In diabetes, the pancreas fails to make insulin, or when the human body cannot utilize the insulin properly. Diabetes is a long-term disease. In diabetes level of blood sugar or blood glucose gets too high.

The body of the patient stops making insulin. Insulin is a hormone and which assists the body cells to get glucose from food to get energy. Hence, the weight gain diet plan for people with diabetes is essential to follow the routine correctly.

Diabetes can be a dangerous disease because it can cause severe problems in the body, including risks of strokes, heart attack, kidney failure, gangrene, skin allergy, obesity, etc. The reason for diabetes can be both genetic and general lifestyle.

Most of the time, it is due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. The other factor is lifestyle and diet. An obese person is highly likely to get diabetic. More body weight can increase the risk of getting diabetes as fats in the body prevent the pancreas from producing insulin hormones.

Easy Weight Gain Diet Plan For Diabetics

Generally, people looking to put on weight need to eat food that is high in calories. However, people with diabetes have to choose the diet very carefully, as many of the meals can increase the sugar level in the blood, which can complicate health.

One of the significant impacts of diabetes is that patients start losing weight. But, unfortunately, losing weight means much of the energy from body, and the patient starts getting weaker. So it is essential to keeping the body weight healthy and keep the body full of energy, which is necessary for a healthy life.

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Healthy Diet Plan for Diabetics

A weight gain diet plan for people with diabetes is difficult to make, as gaining weight with diabetes is challenging. However, these two points are essential for creating a realistic diet plan for weight gain.

  • Find out the ideal weight of your body
  • Create a small meal plan instead of big meals

First, you need to find out your current weight—besides, you want to gain through a diet plan. The second important thing is to create a six-small healthy meal plan instead of three big meal plans. Another important thing is to keep in mind the age, gender, weight, and height before making a weight gain diet plan for diabetics.

Sample For A Diet Plan

  1. Breakfast: Eggs, whole grain bread with butter, fresh juice
  2. Snacks: Fruits, nuts, almonds, seeds,
  3. Lunch: Salad, with chicken, rice
  4. Snacks: milk, yogurt, walnuts, seeds
  5. Dinner: fish, bacon, salad
  6. Snacks: fries, legumes, etc

Gaining huge weight is not a good option for diabetic patients. But, to overcome the weight loss problem, it is necessary to maintain the perfect body weight. Following are some strategies using which a diabetic patient can achieve healthy body weight and neutralize the effects of diabetes;

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8 Secret Tips For Diabetic Diet Plan

Diabetics people are in a compromising position when it comes to food. But it would help if you did not let it scare you. If you know-how, you can properly eat a healthy diet and keep your diabetes under control. Read on to find out more.

1. Protein Intake

Protein is the main component of the human body. So, it needs to be the most crucial component of daily food. Protein is vital as it strengthens body muscles and makes the body function efficiently.

One can consume an adequate amount of protein along with other measures taken to keep the body well-performing. The sources for protein intake are fish, chicken, beans, soy, and eggs. It is recommended to talk about protein dietary to your doctor.

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2. Calories Intake

It is necessary to increase calorie intake, which should be in your weight gain diet plan for people with diabetes to increase weight. A daily intake of 500 calories can increase almost 1 pound in body weight. The thing to remember is increasing weight should never mean increasing body fat. It is very much essential to keep track of calorie intake. Several apps are available that will help to calculate the consumption and requirement of calories per day.

3. Use of Dairy Products

If you are keeping a record of your calorie intake, you can manage dairy products. You need to add full-fat dairy foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, and cream into daily meals or snacks. They will help you in gaining weight. Before taking dairy products, it is essential to talk to your doctor first.

4. Lesser Caffeine Products And Avoiding Low-Calorie Foods And Drinks

As you are trying to put some weight while having diabetes, you must avoid all other foods and drinks that kill calories. A good practice for a diabetic patient is to reduce caffeine products such as tea, coffee, etc. It can reduce hunger and affect appetite, which can reduce the feeling of food intake.

You can add more calories to low-calorie foods. Eat a low-calorie diet with a high-calorie meal. For example, you can put the chicken to your vegetables like celery.

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5. Using Natural Foods And Oils

Natural oils like olive oil, sunflower oil, and vegetable oil are always preferred instead of using artificial oils. For example, sunflower oil contains heart-healthy fats. Using natural foods and oils not only helps the fitness of the body but also avoids unnecessary fats. Natural foods not only carry fats but other nutrients, minerals, fibers, and proteins. Some natural foods that include fats are avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut, fatty fish such as salmon, and legumes.

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6. Using Frequent Snacks

You can have six small meals instead of three large meals a day. Using a small proportion of food frequently throughout the day is better than having big chunks of food at a time. It helps to increase the appetite and helps in channeling the food in parts of bossy where needed. Using frequent snacks or meals in a day is easy to manage, and you can count your various nutrient intakes.

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7. Consuming Additional Nutritional Supplements

Additional nutritional supplements can enhance the appetite, which can increase body weight. Examples are whey proteins and casein, and one can consume them by adding them to milk, yogurt, muffins, etc. However, supplements vary according to quantity and quality. So, it is recommended to get advice from a doctor or dietitian to avoid any complications by using the supplements.

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8. Increase Workout To Maintain A Healthy Diet Plan

Using weights and machines can help in the increase of lean muscles at the gym. With a proper diet plan for diabetes and calculating calories, a resistance workout will help you gain more weight. 

Weight Gain Diet Plan for diabetics could be challenging if you have diabetes. Therefore, it is essential to consult a doctor or a dietician to achieve weight. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Weight Gain Safe For Diabetes?

Diabetes 1 causes weight loss. So the patient has to increase his weight to reach a healthy weight. So gaining weight for them in a healthy way by increasing calorie level and exercise is safe. But for type 2 diabetes patient has to take care that his weight should not increase much.

Shouldn’t Fresh Juice Increase My Blood Sugar?

Fruits contain sugar in the form of fructose. Therefore, drinking fresh juices can increase blood sugar levels high. So diabetic patients should avoid taking fresh juices.

How Much Protein Is Recommended For People With Diabetes Daily?

It depends on the weight of a person. For example, a diabetic patient has to take about 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight as diabetic patients feel hunger after some time, so they should add protein to different foods.

Doesn’t Dairy Products Increase The Risk Of Cholesterol For People With Diabetes?

Total fats dairy products contain saturated fats, which increase the blood cholesterol level. Diabetic patients are already at risk of heart diseases and many health problems. So diabetic patients should avoid whole fats milk, creams, yogurts, and ice creams, etc. Instead, they can use skimmed milk and low fats yogurt.

Which Snacks Are Best For Diabetics?

When you are trying to gain weight, healthy and natural snacks work well for people with diabetes. These snacks include fruits like pear, apples, oranges, peaches, etc. You can also try nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts. These foods offer additionals benefits as well. So include these foods into your weight gain diet plan daily.


You can control diabetes. Do not let it control your life. You can have a perfect and everyday life with our tips. Be sure to follow these tips and always keep an eye on your blood sugar. Make a healthy weight gain diet plan for diabetics that works for you and follow it properly.

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