How Long Does It Take To Get Fat?

How Long Does It Take To Get Fat?

How Long Does It Take To Get Fat Safely?

Weight gain is simply the difference between the kilojoules that we consume and the kilojoules that we burn. The weight gain does not occur when you overeat during one meal. You gain weight when you have overeaten over a few days, weeks, and months. To say it, the body gains weight only when you do not burn the fat that has been stored in your body. So How Long Does It Take To Get Fat? read on to find about it more.

Then, the imbalance between the consumed kilojoules and the burnt kilojoules starts appearing on your body as a form of fat pockets around your body. So, your body does not gain weight immediately. It gains weight through an entire process, which can be averted through healthy eating habits. The key to keeping the balance is eating healthy foods. Another important key is to remain consistent with healthy eating habits. One bad meal does not ruin your diet, but bad meals over days and weeks do. So, let us see how long it takes to get fat. 

The First Step Is To Understanding The Digestion Process.

The human digestive system has been designed uniquely. It turns the food into the nutrients and gives the power to your body. The digestion beings in your mouth as you take the first bite of your meal. When the saliva mixes with your food, it breaks down your food, absorbed by your body and used. Then, the food travels to the pharynx (throat).

Through a series of contractions, the food gets delivered to the stomach. The stomach holds the food and also acts as a mixer and grinder. The powerful acids and enzymes are secreted by your stomach, which breaks down the food furthermore. When the food leaves the stomach, it leaves in the form of the paste or liquid. Afterward, the food goes to the small intestine. The small intestine consists of three segments, which are jejunum, duodenum, and ileum. Bile (from the liver) and the pancreases release the chemicals, which breaks down the food furthermore.

Bile helps in the digestion of the fat and the excretion of the waste from the body. Duodenum continually breaks down the food, whereas the ileum and the jejunum absorb the main nutrients into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, the oblong pancreas releases the enzymes into the food, which breaks down the food into the carbohydrates, fat, and protein. The colon is a muscular tube, which passes the stool in the liquid form first and solid form secondly. The rectum received the stool from the colon and evacuated through the anus. The anus is the last important part of the digestive tract. 

The Absorption Of Fat Starts With Digestion

When you consume the food, the digestion of the food and the fats starts in the mouth. The enzyme (called the lingual lipase) and the phospholipid as an emulsifier begin the digestion process.

The actions, carried out by the enzymes and emulsifier, cause the fats’ breakdown and make it more accessible to the digestive tract. Consequently, the fat is transformed into the form of the tiny droplets, and fats are separated from the watery components. 

When the food goes from the mouth to the stomach, the gastric lipase turns the triacylglycerols into diglycerides and fatty acids. Within almost four hours of eating a meal, 30% of the triacylglycerols are turned into diglycerides and fatty acids. In the small intestine, the lipase from the pancreas and the bile from the liver allows the breakdown of the fats into the fatty acids – as the bile is combined with fats by the small intestine. 

The Body Takes Around 4 Hours To Absorb Extra Calories

Although we happen to eat every day, nobody is aware of the digestive system well. In reality, the process of the absorption and digestion of the food is longer than we can imagine. The digestive process consists of six stages. In each stage, the food is broken down into fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Then, it is absorbed, and the waste is excreted from the body through the anus. It takes the waste 40 hours to get excreted from our bodies. So, what you consume in breakfast stays there as you dine during the night. Your food processes and gets digested overnight while you are taking good sleep. 

As explained earlier, various enzymes break down the carbs, proteins, and fats. Some nutrients are absorbed by the large intestine, whereas the active transport system absorbs the minerals and vitamins. Fat is digested into the small intestine as small compounds.

There, the fatty acids attached to a protein called albumin. Then, the chain of the fatty acids is sent to the liver. Some of the fats are converted into the triglycerides within four hours. The overconsumption of the fats results in unused fats, which are stored in the adipose tissue.

It Might Take A Few Days Of Caloric Surplus To Show On Scales.

If you stand up on a scale after eating a doughnut, your weight will show an extra 70g. The 70g is the total mass of the doughnut. Within a few hours, you will burn 70% of this 70g, which is the water. You will lose this 22g through urine and water. Another 2g will be lost tomorrow during the excretion of the waste. The body absorbs the rest of the gram. If your body does not need the energy, it will be stored in the fat form. 

A 2012 study, which was conducted at Oxford University, had shown that the fat in your food gets shown on your waistline within four hours. The doughnut also has proteins and carbs. They take longer than fats to get absorbed. The 9 calories of the carbohydrates and protein make up 1% of the fats.

The doughnut has about 225 calories. The 100 calories are the fats, while the remaining 125 come from the proteins and carbs. The proteins and carbs are stored in your body if you do not burn them. Protein and carbs take a bit longer to get absorbed. So, it might take a few days or 40 hours of caloric surplus to show on the scales. 

