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Everyone visualizes looking smart, handsome, and beautiful but to get the physique lots of efforts must be spent. There are many slim-legged girls with an interest in how to get fat legs. You may find lots of tips and tricks on YouTube on how to get fat legs; there are even many blogs that help you build up.

However to adhere to those tips one needs focus and determination. Determination to stick to the diet and focus on the exact amount of exercise should be done correctly. Read further if you are looking on how to get fat legs. Say goodbye to stem legs and practice below on how to get fat legs.

You might not see the results all at once; it might take weeks or months to get fat legs. The results will be shown depending on the amount of effort you spend. There are three major factors we need to consider while reshaping the legs and to get fat legs. 

To get a healthy and fat legs diet, exercise, and your dressing sense must be followed. Dressing being a little easy, Diet and exercise are the main things you would need to concentrate on. You will see the transformation only when the diet is strictly followed and exercise is done regularly.

Rethink your routine

Here are a few techniques on how to get fat legs. Basically, you need to rework on your daily routine to get fat legs.

1. Eat more food:

How To Get Fat Legs 1

First and foremost thing, you need to concentrate on a diet. Diet can also help you get chubbier cheeks. Ideally, a good diet is important which goes hand in hand with exercise. You need to eat a lot of food. More food with protein is important for muscle gain. However, it should be taken care of that it is under a controlled diet. Few nourishing and mouth-watering diets are

  • Easily prepare fresh nuts and fruits smoothie at home.
  • Milk has lots of nutrition elements and easily available
  • Rice is carbohydrates rich. Small amounts of intake with protein sources are the best combination.

The above mentioned diet tips are few ways on how to get fat legs.

2. Focus less on cardio:

Cardio must be given less concentration while doing exercise. Cardio exercises are calorie burner. It has an intensive work structure and is designed to lose weight. A person who wants to burn a layer of fat around their waistline, they opt for cardio exercise. Hence it is strongly advised to focus less on cardio. 

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3. Do weight training:

weight training to make leg muscles

Consider closely on weight training. Weight training improves muscle strength and makes bones stronger.

  • Start with a warm-up every time as it relaxes your muscles and you can work out more.
  • Work on all the parts of your body. Start with the lesser repetitions in the first few weeks. Then as the days pass by you will be able to perform more repetitions easily with more weight.
  • Target shoulders, chest, triceps, and buttocks at regular intervals.
  • Make sure to change your routine in a few weeks. An increase in repetitions and weights are important at regular intervals for good results.

With good weight training routine and focused efforts, the transformation can be seen in a short interval of time. You can feel muscle strength and enhanced balance.

Proper and regular workouts are essential to get fat legs in a shape. Above mentioned are few exercises determining how to get fat legs.

4. Rotate muscle group:

Improve rotate muscle group structure in your workouts. Build your workout plans considering muscle group rotation. It lets your muscles to relax. Muscle group rotation is essential not only for rest and improvement of your muscles but also for better performance.

An over-trained muscle does not perform well and leads to muscle tears or injuries. The basic formula is to not do heavy training on the same group of muscles for two times in a row. Focus on different muscle groups alternatively. You can check for muscle group workout plans on google or YouTube and take reference. Rotate muscle group is a good method on how to get fat legs.

5. Making your legs appear big

make legs look fatter

By the time you are working on diet and exercise to get fat legs, you can also try a few dressing tips to look classy and to get fat legs illusion. 

  • Look out for boot cut or straight-legged pants. Flared or boot cut pants give on-looker a deception of graceful look.
  • Choose bold patterns and light colors which create an impression of being wide. Prefer off white or bright colors. Bold patterns also make the legs broad. Avoid dark colors or patterns that add a slim effect to your legs.
  • Try to avoid skin-tight pants. But if you love leggings layer it with thick socks which add bulk to your legs. Also, you can choose light color tights that look better on slim legs.
  • The midway of your thigh is perhaps the thickest part of your legs. Choosing a short which has narrow leg openings creates an impression that the rest of your leg also wide all the way up.
  • Like the shorts, the skirts can be chosen knee length. The pairing of the skirts can be done with Knee-high boots. Paired together both give a trendy look as it reveals just the wide part of the leg.
  • Pair the knee-length boots with thick and tall socks so that your leg looks thicker.
  • Avoid wearing dresses that hug your body. Also, wear a dress which fits above your knees.

You can also shift the viewer’s attention to any other part of your body if you are self-conscious of legs. Above mentioned are the trendy dressing styles focusing on how to get fat legs.

6. Doing exercise for shapely legs

Now while continuing with diet and weight training are primary ways on how to get fat legs. A little more leg exercise will shape your legs better. It will also improve your overall body and you will see an improvement in arms too.

  • A squat is a lower body workout. The squat exercise targets thighs and glutes. Many lower-body muscles are also involved. Below are benefits
  • Strengthen glutes, legs, and many other lower muscles.
  • Lower body mobility also improves
  • Helps bones and joints healthy and strong
  • Walking lunges is a modified version of static lunges. It helps strengthen hips, glutes, core, and leg muscles.
  • There are many variations you can try with walking lunges. You can find the variations on YouTube.
  • Box Jumps is another exercise that will make your legs strong and shapely legs. Take proper guidance. Another advantage of box jumps is it keeps your legs balanced into old age. Box jumps do not require any equipment; just a high-level bench can help with this workout.
  • Leg extensions are another weight training exercise that affects the leg muscles. This exercise targets quadriceps muscles of the leg. The equipment used to do this exercise is the Leg extension machine. You will require bending the knee and extending the legs and backing to the initial position. Initially start the exercise with less weight and smaller repetitions. Once you get comfortable with the movement you can increase the repetition.
  • Standing leg curls or hamstring curls is another gym workout that targets the hamstrings. It also focuses on some muscles of the hip and glutes. Targeting other parts of the lower body is also important. It shapes and tones the muscles evenly. Primary focusing on strengthening and increasing flexibility of hamstring muscles. The exercise works on a similar muscle group. This workout involves machine supports, as a result, it can be done in the gym.
  • Stiff leg deadlift also targets the hamstring muscles. This exercise must be a part of the workout schedule for all the gym-goer. The stiff leg deadlift is an advanced version of standard deadlift with a difference in knee flex. Stiff leg deadlift involves smaller knee bends which increase the impact on glutes and the hamstring muscles.
  • Search online for variations in stiff leg deadlifts.

There are several other lower body exercises which focus on the group muscles effectively when done properly. The above list can also include plank and wall sit. 

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Last Thoughts

Follow these tips regularly if you are determined on how to get fat legs. To get a fat leg diet should be strict for a few months until the results are satisfactory. Eating good food with all the proteins and fatty elements are good methods on how to get fat legs.

But overeating should be strongly avoided. Exercise also plays a crucial role in shaping your body and giving strength to get fat legs. With the right amount of exercise and following the muscle group rotation, you will get perfect results soon. Workouts and diet plans when followed together will transform your legs soon. Then you will no longer worry about how to get fat legs.

Dressing sense also as mentioned above plays a temporary role in creating illusions to the viewer. Hence proper dressing also matters while you are obsessive on how to get fat legs. Taking care of your health and changing your routine lifestyle can easily mold your legs into a glamorous part of your body which everyone will love to see. So gaining weight in looks can certainly enhance your looks.

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