Learn How to get a fat booty

Fat booty gives a beautiful and sexy look. Girls feel more confident and beautiful who have big butts. Girls do a lot of struggle for getting big butts. People go to gyms; some go for surgeries for getting perfect booty. Some people also increase fat intake to make booty fat.

But this increased fat also fatten the overall body, which doesn’t look good. Getting a perfect fat booty is a tough job and people have to do a lot for this. Some achieve their target, and some don’t.

So it is a question of how to get a fat booty incorrect way. So this article will give a detailed review of exercises and food to get a perfect booty. We hope you will get enough information through this article. 

1. The best exercise to get bigger buttocks

Normally it is a misconception that people do exercise to lose weight. But it is not true. They do exercise to get physically active and strong. Exercises do many different things. Even they also help to increase the weight and muscle portion.

Some exercises do spot and targeted reduction of a specific part. They also help in increasing the specific body part. But the question which is most popular nowadays is “How to get a fat booty”. Here are many specific exercises to get bigger buttocks. We will discuss one by one for you to help you in knowing how to get a fat booty.


How To Get A Fat Booty 1

If you really think about how to get a fat booty with squats? Yes, you have the right question, and we will answer you. People mostly do squats while lifting weight for losing weight. Squats build up the muscles and burn the fats, thus enhancing body shape. But if you are lean, then squats will help you in building muscles and making butts big

You can do it by following simple steps. Stand by keeping shoulders and feet straight and keeping a distance between the feet. Now push your hips out and go-to sitting position by bending the knees. Keep the back straight with the neck. Push your arms towards the chest. Repeat squats and increase the number gradually. 

Barbell squats

Barbell Squats

These squats are intense and difficult types of squats. These are done usually for the shoulder and upper portion of the body. But these squats use a large muscle of the body so also stretch the butt muscle. This also affects the spine and make it strong. Always start with lighter weight and gradually go for heavier weight if you want to know how to get a fat booty than this is s suitable squats for you. 

This exercise is done by using a barbell. You have to place the barbell on shoulders. Now do squats and push your chest outward. Be careful while doing barbells and maintain your balance.  Please also read When You Stop Smoking Cigarettes Do You Gain Weight

Plie squats

Plie Squats

This workout is also best for inner thighs. When you do squats by keeping your feet far, it will exert great pressure on inner thighs. It will help in toning up of inner thighs. And as your feet are far, this will widen the hip area and will help in gaining weight over there. Exercises are best for getting fat booty because they not only increase butts but also shape them to give a sexy look. 

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Weighted lunges

How To Get A Fat Booty 2

It is another workout for knowing how to get a fat booty. It is very effective for getting big butts. You can do a different type of lunges including walk lunges, side lunges, and weight lunges for getting help in gaining big butts. 

If you really want to experience how to get a fat booty by lunges, you have to follow simple steps. Stand straight and take a step forward. Bend the other leg at angle 90 and make your back straight. This exercise will tone up inner thighs and help in gaining big butts. This is a very effective workout for achieving your task. 

Single-Leg Bridge

How To Get A Fat Booty 3

This exercise is great for making butts and legs muscles strong. This will not only help in how to get a fat booty but also will help in toning butts. It is a simple exercise, but you have to take care of joints and muscles while doing it. 

For doing single-leg, bridge lay down on the floor. Bend the knees and make the feet straight on the floor. Now lift one leg straight and lift lower body also. Change the leg and do the same thing. Repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times. 

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Donkey kicks

How To Get A Fat Booty 4

This exercise is also very helpful for knowing how to get a fat booty. This will strengthen the back muscles and help in getting big butts. It is a safe exercise which anyone can do easily. It will target big muscles from the back portion. 

Kettlebell swings

How To Get A Fat Booty 5

Swings are the best exercises to target hip muscles, and hamstrings along with the upper body. This workout is perfect for overall body muscles. If you really want to know how to get a fat booty, you can try this exercise. It will not only increase size but also give strength to hip muscles.

Side lunges

How To Get A Fat Booty 6

Side lunges are very important in balancing and giving strength to the body. Here we will tell you how to get a fat booty by making side lunges. This workout is perfect for inner thighs and also help in reducing cellulite. Side lunges make legs and hip muscles flexible so hips can move in different angles. Side lunges tones the inner thighs. This will help in making hips muscles strong which will increase in the size of butts. 

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Scissor kicks

How To Get A Fat Booty 7

Do you want to know How to get a fat booty by scissor kicks? The answer is simple. Scissor kicks are very effective for making belly slim and decrease the waist size. It also tones up the inner thighs. When you do scissor kicks, you will notice that it will cover big muscle and overall the legs position. When your waistline decreases, it will help in giving a prominent look to the butts. 

2. Foods to eat to get a bigger butt

Exercises are important for the answer of how to get a fat booty. In the same way, foods also help in achieving your target. Fats increase the weight and make your butts look bigger. We are discussing a short detail about the foods that make your butts bigger. 


