How To Gain Weight In Buttocks Fast? 

If you want to gain weight in your buttocks, you must know how to gain weight. Through the proper diet plan and some exercises, you can get the ideal bubble butt. You have to consume more calories than your body burn. Your calorie gain should be at least 500 grams per day. 

Do not use processed foods and refined grain products. Instead, use fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. It will build muscle tissue instead of creating fat. You should have at least five meals throughout the day because the body is building the muscles, and it needs fuel regularly. 

You should know how to gain weight in buttocks. There are a lot of exercises that help you to gain weight in the buttocks. Perform the exercises regularly, along with a proper diet plan to fulfill your dream. 

6 Best Tips on How To Gain Weight in Buttocks

 1. Diet 

How To Gain Weight In Buttocks 1

Some diets can increase the weight of the buttocks. Weight gain in the buttocks starts from a healthy diet. A healthy diet is full of glute growing foods. Eating a healthy diet is the most effective strategy to maximize the weight in the buttocks. 

Many foods increase muscle growth and strength if you know how to gain weight in buttocks. They help you to achieve your target. The diets with proteins, healthy fats, and healthy snacks help gain weight in the buttocks. 


A diet with proteins helps to improve health. You should consume poultry, red meat, and cheese. Eat vegetables with green leaves like tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, and mushrooms. Chicken breast and milk are also rich in protein. 

You can also use protein powder to build muscles that are available easily in the market. 

Healthy Fats 

It is mandatory to use healthy when you want to gain weight in your buttocks. Healthy fats enhance the growth of muscles and weight gain quickly. However, they have a lot of calories. You should use healthy oils like olive, avocado, and coconut oil. Fatty fish, nuts, and seeds are the best sources of healthy fats

Healthy Snacks 

I always prefer healthy snacks. You should use high-calorie foods. Use homemade shakes instead of the commercial shakes available in the market. Avoid sweets and junk foods because they lack calories. Instead, use the salad with olive oil. 

Increase the number of meals a day. For example, eat 4 to 5 small meals instead of 2 or 3 larger meals. This will help, especially the skinny people.  

2. How to Gain Weight In Buttocks Through Exercise 

You can get a bubble butt through exercise. 


How To Gain Weight In Buttocks 2

During this exercise, you should keep the neck aligned with the spine. The feet should be flat on the floor. Control up and down movement of the body gently. Here is the process for proper exercise;

  1. Lie down on the back with knees bent and arms alongside. 
  2. Lift the hips and engage the glutes at the top. 
  3. Lift on your toes tips. 
  4. Bring the heels back down to the floor. 
  5. Lower the hips back down. 
  6. Keep this movement for a minute. 
  7. Now hold the hips at the top to bring knees together and apart. 
  8. Continue the process for fifteen seconds. 
  9. Now come back to the canter and release the backdown.


How To Gain Weight In Buttocks 3

During this exercise, keep the spine straight and chest lifted. Keep the feet flat on the floor. You can increase the difficulty by holding some weights. Here is the proper process, 

  1. Stand on the feet with the toes turned out to aside. 
  2. Bend the hips and drop the hips back like sitting into a chair. 
  3. Lift the back up to a standing position to engage the glute muscles at the top. 
  4. Keep up this movement for a minute. 
  5. Now pulse up and down for at least twenty seconds by holding the squat position. 
  6. Hold the squat position further for twenty seconds. 
  7. Repeat the sequence up for at least three minutes

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How To Gain Weight In Buttocks 4

During the exercise, you should lift your chest. It would help if you focused on your front leg. The back knee should not touch the ground when you are in a lunge position. 

  1. Develop the lunge position by forwarding your right leg and keeping the left leg back.
  2. The back heel should be lifted throughout the exercise. 
  3. Come up to the standing position by straightening the right leg slowly.
  4. Engage the muscles at the top position.
  5. Now lower back down into a lunge position by using your glute muscles.
  6. Keep this movement for a minute. 
  7. Pulse up and down for the fifteen seconds by staying in the lunge position.
  8. Repeat it now on the opposite side. 

Side Leg Raises 

How To Gain Weight In Buttocks 5

You should slowly perform this exercise. Avoid swinging your leg; it can cause injury. Perform this exercise without any resistance if you are a beginner. The proper process is, 

  1. By keeping the feet at shoulder width and hands-on-hips, stand straight. 
  2. Lift the right leg to 45 degrees to the side and lower it back. 
  3. Repeat the same with the left leg. 
  4. Repeat the process many times. 


