11 Ways How To Gain Weight As A Vegan

11 Ways How To Gain Weight As A Vegan

About How To Gain Weight As A Vegan?

If you have lost you’re a lot of weight and you are underweight then you have to gain weight. Weight loss can be due to many reasons but this doesn’t mean you have to live with this weight.

You have to gain weight to live a normal life. Normally it is famous saying that weight gain occurs due to meat and taking a lot of fats and dairy products. And it is true too. As meat and eggs have protein and protein is helpful in building muscles which results in weight gain. In the same way, fats also increase the weight of the body.

But the question arises when you are vegan. It is a concern that how to gain weight as a vegan. Because a vegan person cannot eat any animal product. So in this article, we will tell you how to gain weight as a vegan. We hope this will help you a lot if you are a vegan. 

11 Vegan Weight Gain Secrets

1. Get Enough Calories

This can result in weight loss. So for gaining weight it is very necessary to get enough calories. If you are vegan and want to know how to gain weight as a vegan then you should increase calorie intake through vegetables and pulses. Take high-calorie pulses and also you can take vegetable milk to gain extra calories. The content How Do I Gain My Weight Back will help to gain weight.

2. Understand The Concept Of Calorie Density

Before knowing how to gain weight as a vegan it is very important to know about the calorie density. For gaining weight it is not important to eat a lot of food. But maintaining a calorie level by eating food is important. Calorie density is actually the number of calories in 1 gram of food.

If food has low-calorie density you will not gain weight by eating that food. But if a food has high-calorie density then a small amount of that will be enough to reach calorie level. For example, lettuce has 0.15 calories per gram and olive oil has 8 calories per gram. They are obviously not equal. So eating 100 grams of lettuce will not give you enough calories as compared to taking 100 grams of olive oil. 

3. Make Weight Gainer Smoothies

So if you are a vegan and want to know how to gain weight as a vegan then drink a lot of smoothies. For gaining weight meals should be divided into 5 to 6 portions. So if you cannot eat such many time then you can drink smoothies in between.

Smoothies are the best option for you because they are very healthy and help with weight gain a lot. You can take any fruit of your choice. You can also make combinations of fruits. Add sugar or jaggery or honey, add nut butter. And as a vegan, you cannot use milk or yogurt so you can add soy milk or almond milk. You will get a healthy and yummy vegan smoothie.

4. Eat Plenty Of Refined Carbohydrates

As in fruits, carbohydrates gives maximum energy the body needs. And carbohydrates are present in wheat, maize, oats, rice, and potatoes which everyone even vegan or nonveg can consume. So if you want to know how to gain weight as a vegan then you can easily consume carbohydrates.

Refined carbohydrates are the best things which help in rapid weight gain so eat plenty of refined carbohydrates. As refined carbohydrates have a large amount of sugar and they can digest easily. So a person feels hungry after some time of eating refined carbs. So for gaining weight refined carbs can be an option. 

5. Always Keep Nuts And Seeds In Your Pockets

Nuts and seeds are very rich sources of nutrients. So when you are in the process of gaining weight you need extra calories and nutrients. So for how to gain weight as a vegan you always keep nuts and seeds in your pocket. As for gaining weight, you have to divide the meals and add snacks in your meals.

These nuts and seeds are the best healthy snacks. Nuts not only have nutrients but they also contain a large number of oils and good fats which your body needs. As a vegan, you cannot get fats and oils from vegetables so nuts are the best option for you. You can pick any of your favorite nuts from peanut, hazelnut, almond, cashew, walnuts, almond, and much more. 

6. Keep Dried Fruits In Your Pockets

We all know that fruits contain a large number of nutrients as well as sugar in the form of fructose. Sugar can help you with weight gain. Dry fruits are dehydrated so have a large amount of sugar. As a vegan, you have limited choices of foods to gain weight so dry fruits are very helpful for you.

Always keep dried fruits in your pocket. Whenever you feel hungry or have a craving for snacks you can have them. Dried fruits not only give you nutrients but also give sugar. And you can have a lot of dry fruits at a time.

7. Eat Really Tasty Plant-Based Food

Eating the same kind of food can be boring. So bring some variations in the food if you are serious about how to gain weight as a vegan. You can mix different food products and make different dishes to eat really tasty plant-based food. Add different types of spices, mix vegetables, fruits, and carbs. You will get a variation of plant-based foods daily. 

