Is How To Gain Weight In 3 Days Even Possible?

The weight issues mostly focus only on obese or overweight topics. It is not the only related weight problem. There is a severe issue with underweight people, and that is equally harmful, and that is why how to gain weight In 3 days is important. 

Seriously, gaining weight is also difficult the same as reducing weight. There is a need for a comprehensive diet plan. Many people who are skinny lack awareness about gaining weight. There are health issues also contributing to underweight. However, How To Gain Weight In 3 Days though is a daunting task, it is possible. Understanding the details given below helps in gaining weight.

1. Weight gain diet chart

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Gaining weight for some people or adding muscles can be difficult, the same as losing weight. How to gain weight In 3 days is about consuming more calories than in actual use, and thus, a diet plan is required to include food items to help increase weight as needed. It is better to depend on the natural methods as you gain weight so that there are no side-effects. The weight gaining plan should include healthful and nutritious items instead of unsaturated fats that make you look obese.


This includes a glass of warm milk, a cup of coffee or tea, fresh juice with upma or poha, two boiled eggs or egg omelette, or three brown bread slices with butter or jam. Eat two stuffed chapattis, filled with potato or grated paneer. Have fulfilling breakfast to offer energy. Ensure the combination has carbs and proteins. It should maintain the energy level.


The meal should include sweet curd a bowl, chapattis with ghee 2-3, one bowl of rice, green vegetables one dish or a bowl of cereals, salad a plate with lots of cucumbers, tomato, black olives, and grated cabbage. The lunch helps to attain the BMR level. Ensure a healthy lunch with vegetables.

Evening Snack

Eat brown bread, two slices with cheese, one banana/custard apple/mango shake or a cup of coffee or tea. Evening meal rejuvenates lost energy.


Take a bowl of salted or sweet curd. It should include chapattis 1-2 with ghee, one bowl of dal, green vegetables dry dish, salad one plate. Ensure a nutritious dinner, include light, easily digestible items. Eat before 2.5 hours at least before hitting your bed.

2. Nutritional Diet for Weight Gain

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A nutritional diet relates to eating healthy. A healthy diet has nothing to be unrealistic. One cannot eat to feel great, improve health, have more energy, or boost mood. The focus is on a nutritional diet so that how to gain weight In 3 days is practically possible and normal. The holidays can be helpful here.

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Double your Food Intake

It is easier to have larger meals and a few snacks. Having for breakfast two scrambled eggs can be altered as three scrambled eggs on whole-wheat toast with a fruit piece or yogurt with fruit. Snacking on nuts with protein and omega-3 fatty acids helps in building muscles.

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Eat Caloric Dense Foods

Vegetables do not offer many calories. A salad of 100g has 25kcal, and 100 g pasta has around 380kcal, which is more by 15 times. Gaining weight is easier on eating foods that have per serving more calories. 

Gaining weight is possible with the best foods that are high in fats or/and carbs. The vegetables have low carbs and fats. There is a need to include veggies. However, the diet should include caloric dense foods to ensure gaining weight. It should include: 

  • Nuts mainly almonds, walnuts, mixed nuts, peanut butter.
  • Dried fruits including dates, raisins, apricots, prunes
  • Grains including rice, pasta, bread, oats, sandwiches
  • Dairy including full-fat yogurt, whole milk, cottage cheese
  • Meat including beef, chicken, fatty fish
  • Fats including coconut, olive oil, avocado

Junk food helps in gaining weight as it is caloric dense. Eating junk food is bad as the fat is stuck around the belly. For weight gain, it is not the food quantity alone; it is the food quality that matters, to maximize muscle gain and strength.

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3. Exercise for Weight Gain

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How to gain weight In 3 days is possible with exercises. Lifting weights triggers building muscle mass. Recovering your muscles requires eating food. Lifting increases appetite and eating more becomes a must. Lifting weights should be done properly, or else it gets stored as fat, around the belly. Consider these exercises:

Free weights: These are safer. It is more effective as you add very little per workout. It is effective than machines. You can add per workout 0.5kg/1lb.

Compound exercises: It includes Deadlifts, Squats, Bench, Rows, and Press. These exercises work at the same time on several muscles. They trigger muscle growth and strength in the entire body.  

Progressive Overload: Lift more weight. It compels the body to gain muscle mass and strength to lift heavier weights. Build muscles by lifting adding weights gradually.

The calories burn more in the gym, and thus there is a need to eat more to create a caloric surplus. Follow a training program that is not wasting your effort and time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ:1. Is it possible to gain a bigger butt with these instructions?

Gaining bigger butt is possible on doing Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Glute Blaster, Hip Thrust, Bulgarian Split Squat, and Romanian Deadlifts. There is a need to do heavy lifting a lot and the right exercises. Eat enough, sleep well to get an easy boost on taking the right supplements.

FAQ:2. How can I increase my hip size?

Your hips become wider with your age as the width of the hip bones, pelvis and the diameter increase. However, to increase hip size follow the exercises such as:
Hip raises
Side lunge with dumbbells
Split leg squats
Side leg lifts
Squat kicks
Side dumbbell abductions
Split leg squats
Dumbbell squats.

FAQ:3. What should I do to gain 10 kg weight within a week?

Gaining 10 kg weight in a week is possible if you follow these:
Eat and do not stop eating. 
Drink beverage that has no sugar
Eat smart by avoiding salads and other low-impact foods
Forget the Mealtimes
Do not move
Keep adding value

FAQ:4. How much protein do you need to gain weight?

Gaining weight for any skinny person is a task. Nearly 110g of protein is essential for a guy weighing 132 lb/60 kg. There is a need to eat more protein to gain weight. But the purpose is not served rightly. To gain weight, adding more calories to your food is essential. Eat food and not protein only, as protein alone is not helpful to gain weight.

Final Words

There is a need for systematic weight gain. However, for a proper how to gain weight In 3 days, you may avoid these as mentioned below:

  • Avoid stress as it slows the progress down. 
  • Drinking and smoking kill appetite. It is best to avoid as you wish to gain weight.
  • There is a strict need to follow a healthy pattern that should keep away junks from your diet. Being skinny does not mean you can gain weight fast. It may help you, but is not going to help in the long run.

The fact should be well understood that no overnight miracle can make you gain weight. This is a long-term process, and there is a need for persistence and patience. Eating healthily, staying motivated, and increasing the consumption of calories will ensure you gain weight in the longer run.

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