How To Gain Weight In Buttocks 6

Jogging is great for the glutes. It engages all the muscles in the legs, hips, and thighs to give stability and flexibility. It would help if you did jogging regularly. It will give a remarkable result very quickly and make you get more muscles.


How To Gain Weight In Buttocks 7

Spinning is the best for the development of the glute. It gives an intense butt workout. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is the best activity that tones the muscles by spinning. Up and down movements can increase the muscles of the butt.

How Long Should You Wait To See The Results? 

You will get the result gradually if you focus on your diet and workout. After one week, you can see only a slight increase in your buttocks. It will take at least one month to show the exact result.

Important Tips To Consider When Building Butt And Thigh Muscles 

You should know how to gain weight in your buttocks. Here are some tips that you should consider while building the butt and thigh muscles.

  1. You should take one day break in between workouts in a week. 
  2. If you lift heavy weights, you should take more rest between the workouts to let the muscle fiber to recover. 
  3. Use enough weight to lean the muscle tissues.
  4. Do not perform a lot of heavy exercises. Set the target and adjust the workout according to that. 
  5. Before starting the exercise, we must find out how to gain weight in buttocks.

3. Focus On Continuous Overload 

It would help if you focused on the continuous overload that includes strength training. When you start an activity, start as light as possible and gradually increase the workout. In the beginning, focus on the range of motion and form. After this, you have to think about repetitions and loads. Gradually, increase the resistance. You can do anything and get more vital if you are continuous. Irregular and a lot of heavy exercises will give you nothing. You will be just tired.

4. Remember The Pelvic Tilt. 

During the workout, gluteus muscles should burn. If there is some problem, you should try the posterior pelvic tilt responsible for the glutes’ contraction. Then, squeeze the butt to extend the hips and make sure that the muscles are working correctly. 

5. How About The Rule Of Third 

You should keep in mind the rule of third. The directions tell about the nature of exercises. For example, one-third of practices must be vertical, one-third horizontal, and one-third lateral. Train the lower body three times a day. Do various exercises that involve loads and intense training.

6. Do Not Forget About Recovery. 

You should focus on the recovery of your tissues after the workout. Use protein shakes and eat a healthy diet. Do not try to do intense exercise more than three times a week. Take rest also for the rest of the days. If you do any intense workouts, you will be tired and cannot get effective results.

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FAQs For How To Gain Weight In Buttocks

How To Gain Weight In Buttocks? 

It is straightforward to gain weight in the buttocks if you know how to gain weight. You should perform the exercises to gain weight in the buttocks. A healthy diet with high calories also increases the importance of the buttocks. 

How Can I Get Thick Buttocks Fast? 

You can see the thick buttock fast if you focus on the workout. Your effort in the right way can make the process very fast. You can see the change in one month. With time, the buttocks will look amazing.

What Are The Best Exercises For The Buttocks? 

Three exercises give remarkable results to gain weight in the buttocks. The exercises are squats, lunges, and spinning. All of them make the buttocks rounder without any side effects.

Does Walking Lift The Buttocks?  

Walking is the aerobic exercise for burning calories. It can build the gluteus muscles and makes the buttocks bigger and firmer with time.

Does The Massage Increase The Buttock Size? 

Yes, the massage is an excellent way to make the bigger butt. Massage increases the flow of blood and its circulation. Therefore, it helps in increasing the size of the buttocks. This is a successful method without any side effects.

Does Sitting Harm The Buttocks?

A wrong sitting posture could be harmful to the buttocks. Sitting down can change the shape of the butt. The anterior pelvic tilt makes the butt flatter. Few simple changes can remove the side effects of wrong sitting. If you sit correctly, your buttocks will not be affected.

Does Food Increase The Weight In The Buttocks?

Some high-calorie foods increase the weight in the buttocks. If you want to increase the weight in your buttocks, you should use protein diets like chicken and milk along with healthy fats. After setting the routine along with exercise, you will get the result quickly.

Parting Thoughts

High-calorie food and exercise help you to gain weight in the buttocks. The buttocks could look rounder if you know how to gain weight in buttocks. The legs will be strong with a shrinking waistline. Lifting weight will not add excess weight. It only enhances the butt and curves. You should also know how to gain weight properly to help.

You must know how to gain weight in buttocks. First, consider your level of fitness. If you are a beginner, you should start with the basics. When you master the basic exercises, start the advanced variations to gain weight in your buttocks. Use light weights at the start and increase with time. Do not lift heavyweights from the start. With heavyweight, you could be injured, and your form will suffer. 

You should plan your routine of a healthy diet. Then, train yourself for the exercises. You will get a quicker result for your great effort. Your buttocks will look amazing. It is time to know how to gain weight in buttocks. 

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