How to get fat quickly You Ask?

If you are skinny and you want to gain some muscles and fats then this article will help you completely. There are two ways by which you can gain fat:

1- Healthy Way

 Everyone wants to gain fat healthily as it won’t cause you any health-related problems in the future. Few foods which you can include in your diet to gain healthy fat are milk, banana, weight gainers such as whey protein. You should also include peanuts as it contains healthy fats and minerals. Fruits are very essential food for the human body.

2- Unhealthy Way

Most people eat unhealthy food which causes unnecessary weight gain and it also affects health in the long term. Unhealthy fats or unsaturated fats cause many heart problems and can also increase cholesterol in your body. You should avoid some unhealthy fast food such as pizzas, burgers and many other oily products.

Clever Ways Of How to Get Fat Quickly

1. Staying Up

How To Get Fat Quickly 1

Sleep is an important factor in muscle recovery. A recent study shows that cortisol stores fat around the vital organs which is very dangerous. Lack of sleep directly affects weight gain, especially in teenagers.

Less sleep will result in type 2 diabetes and many other health problems. Your body uses calories for energy and while sleeping you are not going to use any calorie which will lead you to weight gain. All the weight gain from less sleep is fat.

Staying up is kind of a good answer for how to get fat quickly question. Your body doesn’t release any cortisol and you don’t have to burn any extra calories. Study shows that lack of sleep makes an individual five pounds heavier.

2. Forgetting to hydrate

Water is an essential part of the human body. The human body contains 70% of water and staying hydrated keeps your body from infection and viruses. Drinking water eliminates toxins from the human body and also helps you reducing fat. If your question is how to get fat quickly then you have to drink less water.

Drinking less water helps you to store more fat in your body. Water can increase calorie burning in the human body which is why it is advisable to drink 3 liters of water daily to reduce fat. If you are more into gaining fat then you have to cut water intake from your diet. But it is advisable to drink tons of water every day as it has other health benefits also.

3. Eating by the Label

How To Get Fat Quickly 2

If you include high caloric food in your diet then there are high chances that you end up gaining more weight. But you can only do this by reading the nutrition information written on the label of every food. Select those food items which contain a large amount of saturated fat as it contains more calories than protein or carbohydrates.

1 gram of fat contains 9 calories whereas 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates contain 4 calories. So if you want to gain weight quickly then you have to include fat in your diet. You can see on the label and select that food which contains a high amount of fat and protein.

The label contains minerals and vitamin information as well which helps you understand more about a particular food. Always lookout for the nutritional information on the box before buying.

4. Worrying about Work

How To Get Fat Quickly 3

When your brain detects any kind of a threat or tension then it releases hormones such as adrenaline, CRH, and cortisol. Once these stress hormones release your brain starts signaling the body to replenish your food supply. Stress hormones make a person super uncomfortable and increase your blood flow in your brain. The person then wants to eat unhealthy food just to please himself.

Anxiety is also a big factor in fat gain due to the stress of work. Overeating or eating unhealthy food in response to stress and anxiety is a way to calm down your emotional hormone. When we are in stress we crave more comfort food such as pizzas and burgers or a bag of potato chips which contains a huge amount of unhealthy fat. Make yourself more relaxed throughout the day as it helps you in maintaining your body weight.

5. Being too sweet

Being too sweet with people also helps you gain fat quickly. Most people will start liking you so they might offer you food such as ice cream, potato chips, etc. Eating too sweet often results in an insulin spike and also it contains a lot of calories.

Consuming too much sweet at the wrong time will lead to fat gain much faster as compared when consuming at the right time. If you eat chocolate before bed at night then the chances of your weight gain are pretty high. This also helps you to get a fuller face.

Your body metabolism is a key factor here. It depends on your body how it takes sweet and how it consumes it. How to get fat quickly with ice creams and sweets are the most searched question. You can replace artificial sweet with a natural sweetener such as honey and jaggery in your diet.

6. Overeating healthy foods

Healthy food contains a lot of healthy fat which will counterpart the unhealthy fat from your body. Unhealthy fat will clog your arteries and cause a heart attack chances in a human body whereas healthy fat helps you remove those clogs from your body. After eating healthy food your brain starts releasing good hormones in your brain which will attract you more.

Everything consumes in limits is good but when it gets over then it will cause problems. Overeating healthy food leads to fat gain. Your body starts storing good fat as a bad fat in your body and starts gaining weight. This will cause health problems and it will no longer be beneficial for your life.

