Intro to How to Gain Weight By Diet

What do you call an optimum weight? Is it 50? Is it something close to 75? These are such questions that confuse almost anyone while trying to focus on health and fitness. Inappropriate body weight can cause several problems in your life.

You can be susceptible to several diseases that include heart problems, or you can be weak enough to not even able to run half a mile. The solution is easy and begs the question “How to Gain Weight By Diet?”.

What is the right answer to the above questions then? The truth is: there is no optimum weight gain that fits everyone. There are ranges available according to different age groups, but you can’t justify a single weight point to be healthful for the whole population. 

People have different lifestyles, different working conditions, and different socio-cultural norms. For example, the ideal weight gain for a laborer and a doctor cannot be the same based on the physical activity involved in the respective professions. Basal Metabolic Index (BMI), however, provides a reasonable estimation of your fitness and health status. 

If your BMI is lesser than 15, then you should be concerned about your physique as it denotes a generalized weakness. It would help if you gained some extra pounds to provide your body with the increased demand it requires to function correctly. The best way is to weight gain diet. So how to gain weight by dieting?

Make a diet that contains carbohydrates that provide energy, proteins that are the building blocks of your body, and fats that are the stores of energy you need over time. Discover the secrets to gaining weight efficiently in the rest of this article.

How to gain weight by diet? Utilize directly-consumable Foods

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Nature is the ultimate savior when it comes to diet. There are tons of options available which if utilized, can provide tremendous health benefits. If you use these resources well and go for all-natural food, you’ll have many health benefits besides, answering your question about how to gain weight by diet. We have listed some of the fantastic options to choose from:

1- Banana

Calling banana just an ordinary fruit is unfair, as this fruit is a healthy diet itself. Bananas have a healthy amount of fat and minerals that will boost your immune system. Gaining an adequate amount of weight eating bananas is recommended by many dietitians. It’s time to fill your refrigerator with a dozen bananas right now!

2- Milk & Yogurt

Dairy products repel some people. You might have seen kids rejecting to drink a glass of milk. But if you see it logically, then dairy products, including milk & yogurt, have been among the most nutritious and healthful diets for centuries. 

They contain the right amount of proteins and fats that provide the necessary energy you need to keep going. You don’t get tired quickly. With the tremendous amount of nutritional value provided by these dairy products, you can hopefully raise your BMI score to the normal range. Sounds interesting, right?

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3- Avocados

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Avocados are very healthy for daily use. Not many people know, but they are also handy for gaining weight while reaping all the health benefits they provide.

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 4- Dry Fruit

Dry fruit is a true blessing. You can consume dry fruits easily while you use your cellphone, or are busy completing an assignment for school. You can buy nuts from a nearby store for just a few dollars. They can sharpen your brain, and you will see the extra pounds in your body soon.

Prepare meals high in nutritional value.

Several fruits and vegetables give excellent results when combined. You can purchase them from almost any market. Ease of digestion is the additional benefit you get from them. With fruits and vegetables, you can also consume some organic diet. Meals that contain eggs are a great option. Here are some of the great opportunities you should have on your list:

5- Boiled/ Fried eggs

Eggs contain proteins in the egg white. The yolk is rich in fats like omega-3 and omega-6. Consuming at least two eggs every morning at breakfast is useful for gaining weight gradually.

The fats that are a part of the egg yolk are also very healthy for the maintenance of a healthy body. Your arteries won’t get clogged because of the high fat you are consuming. 

It depends on your personal preference, whether you would like to boil the eggs or fry them. Boiled eggs are preferred by most of the people because of the supposed loss of some nutritional value in the frying process. 

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6- Meat

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Red meat contains a lot of protein and healthy fats. Red meat can be used in a variety of ways to prepare meals. You can make a meal with vegetables, or cook it as it is. Fish is an excellent way to obtain healthy fat too. However, if you want to gain weight faster, go with red meat.

7- Shakes and Smoothies

Shakes can be a good option for getting the extra nutrition you need to gain weight. They can be all-natural that include apples, bananas, and strawberries, or there are supplements available too. 

Protein shakes are gaining immense popularity in the modern era. You can go for this option if your budget allows it, as these can be a little expensive compared to a natural diet. 

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8- Potatoes

Reading this very word, the first thing that may have come in your mind is, “Yes! Now I can eat my French fries and get healthy at the same time.”

The bad news is that’s not how you want to eat potatoes to weight gain healthily. The oil that most of the restaurants use to prepare these French fries is very damaging for your health. So, it’s better to make your meals using potatoes. There are a lot of recipes you can find online that work exceptionally well.

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FAQs on How to Gain Weight By Diet

Weight gain by just diet could lead to problems?

If you are gaining weight by increasing healthy amount of calories with healthy food then it is OK. Exercise help in fast weight gain and muscle building and it will help in toning up of body. Exercise will give you strong body with weight gain but if you don’t do exercise it will not cause any major health problems.

Which is healthier? Fried or boiled eggs?

Boiled eggs are healthier because here is no artificial oil content in it. It has less amount of calories and fats and more nutrition as compared to fried egg.

How much meat is recommended weekly?

You should not consume meat more than 3 times a week. You can have about 300 to 350 grams of meat a week. But make sure that it should not be processed meat.

Can I eat fruits instead of dried fruits?

Yes of course you can use fresh fruits. As both dry fruits and fresh fruits have same amount of nutrients. The only difference is that dry fruits are dehydrated and contain more sugar and calories. So fresh fruits can be the best alternatives of dried fruits.


Do we hope that you have understood how to gain weight by dieting? Make your list, including everything that you like and consume daily. See which of these foods are more nutritious and add some of the foods mentioned above to your daily life to get your desired results from the weight gain. I’m happy for you.

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