11 Best High Protein Foods For Weight Gain

Best High Protein Foods For Weight Gain

weight Gain is as severe as losing weight. However, there are healthy high protein foods for weight gain, and they help in gaining weight. It is possible to strengthen the bones by adding lean muscle. These foods reduce stress, regulate hormones, improve stamina, and boost immunity.

A lot of diet and nutrition advice is for losing weight. But, when you are thin, gaining weight is the main focus. Gorging with rich, sweet, or fatty foods is not the solution.

Choosing high-calorie foods helps to build muscle mass and provides energy without unhealthy fats, causing harm. Protein is a must for recovery and protein synthesis. That’s Why high protein foods for weight gain is very important.

High Protein Foods May Make You Gain Weight

Increasing high protein foods for weight gain as intake is impossible as all proteins are not the same. The top sources in the meal plan are to add protein to your diet as it is the fastest way of gaining weight. The trick is to consume more than the required proteins.

Eating plant-protein is beneficial to gain weight. Focus on animal and plant proteins as it offers amino acids.

1. Homemade Protein Smoothies

Drinking water can result in appetite loss. Drink smoothies, milk, and shakes such as:

  • Buy full-fat milk
  • Plant-based milk, such as peanut and coconut milk are delicious and fattening.
  • Add protein powder or peanut butter in your shakes and smoothies.
  • Try traditional nutritious drinks that are high in proteins and calories.

Smoothies are protein-rich drinks helping in weight gain. Prepare smoothies and control that enters your mouth. Homemade protein smoothies are chocolate banana nut shake, chocolate hazelnut shake, caramel apple shake, super green shake. They are also one of the best high protein foods for weight gain.

Drinking full cream milk daily two glasses in association with a balanced diet and a few exercises build up muscles, and you gain weight. 

2. Milk

Milk is an excellent protein source. It has plenty of calcium, vitamins, and minerals to offer proper muscle building. Milk helps in weight gain. Milk provides whey protein and casein. This combination ensures mass gain. You can use milk to make a variety of tasty shakes.

3. Rice

This is a nutrient-dense food giving 190 calories in a cup. Eating rice is perfect, especially for poor appetite people. Rice is prepared with two-minute packs combining protein-rich foods.

People cook rice to eat it, mixing with other nutritious foods. Eat a variety of foods that is sure to offer weight gain. Eating rice in many quantities interferes with zinc and iron absorption, and in rice, there is phytic, and arsenic acid is found in high amounts.

4. Nuts And Nut Butter

Seeds and nuts have polyunsaturated fats, adding to diet healthy calories. Almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, flax seeds are good. Eating roasted nuts even a handful or even sprinkling nuts on your ice cream, salads, yogurt helps gain weight.

You can munch nuts, and if you are not interested in munching nuts, pack with nut butter the extra calories. Nuts can also be enjoyed as desserts. Peanut butter is delicious and creamy. It offers the taste of a bread or smoothie bowl.

It is a high-calorie spread full of amino acids and building blocks. The peanut butter fat helps to gain a bit of muscle mass and fat and is healthy. Also, it is another good high protein foods for weight gain. These are even great for babies.

5. Red Meats

Red meat is a muscle-building food. It is leucine-rich. It is the key to stimulating muscle protein synthesis and thereby enhances muscle growth. Red meat is a natural and great creatine source. This supplement of muscle building is known worldwide.

It helps to cut fattier cuts, and there are more calories to ensure your gaining weight goal is accomplished. Eating 170 grams of red meat shown the addition of 6 ounces in women, and when it is associated with a week with vigorous resistance exercise, it is an increased hormone referred to as a building muscle and enjoying increased strength.

Red Meat Is the ultimate high protein foods for weight gain. Red meat is an opulent source featuring vitamin B12, required for the synthesis of hormones, proteins, blood cells, DNA, and neurological functions.

You may consume different red meat types, such as pork belly, ham, steak, lamb chops, turkey, pork loin, beefy jerky, turkey, while the ground pork or beef can be had with lemon quinoa and leafy greens.

6. Potatoes And Starches

A good choice is starchy foods, and they are easily available. There is the advantage that they are cost-effective. Eating starchy foods helps to increase weight and muscle glycogen stores. Glycogen is the main source of fuel for activities and sports.

There are foods in lots to choose from as great starch sources, such as quinoa, potatoes, buckwheat, corn, oats, squash, legumes, beans, winter root vegetables, and sweet potatoes.

Starchy foods are very good sources of fiber, and they help in maintaining your bowel health and movement. Regularly eating foods helps in nourishing your bacteria as these foods feature resistant starch.

7. Salmon And Oily Fish

There is a need for protein-rich foods so that it showers healthy fats that are essential for your good health. Protein-rich foods such as salmon and oily fish have omega-3 fatty acids that are good fats. They try to protect from diseases and also have other health benefits.

