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We humans always aspire for a long life. There is a lot of research has done even to get immortality. But no one able to crack that secret yet. However, leading a happy life for a long duration of time is possible. But one has to be more conscious about one’s body. 

The exciting thing is girls are more concerned about their bodies. To get a good shape, they follow so many diets, exercises, and whatnot. Especially skinny and underweight girls want to gain weight to look pleasant and charming. 

Indeed, skinny people won’t look good compared to normal-weight people. It applies even for girls. The new trend is they need to look hot. But to look hot, every girl should have a healthy weighted physique.

Without the perfect weight looking hot is like having a daydream. Hence here we are giving you the valuable tips for hot girl weight gain. So, why wait? Let us look at those precious things to achieve hot girl weight gain.

1. Gain Weight Slowly With a Fast Metabolism

To get the hot girl weight gain, metabolism helps a lot. Before that, firstly, we should understand what metabolism is. Metabolism or metabolism rate is defined as a series of reactions because of the chemicals in the body that creates and break down energy necessary for life. In short, it is the rate at which your body expends energy or burns the calories. 

The fast metabolism rate helps your body to burn the calories quickly. As a result, it will help you to consume more and proteins and other nutrients to provide the excess calories that needed for hot girl weight gain fast

2. Ditch the Junk Food

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The junk foods are our favourites in snack times. But because of our fast lifestyle, many people are consuming junk food in all of their meals. There are no doubts that these food are tasty, and our taste buds crave those. But do you know the consumption of junk food will become a villain in your hot girl weight gain mission?

The reason is the junk food are prepared to use quickly. These foods are made using the preservatives and other chemicals, which are surely going to ruin your dream of hot girl weight gain. So you have to leave your habit of eating junk food. Otherwise, the dream of hot girl weight gain will remain a dream forever.

3. Fill Your Pantry With Calorie-Dense Foods

we know saying goodbye for junk food is hard for you. Hence you can try to replace those foods with calories rich foods. This will serve you in two ways. Firstly it will provide you with the option to ditch the junk, and secondly, it gives you a lot of calories, which will help to accomplish the goal of hot girl weight gain.

Hence, keep your pantry full of calorie-rich foods. You need to include milk and milky products, avocados, almonds, and other dry foods in the pantry. These foods can be eaten anytime you feel to have. 

You can also consider other calories rich food items like raisins, peanut butter, dark chocolates, chia seeds, peanut, etc. 

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How To Gain Healthy Weight?

4. Go for Three and Three

The main thing to get the hot girl weight gain is eating more foods. This will help you to gain more calories that are necessary to increase the weight. The vital thing is eating at least three meals per day.

The recommended thing is having five meals a day. But if you are unable to eat five meals a day, it is very crucial to have at least three media a day. And the thing is you have to eat, make sure you have three meals with high calories food every time. 

The formula of three complete meal with nutrients and high calories food help to achieve the goal of hot girl weight gain. The actual meaning of three and three is eating snacks or meals every three hours. 

5. Dress Up Your Usual Faves to Add Calories

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The pursuit of achieving hot girl weight gain will become a reality if you can eat the food with high calories. We know to eat precious calories food in every meal will become a routine, and your taste buds ask for something else. 

So, we have the solution for your problems. You don’t need to compromise with the delicious foods. You can eat your favourite foods whenever you want. But just dress up those foods with the high calory add-ins to get the calory requirement as well as satisfying your palates. 

You can use dry fruits and cheese in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. These high calory foods increase the taste of your diet as well as cater to the needs of the calory intake requirements and will help you become healthy from skinny.

6. Lift Weights and Do Light Cardio

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The main thing one has to keep in mind is eating alone is not sufficient to achieve the goal of hot girl weight gain. The exercises are also an essential thing to do. 

Starting with the small exercises for at least 20 minutes a day helps a lot. In the beginning, you can do short and simple tasks like a brisk walk, running, doing Zumba, or joining the dance classes will help. 

As you progress, you can start doing the weight lifting under the inspection of a personal trainer. These things help to increase your appetite level, and it will allow you to take more food to get the required calories. It will also help to gain weight and build muscle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the journey of hot girl weight gain you may face so many questions and doubts, here we are listing out the popular FAQs.

How many calories should an underweight girl eat?

The calorie intake will depend upon many things. You can start eating from 250 calories per day to 500 calories per day. This solely depends on your target weight. The other aspects, such as your height, genetics also determines the ideal calorie requirement. 

Why can’t I gain weight no matter what I eat?

To get gain the body weight eating healthy food with the regular workouts are the two main things. The formula to gain weight is you should eat more calories than you burn. So, it will store the extra calories for gaining weight. You may be eating more food but make sure it is healthy and also do the workouts.

Is a healthy weight the same for everyone?

No. Different people can have different measurements of a healthy weight; it depends on whether they are male or female, short or tall. People’s healthy weight can also differ because of age, genetics, etc.

What is your go-to healthy high-calorie meal?

The healthy high caloric meal includes red meat, chicken, milk products, sweet potatoes, oats, avocados, cheese, almonds, and other dry fruits.

Parting Thoughts

Staying fit and healthy is the basic need for every people. It doesn’t matter whether they are male or female. The most robust body surely gives way for the soundest mind.

A healthy body and sound mind can make you work at your full potential. It gives you a great look but also keeps the harmful viruses and diseases at bay. We hope you will follow these steps and able to achieve your goal of gaining the weight

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