About How to gain weight during pregnancy

Eating healthy during pregnancy is the most important thing for you and your baby. Well, a balanced diet will help your baby to get all the nutrients that are required for his better development. Your body won’t need an extra number of calories; it needs just 300 surpluses of calories. That means women need 300 more calories than she did before she was pregnant.

To gain weight, you must have five to six small meals throughout the day to stay healthy. You should eat more frequently to add more calories to your diet and get a proper and recommended weight gain. You can also carry food with you if you are traveling or working and don’t have enough time to eat frequently.

Carrying snacks is the most popular way of consuming calories. Women carry nuts, fruits, ice creams, and yogurts, which contains tons of nutrients that will benefit you and your child.

1. Where does the extra weight go during pregnancy?

On average, healthy women will gain approx. 25 to 35 pounds in total, whereas underweight women will gain more pounds then overweight women.

A lot of women ask one question on how to gain weight during pregnancy, how to gain weight during pregnancy when underweight but many ask where does the extra weight go?

So, we are discussing the extra weight which women will get during her pregnancy.

  • 1- The weight of the baby, which is roughly around 8 pounds.
  • 2- Placenta, which is an organ that develops during pregnancy it weighs around 2-3 pounds.
  • 3- Amniotic fluid which weighs around 2-3 pounds it acts as a protective cushion for the baby.
  • 4- Breast tissue will gain 2-3 pounds.
  • 5- During pregnancy, the blood supply in the body will increase and gain weight of around 4 pounds.
  • 6- Stored extra fat for breastfeeding 5-9 pounds.
  • 7- Larger uterus gain 2 to 5 pounds.

2. Is it safe to lose weight when pregnant?

Most women would like to manage their weight during pregnancy, but they are confused about the consequence of losing weight. We’ll discuss how to gain weight during pregnancy, but now we are going to discuss the safety line of losing weight.

Overweight during pregnancy will lead to premature birth and cause many problems for you and your child. It is necessary to plan before cutting down extra calories from your diet. You should regularly check your weight and match it with the recommended body weight during the pregnancy. This will help in maintaining body weight during pregnancy.

Losing weight is not the right option for most women which is why doctors only recommend weight loss to those women who are significantly overweight.

3. How to gain the right amount of weight during pregnancy?

How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy 1

How to gain weight during pregnancy and how to gain weight during pregnancy second trimester are the few important things that women need to know but gaining the right amount of weight is tough. Most women will gain 11 to 16 kg of weight during pregnancy, whereas most will gain less during the first trimester.

Gaining the right amount will depend upon the situation of your body. A balanced diet with a good exercise is the basis for a healthy pregnancy. For most women gaining the right calories is a big task. So, for the first trimester, women will require 1800 calories per day, and in the second trimester, women will need 2200 calories a day.

Eating the right food during pregnancy will help you gaining weight in the right amount. You should avoid food and drinks which contain artificial sweeteners. Avoid eating junk foods such as chips, burgers, etc.

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4. What if you gain too much weight during pregnancy?

Gaining too much during pregnancy will cause a serious problem for both mother and child. Gaining weight below the recommended weight gain can help you in a healthy lifestyle. Weight gain during pregnancy month by month will cause a serious health condition on mothers’ health.

Excess weight gain cause diabetes problem, high blood pressure, and difficulties during birth. It also affects the health of the baby in the short term and the long term. You should manage weight gain during pregnancy in kg as per your body weight.

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy will result in less accurate ultrasound results. You will gain too much fat during overweight and which likely made a difficult time for your doctor to get a proper result.

Eat more frequently

How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy 2

Eating healthy during pregnancy will lead to a healthy life for both mother and child. If you are planning to take three big meals for a day during pregnancy, then that would be the best option. Taking light and frequent meals during pregnancy is recommended. By eating frequently will help you gaining more calories throughout the day.

You should manage a pregnancy weight gain timeline which will count all the calorie intake in a day. In this way, you will maintain a good and healthy weight during pregnancy. How to gain weight during pregnancy depend upon how frequently you eat the food throughout the day. Eating more frequently will help you to reduce nausea and heartburn, which is a serious concern of morning sickness.

Carry food with you

To eat frequently you need to carry some food with you which are handy and easy to consume. How to gain weight during pregnancy will depend upon the food you eat and exercise you do. If you are a working woman and don’t have enough time to cook food, then carrying an easy snack will do the trick.