Salmon of 170 grams, a 6-ounce fillet provides omega-3 fats to more than 4 grams. It has a high-quality protein of 34 grams and 350 calories, assisting in building muscles and weight gain. Salmon is a high omega-3, low-calorie fish housing protein. Its flavor is sweet and intensely fresh and also one of the best high protein foods for weight gain. 

8. Protein Supplements

For many years people have used protein supplements as their major strategy to build muscle and gain weight. These supplements come as whey protein made from dairy, and they are easily accessible and cost-effective. Whey protein works better with strength training. 

There are conflicting conclusions about whey protein safety, and it is regarded by scientific studies as the best ways to promote the health markets. It is also effective in eliminating the risks of non-communicable diseases.

Again, these supplements contain all the essential amino acids required to stimulate muscle growth, just like the red meat proteins. Protein can be used before and after a workout and any time in-between as high protein foods for weight gain.  

9. Dried Fruit

Give yourself a calorie boost by eating a handful or two of dried fruit. They have less mass than their fresh counterparts, so you can eat more without feeling stuffed.

For example, one cup of raisins has around 400 calories compared to a full cup of fresh grapes, which has about 60 calories.4 Raisins are probably the most popular dried fruit, but you can also try dried berries, apricots, apples, cranberries, and even tropical fruits.

Dry fruits are a wonderful source of vitamins, proteins, dietary fiber, minerals, and it is a high-calorie snack, ideal substitute. The dry fruits are rich in proteins, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins to make dry fruits as a healthy and delicious snack.

People wishing to gain weight can eat walnuts, apricots, and pistachios. Almonds do wonders to form a healthy snacking option. It is high in sugar and is a dry fruit to be had anytime. Almonds have zero cholesterol, and they are rich in antioxidants. They provide relief from respiratory issues, constipation, and heart disorders; besides, it is wonderful for teeth, skin, and hair.

10. Whole-Grain Bread

If you are looking for food rich in starch, you cannot afford to miss whole-grain bread. It will help you in gaining weight fast. Mixing it with rich protein sources such as meat, eggs, and cheese helps in gaining weight faster.

Buying bread is imperative, but ensure to buy whole-grain so that you eat high fiber food. Bread is a major starch source that also features glycogen found in the potatoes., these are the best in building muscles.

Fiber is a must for good digestive health. It helps in slowing down the digestion of food. This complex carbohydrate promotes stool bulking and softening; thereby, it regulates after eating the blood glucose levels.

11. Dark Chocolate

The darker the best is the rule with chocolates. This is because there is 70% cocoa content, and it gains the antioxidants and nutrients. Dark chocolate of 3.5 ounce offers 600 calories at least, and it is very good in gaining weight. Dark chocolate has many more nutrients, such as magnesium, fiber, and antioxidants. Healthy fats are amazing in adding to salads and sauces. Healthy choices can include:

  • Avocado oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • coconut oil

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Protein Can I Have Daily?

A normal person needs 0.8 grams of protein for each kg of the body. According to this calculation a normal woman needs 46 grams and man needs 56 grams of protein a day. You can also calculate your protein need online by putting your age, weight and height. Calculator will calculate exact amount of protein your body needs.

Are There Any Health Problems For Eating Protein?

If you consume too much protein then you may face certain health problems. Excessive amount of protein can cause heart diseases, kidney problems, increased amount of amino acids in body so that liver can get damaged. Function of toxin removal of liver slows down because of this and toxins accumulate in body.

What Protein Supplements Do You Suggest?

For protein intake you can take legion whey plus protein powder, MuscleBlaze biozyme whey protein, PERFORM Raw Plant Protein and BCAA, MyProtein Impact Whey Protein and Muscle Feast Micellar Casein.

What Are The Best Sources Of Healthy Fats?

Best sources for healthy fats are fish, coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, soybean oil, dark chocolate and whole eggs. You should reduce the intake of beef, chicken, butter, ice cream and cheese.

Final Word

Weight gain is possible with the following tips. There are habits preventing people from weight gain. The bodybuilders ensure high calorie backed by a regular heavy strength workout. The foods in the list and exercise are required for high protein foods for weight gain plan.

Useful tips include:

  • Avoiding fluids or water before meals.
  • Frequent snack-in between and meals.
  • Replace drinking water with milk full-cream.
  • Use smoothies and shakes packed with protein, calories, and carbs
  • Get adequate rest to heal muscle growth
  • Add cream instead of whole milk to coffee or tea.
  • Increase portion so that you eat in bigger plates. This encourages to heat more.
  • Gain weight as a gradual process. Be patient to allow your body so that it adapts to the new change.
  • Stop smoking, as it prevents gaining weight
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods as a well-balanced diet.

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