8. Eat Your Food Fast

If you want to know how to gain weight as a vegan then it is a secret suggestion for you. Always eat your food fast. Eating fast will help you in eating excess food because the brain will not get time to realize that stomach is full. In this way, you can eat a lot of food and can gain extra calories. And don’t drink water between mal because it will fill some portion of the stomach. 

9. Make Red Lentils A Staple In Your Diet

Lentils are a very good source of nutrients, proteins and have some amount of carbohydrates. As a vegan, you are not taking protein from any animal source but protein is necessary for you. So you have to make red lentils a staple in your diet. Here is a good point that plant-based protein is better than that of animal-based protein.

By eating lentils you will get nutrition and also it will help you in controlling blood cholesterol levels. So for practicing how to gain weight as a vegan using lentils in the diet is necessary. You can make lentils soups, you can add them in salads and also can make its gravy.

10. Your Diet Doesn’t Have To Be 100% Clean All Of The Time

Don’t get stuck to the same routine throughout the week. Human nature likes the change so everyone needs it. If you eat diet food all week you can get bore and will stop following it after some days. Your diet doesn’t have to be 100% clean all of the time. Give you a break. Eat the food of your choice on or twice a week. Make everything interesting and don’t make a burden and boring for you. 

11. Space Out Your Meals Throughout The Day

It is better to space out your meals throughout the day if you are working on how to gain weight as a vegan. Females need 2000 calories and males need 2500 calories a day. If you want to gain weight fast you have to take 500 to 1000 extra calories according to weight demand.

If you eat 3 times a day you cannot suddenly increase your calories to such level. So it is better to divide your calories in 5 to 6 meals. Or make a chart and add smoothies, desserts, and snacks to get those extra calories. 

Try This Vegan Weight Gain Meal Plan

As here we are giving you the answer for how to gain weight as a vegan. So why not we give you a diet plan and you try this vegan weight gain meal plan. We are giving you some options for your daily meals. You can make a perfect diet plan for you by your own choice.


For breakfast you have many options. You can take

A shake of chocolate, banana and peanut butter. With this you can take apple pie. 

Another option for breakfast is eating oatmeal in the form of porridge or any other you want. You can also add some nut butter in your oats. 

You also can eat an avocado with bread toasts.

For Lunch And Dinner You Have A Lot Of Options. 

You can make a vegetable sandwich with wholegrain bread and eat it. And after that, you can eat pudding of your choice. Try to add avocado in almost every meal. You can add it in a sandwich or can make a side salad y adding avocados in it.

Potatoes are a good option for carbohydrates. You can boil it and eat with some sauce or chutney. Roasted potatoes are also a very good option. Roast them with olive oil by adding salt, spices, and herbs on it. 

Rice is also a good option for carbohydrates. You can make lentils gravy with them or eat them with salads and dressing.

For protein, you can make lentils soups or croquettes. You can also take tempeh, tofu, and edamame. With these, you can make nuts hot sauces.

Dairy is also very important for a balanced diet. You can add coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk in legumes soups.  


For snacks you can have granola bars of dry fruits and nuts. 

Variety of fruits are available you can take them as snacks. 

Make smoothies and drink.

Try to add high calories food in snacks too. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Good Thing Of Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is very good because vegetables, fruits, and pulses have a lot of nutrition value. Here is no risk of calorie or blood pressure increase in it. 

Is Vegan Diet Cost More Or Less?

As meat and poultry products are high in prices. In the same way, fast foods are also very expensive as compared to vegetables. So the vegan diet costs less.

Am I Getting Enough Iron And Other Minerals In Vegan Diet?

Green vegetables contain a large amount of iron. In the same way, avocados have vitamins and good fats. All other fruits and vegetables contain minerals. These all are good substitutes for animal minerals. 

How Can Vegetarians Gain Weight?

Vegetarians can gain weight by choosing that food that has high-density calories. In this way the will increase their calorie level.

Parting Thoughts

You are vegetarian or non-vegetarian being healthy is your right. You have to struggle for your health. No one will help you with this. You can gain your weight by changing your lifestyle. You have to eat a lot of calories and healthy food and also by doing physical exercises to gain weight as an underweight vegan.

Protein is the thing which help in muscle building which further results in weight gain. You can get your protein from fish, chicken, red meat, sea food, and, pulses, and egg. As vegan people have a lot restrictions for their eating. It doesn’t mean that vegan cannot gain their healthy weight.

Nonvegetarians can eat meat, dairy products, and eggs, etc. which are very healthy ad help in weight gain. But vegan also has a lot of options and they also can gain weight easily. In this article, we have discussed how to gain weight as a vegan. 

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