When the question arises about how to get a fat booty, many things come in mind. It can become possible with doing exercises and taking specific components of food as we all know that protein helps in making and strengthening muscles. So if you increase the intake of protein, it will help you in building pelvic muscles and make butts big in size.

Healthy fats

As it is a common belief that fats help in increasing weight. So as fats increase the overall weight of the body, in the same way, it also increases butt size. Booty muscles are usually made up of fats, so eating fat will increase the size of butts. But alone fats will not help in getting your target. You have to do some exercise to strengthen the butt muscles and make them in shape. But it doesn’t mean you can eat any type of fats. You can take healthy fats including omega 3, omega 6, and essential fatty acids. 


How to get a fat booty by taking carbohydrates? As carbs give calories and these calories help in increasing weight. Increase the number of carbs to increase weight as the spot increase in fat is not possible, so it will increase the overall weight of the body. Potato, rice, wheat, maize, and sweet potatoes include carbohydrates. You can increase the intake of this food to make booty fat. 


How To Get A Fat Booty 8

These are the nutrients that our body needs in small amount and are very important. Vitamins, iron, and potassium are included in micronutrients. But how to get a fat booty by taking micronutrients. But the question arises that how to get a fat booty by using micronutrients as they are important and help in giving strength to bones and muscles. So micronutrients can also help in getting fat booty. But for gaining proper boy shape exercise is a must for each and every food. 

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3. Tips to make your buttock look bigger.

 Most of the people have a question about how to get a fat booty? There are many ways by which you can enhance the size of your buttocks. Top of them is glute workout. Diet also aids in making your butts bigger. Along with these things, some other tips are below, which play an important role in enhancing the size of the butt. 

It is all an illusion.

Sometimes bigger butt is an illusion. Increase in buttocks size can be deceiving your eyes. Actually, it is not a gain of buttocks might be swelling or something else that is why you have to check properly if you are feeling pain etc. or some stretches then there must be something wrong so consult a trainer.

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Use butt enhancing pads. 

Butt pads are basically designed to be worn under the clothes. They are the best way to achieve the ideal butt size. They, not only aid in enhancing the butt size also they are very comfortable to use. You can use them with any type of pants or jeans. They are versatile as they allow you to have an ideal butt size, and in need, you can remove them.

Thin your waistline 

Yet another tip for making your butt more prominent and bigger is by decreasing the size of your waist. If you have a smaller waistline, then your buttocks will be more visible, and they look bigger. For this purpose, you can do many exercises which aid in reducing the waist size, and at the same time, they increase the size of your buttocks.

Use butt enhancing creams 

Butt enhancing creams are another option to gain a bigger butt. Butt enhancing creams basically allow the accumulation of fats on your butts. When fats are accumulated on a specific area of your butts then automatically they will look bigger. These creams pressurize the buttocks to produce an extra amount of fat cells that accumulate on butts making it bigger.

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Frequently asked questions

How to get a butt if I am skinny?

It is totally possible to get butt even if you are skinny. You have to bring some changes in your lifestyle to get fatty butt, e.g. add more proteins and carbs in your diet also do exercises which enhance the butt structure like squats, lunges, donkey kicks, etc. Try to sit down most of the time; as a result; fats will accumulate in the hips area. 

How to get a phat butt?

For phat butt, you have to work harder. In your workout, add lifting weights. Exercise 4 to 5 times a week, especially glute workouts. Along with it add more chicken, meat milk in your diet. They have essential amino acids which aid in butt growth, making it phat.

How to gain weight and grow the biggest butt?

Make some modifications to your diet and workout to gain weight. Increase the intake of calories in your diet and healthy carbs and proteins that will increase your weight as well these calories and nutrients aid in making butt bigger. 

How to gain back muscle and fat into my butt?

Don’t worry about how to get a fat booty because you can easily get it. For gaining back muscles all you need is to do pulling workouts like pull-ups, chin-ups, let pull downs etc. For gaining fats in the butt area, you have to increase calories intake, especially healthy fats, carbs and proteins. As a result, fats will specifically accumulate in hips portion, making your butt bigger.

Parting Thoughts

You have got enough information about how to get a fat booty. As different trends come at different times. So the trend of big booty is trending nowadays. So people, especially girls, do a lot of struggle in getting the perfect body. Here in this article, we have discussed a lot of things about how to get a fat booty. We have discussed exercise, foods and also gave tips. 

We also tried to clear the confusions and myths about getting a perfect booty. But it is also very important to take care of health. Health is primary and perfect shape is a secondary thing. So if you are doing workouts, so keep the fitness first in your mind.

Always eat healthy food and make workouts as part of your life. In this way, not only your health will remain good and also have a perfect body shape. After that, if you want to make your booty fat, you can also do specific exercises. We hope and wish a healthy life for you all. 

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