7. Grazing

Does grazing make you fat? Or how to get fat quickly with grazing? It is what you think. Grazing may increase the risk of developing bacterial overgrowth. What people do is they take 4 big meals and then add 3 snacks in between. Eating every 2 to 3 hours or in the interval will maintain your blood sugar level. If you have a constipation problem then grazing is not the right option for you.

Eating more frequently makes your metabolism revved. Grazing is okay as long as it’s not done mindlessly. Your body continuously getting food during grazing as your body gets no time in burning previous food. This will lead to fat gain much more quickly and efficiently.

8. Skipping meals

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Skipping meals is a good way to lose fat from your body. But it also results in tiredness and you may miss out on essential nutrients. You end up eating high fat and high sugar food which ultimately gain your weight. When you start skipping meals your body starts releasing cortisol which indicates that your body needs energy and you are not providing enough calories to your body.

In that situation, you start getting more craving for unhealthy food such as ice creams, pizzas, burgers, potato chips, etc. This unhealthy food will make you fat and unhealthy. So, skipping meals will lead to your how to get fat quickly question. So never skip your meals otherwise you will feel low all day.

9. Downing diet foods

You need to understand the importance of healthy food and the health benefits which came from it. A healthy diet will help you gaining healthy fat whereas an unhealthy diet will help you gain unhealthy fats. Food which makes you gain weight like crazy are:


It is one of the best natural sweeteners around. Agave has a low glycemic index which is suitable for diabetic people also. According to researchers agave gives you as much fructose as your normal sugar gives. Most fructose will store in the form of fat in the belly area.


It will help you gain weight much more quickly as it contains oats, water, oil, a sweetener like honey and sugar. It is advisable for bodybuilders when they were bulking. If you consume this in breakfast then you will get a boost in your calorie intake.

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FAQs On How to get fat quickly

Won’t staying up to make me unproductive? (Sounds wrong)

If you plan everything, you will remain productive in every situation. You must make a schedule and plan with start time and end time for every task on your list. Lack of energy and focus can also be a reason to make you unproductive.
You can stay productive by giving yourself an extra hour. Wake up two hours before everyone to plan your day and start working like many business leaders. Proper sleep also makes an impact on productivity. You should consider all this factor to improve your habit and you will remain productive in every situation while how to get fat quickly.

How much water should I have daily for fat gain?

There are many different theories, but how much water an adult should consume. Ideally, an adult should have 2 litres of water in a day. Drinking more water will reduce your weight. You can consider a health drink that has carb, protein, etc. to keep yourself hydrated. You should have some amount of water every day.
While drinking water doesn’t cause excellent weight addition of muscle tissue or fat, some water weighs about a large portion of a pound. Directly after you drink a glass of water, your weight may increase temporarily only till you pee.

Won’t too sweet be harmful?

If you are eating natural sugar, it is safe to have. Artificial sugar will be harmful to you, and most importantly, it will not be a part of any balanced diet plan. Sugar is dangerous only if we eat it alone, like in the form of candy, which just has some carbohydrate and sugar.
If you eat sugar with other nutrients that adequately balance, it won’t harm your body. For example, most of the fruits contain sugar, but it gets balanced with additional nutrition, and these fruits are safe even for people with diabetes who are not allowed to consume any sugar.

Can I have an agave daily?

Agave is a natural sugar with a delicious taste. It generally positions low on both the glycemic record and glycemic load scales. The reason agave positions moderately low on the glycemic list is because it has a high substance of fructose. Fructose doesn’t promptly raise (glucose) levels because the body doesn’t process it well. New research proposes that over the top fructose utilization disturbs liver capacity.
You can have an agave daily but in a minimal quantity. It is not healthy for the very long term. You can have agave till you reach a certain level of your weight gain goals. It’s better not to become a habit of having agave daily.

Keep In Mind

There are many answers to how to get fat quickly but do you want to gain fat? There are two types of fats healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Healthy fats will degrade the effect of unhealthy fats. There are many ways by which you can gain fat very easily but it is advisable to gain fat healthily. Stress will lead you to eat more unhealthy food which ultimately results in weight gain.

Unhealthy fat will lead to many heart-related problems so people avoid eating pizzas and burgers. Sleep and water are other big factors which help you in reducing fat from your body. So if you want to gain fat then you need to cut that thing from lifestyle. In the end, it is advisable to reduce fat and consume more protein and carbohydrates to build muscle.

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