after meals, consume dense food sources, but still are unable to make weight goals. It might be due to certain illnesses they might be suffering from or fast metabolism. 

In these cases, many things might happen, such as no proper digestion, no proper absorption, more calorie burnout, loss of appetite, and no temptation to eat. However, these people can also gain weight after following some strict recommendations. 

They should consult a recognized and authorized consultant, physician, nutritionist, or a dietician to describe the issue and then follow the advice given. In individuals suffering from specific genetic disorders, anemia, fast metabolism, etc., weight gain can be severe, but not impossible when you have healthy tips to gain weight. 

In such cases, personal information from a recognized consultant should be obtained and worked upon. Healthy tips to gain weight are never going to work unless you implement them in your life.

Healthy Tips To Gain Weight FAQs:

Is Gaining Weight Quickly Healthy?

If you are healthily gaining weight by eating healthy foods and doing proper physical training, it is healthy. However, increase calorie levels to a great extent or gaining weight by eating a lot of junk food and fats is not good. When you suddenly increase your calorie level to a high level to gain weight quickly without any physical training, it is unhealthy.

How Can I Increase My Immunity?

Immunity can be increase by taking care of what you eat. Eat healthy foods which contain a high amount of fruits and vegetables. Increase intake of vitamin C and drink a lot of water. Quit smoking and alcohol and take proper sleep. Do some physical exercise daily.

I Am Vegan. What Can I Use Instead Of Meat?

Vegans can make tempeh, seitan, edamame, and tofu as a substitute for meat. As a vegan, you also can eat eggplant, mushrooms, jackfruit, cauliflower, ref beans, soy, and lentils. These things contain all the valuable nutrients which meat contains, so they are the best substitute for meat.

I Have High Cholesterol. What Foods Do You Suggest For Safe Weight Gain?

You should eat whole grains instead of refined foods. Reduce the number of oils, pasta, junk foods and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. Don’t eat lamb and beef because they have high fats content. Instead, drink a lot of water and maintain your physical activities.

Are There Side Effects To Supplements?

If you are not taking proper vitamins and nutrients, then you should not take supplements. If you accept, they can cause specific problems, including diarrhea, kidney stones, and thinning of blood, and much more.

Final Words

I hope you would like these above recommendations for healthy weight gain. I recommend you follow a few of these healthy tips to gain weight that you are most comfortable with. Try to follow my all weight gain health tips, and you will find gaining weight in proportions within weeks and getting healthier—best of effort with these healthy tips to gain weight.

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