How Much Should Eat To See Results Faster?

The calorie intake is a necessary indicator to determine the appearance of eating on the body. The eating varies from one person to another. As a general thumb of rule, it is necessary to understand that you must consume more 200-300 calories than your body burns. The surplus of 200-300 calories would help you in gaining weight steadily.

For a person, wanting to gain weight immediately, he should eat 1,000 surplus calories daily. Within a week, he will be able to notice the results faster on his body. If you are not gaining half a pound during a week by eating 500 surplus calories, you must go for the 1,000 surplus calories. If the surplus calories are not helping you in achieving your goal, you can try other measures as well, such as sleeping big time, strength training, drinking shakes, and energy drinks, etc. 

You must only use one approach for 6-8 weeks, and stop to see the effects of the approach on yourself. You must write the daily calorie intake and compare it with your results. Then, it has not caused any major change; you may go back and change your approach to gaining weight strategy. Thus, your surplus calorie intake will help you in seeing results faster on the scale. 

Best Foods To Get Fat Faster

For some folks, losing a few pounds can be as difficult as gaining a few pounds for others. However, some foods help you in gaining weight faster and gaining better results within a few weeks. These foods are high in fats and carbohydrates, which causes you to gain muscles and get stored fat easily.

While gaining weight, you must remember to eat safe and healthy food items. By eating healthy items in one meal and an oily item in the next meal, you will get the imbalance between the consumed kilojoules and the burnt kilojoules and maintain good health.  

Following are some of the foods that will help you in gaining weight faster:

1. Red Meats

One steak contains the 3 grams of the leucine in 6 ounces. Leucine is the essential amino acid that your body requires for the protein synthesis and the buildup of the new muscle tissue. Besides it, red meat also has dietary creatine, which is the world’s best muscle-building supplement. 

2. Salmon And Oily Fish

Salmon and Oily Fish also contain the necessary proteins and healthy fats that add to your weight. Omega-3 fatty acids are the renowned contents of the salmon and oily fish. The 6 ounces provide the 350 calories, which gives you high-quality protein for gaining the weight. 

3. Cheese

Cheese has long been a staple food for a great many centuries. The cheese is very high in proteins and calories. Even if you consume a little amount of it, it acts as the protein’s best source. You add the cheese to your meals if you would like to gain weight instantly. 

4. Full-Fat Yogurt

Full-fat yogurt is a convenient and healthy snack, a great source of carbs, protein, and fats. Full-fat yogurt is the best source of weight gain on its own. Otherwise, it can also be used as an ingredient and boost the flavor of the prepared food. 

5. Nuts And Nut Butters

Nuts and nut butter are an excellent choice when you are planning to gain some pounds. Just a handful of the almonds have the 07 grams of protein and a good quantity of healthy fats. As nuts and nut butter are calorie-dense, only two handfuls a day are sufficient for gaining weight.

6. Legumes And Grains

Legumes and grains are other excellent sources that help you in gaining pounds instantly. You can cook high-calories and simple meals with grains and legumes easily. Legumes and grains are an effective source of gaining weight, especially when combined with another protein source.

7. Protein Smoothies

Protein smoothies are a great source of protein that helps you in gaining weight instantly. You can take commercial or homemade smoothies. However, you can make the homemade smoothies, control the nutrition, and add highly nutritious fruits or vegetables for quick weight gain. All of the protein smoothies provide up to 400-500 calories. 

8. Rice

Rice is a convenient friend of the weight gain with its low-cost carb source. Only one cup of rice is packed with the 190 calories that are calorie-dense. You can easily gain a large number of carbs from just a single serving. However, you must never overly eat rice. Overconsumption of rice has its health concerns as well. 

9. Dark Chocolate

Top-quality of dark chocolates provide tons of health benefits and antioxidants. Dark chocolate is a high-calorie food. The 100-gram dark chocolate bar gives you the 600 calories. So, the dark chocolate is equipped with plenty of calories that help you gain weight immediately. Just on a 100-gram bar is sufficient in helping you to gain the weight.

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Final Thoughts

Some people are abnormally slimmer and need to gain weight. There is good news for them: they can gain weight instantly by eating foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. However, only eating fats can only cause the belly to get enlarged. To gain weight normally, one has to eat, exercise, and follow other measures. The main secret is consistent eating.

You must also understand the digestive system and the calorie intake mechanism to gain weight normally. Usually, it takes four hours to fats to get digested and appear on your waistline. But you cannot only eat fats and gain weight. It can be dangerous for your health.

It would help if you ate good and the bad together to gain weight normally. For instance, you must eat 6 times a day to increase the caloric surplus and gain weight. A 1,000 calorie surplus is sufficient for gaining the weight within a few weeks. Thus, you can gain weight simply by bringing an imbalance between consumed kilojoules and the burnt kilojoules. 

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