Carry foods in which no preparation is required such as nuts like almonds, cashews, pasta, peanuts which provide good and healthy fat and enough protein to fuel you. If you can carry cheese with your food, then it is advisable to add cheese because the cheese will help you reducing pregnancy pain and getting enough protein. This is the best answer to the question of how to gain weight during pregnancy.

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Drink your calories

Many women trouble eating during pregnancy, in that case; you can drink enough calories to maintain your calorie intake of a day. You can make a healthy smoothie which contains milk, fruits, peanut butter, honey, etc. You can also add some protein powder in your smoothie or shake to hit the protein intake as well.

In doesn’t have much taste but it will provide enough energy for a day. You can add vegetables as well to get nutrients and minerals from your smoothie. Drinking is easier than eating multiple small meals. Eating will make you full instantly while drinking will make you strive more for food.

Eat snacks that pack a punch

Eating snacks will help you in achieving your targeted weight during pregnancy. Make sure your snack contains a good number of calories which breakdown in a good amount of protein and healthy fats.

You can add yogurt and hard-boiled eggs in your snacks. Snacks are lightweight, which doesn’t cause any digestion problem during pregnancy. Snacks solve many question problems such as how to gain weight during pregnancy and pregnancy weight gain per week also depend on the right amount of food you intake.

Add supplements if needed

How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy 3

Hitting the right number of calories each day is a tough task. Frequent eating will let you achieve the right calories, but sometimes it gets difficult to touch the targeted goal. If you are not consuming enough protein as per your body weight, then you can try to add supplements to your diet.

There are many good supplements in the market which are healthy and easy to consume. Protein powders are a good source of protein that you can add in your diet anytime. If you don’t like to consume powder protein, then you can buy protein bars that provide the same amount of protein and other macronutrients.

It is recommended most women will gain weight between 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. If you are not gaining weight that much, then it is advisable to make a good diet for yourself and start adding supplements in your diet.

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FAQs On How to Gain Weight During Pregnancy

How Much Weight should an underweight mom gain?

If your BMI is below 18.5, then you will be classified as underweight. 18.5 to 24.9 is considered an average weight for any person. If you are underweight, then you should gain 13 to 18 kg during pregnancy. If you are average weight, then you must add 11 to 16 kg more in your weight. If you are expecting a twin, this weight will be 4 to 5 kg more.
In the first three months, weight gain will be faster. It will be around 0.5-0.8 kg per week. In the next six months, you will be adding around 0.5kg every week. All through your pregnancy, the objective is to keep weight gain as consistent as possible. Keep in mind your child’s nutrition that originates from what you eat.

How is fast weight gain worrisome?

Gaining 1 kg or more within a week is worrisome for normal and overweight women. Weight gain will be fast in the first three months, but it should be under 1 kg. From 4th month to the last increase of more than 600 grams for average weight can be worrisome. It is acceptable in the case of underweight women. An increase of more than 500 grams will be alarming for overweight women.
Rapid weight gain can be an indication of medical issues, for example, pre-eclampsia. The primary evidence of this pregnancy-related condition is hypertension, at times joined by headache and nausea. It should be treated by a doctor immediately.

How many calories should I consume daily?

For normal-weight women daily, you should consume 1800 calories in the first 12 weeks. During 13 – 24 weeks, increase it 2200 calories per day, and for the last stage, after six months, you should have 2400 calories daily. If you are underweight, you need to add 500 calories additionally. If you are overweight, you can reduce some calories depending on your weight.
If you are expecting a twin, you should add 200-300 calories more in your daily routine. Your body needs an additional 200-300 calories during pregnancy to keep you and your baby healthy. You should consume low-fat products to gain calories, which includes vegetables, whole grain products, etc.

Final Thoughts

How to gain weight during pregnancy is the most common question between pregnant women. Many women don’t have enough knowledge about healthy weight. On average, women will gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy if they over gain weight, then it will cause diabetes and blood pressure problems that’s why you need to know How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy.

Eating the good and the right amount of food during the whole period will help to achieve the targeted weight. You should add more nutrients and minerals to your diet and add protein powder which will help to hit the protein intake.

If you have any doubt related to weight gain and symptoms, then it is advisable to consult your doctor for further tests. During the first 24 weeks is crucial for baby growth, and it is advisable to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

If you are expecting multiple babies, then you will gain more weight and weight gain during the first two months are crucial.

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