Importance Of How To Get More Fat In Keto Diet

Usually, the people who begin following the Keto diet for the first time do not know how to get more fat in Keto Diet. Well, the Keto diet is all about increasing ketosis in the body. And that is performed by replacing the carbs with fats. The beginners are not aware of how to get more fat in keto diet. And they tend to follow a static plan that they commonly see on the internet.

At times the gym trainers also do not provide much information on how to get more fat in keto diet. Increasing the fats and reducing the carbs ensure higher metabolism. And for that, the amount of fats is drastically changed then the standard plan. Well, here we have gathered 15 ways on how to get more fat in keto diet. They will surely help you increase ketosis in your body.

Tips For Getting More Fat In Keto Diet

1. Fat-Spike Your Hot Drink:

Making your hot drink full of fats is the right answer to how to get more fat in keto diet. If you are a coffee lover, add cream to it and enjoy a delicious cup of healthy coffee. No carbs, instead of all fats. Besides, fill up your hot drinks with fatty ingredients like butter and coconut oil. You may create your hot drink with the fatty ingredients to submerge taste and health together.

2. Do the Same to Your Smoothie:

Well, smoothies are all about waging off some weight. But when you are looking for how to get more fat in keto diet, there is no point in keeping the fats off. Just like the hot drinks, the smoothies can also be filled with fats. Add butter to your smoothies or try the coconut oil and indulge in a new taste. Indeed, taste and health are all packed together when you experiment with fats in smoothies.

3. Fat-if You Veggies:

How To Get More Fat In Keto Diet 1

Your veggies are a good source of nutrition for your body. Filling them up with fats will multiply the nutrition level. Well, the best way of adding fats is olive oil. Olive oil is one of the good answers to how to get more fat in keto diet. As it has plenty of nutrients and fats. When you add olive oil to your veggies, the fats increase to a great level.

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4. Use Avocado, Everywhere:

Avocados are an amazing source of calories. They are full of health and have a handful of nutrients. Indeed, when you are searching the answers on how to get more fat in keto diet, you will always come across the avocados. Well, make them a part of your diet. Eat them in lunch, supper, brunch, dinner and every other time. You may explore the benefits of avocado. And one of their best benefits is fat. Further, you can add them to your recipes. Also, you can eat them as they are.

5. Stock up on Nuts and Seeds:

There are plenty of fats-rich nuts and seeds. Such as the walnuts and the Brazil nuts. But be careful, nuts also include carbs. So be very careful in choosing the nuts. Check out their nutrient stats before you eat them. Else you will waste all of your efforts. Further, add sunflower seeds, chia and sesame seeds to your meals. They do have some percentage of proteins and carbs in them but have a lot of good fats. Certainly, you can rely on those seeds. Well, nuts and seeds are another answer to how to get more fat in keto diet.

6. Put an Egg on Or in It:

How To Get More Fat In Keto Diet 2

We have been studying since our childhood that eggs are so good for the human body. They have a lot of energy and so much more. Yes, they do have it and even contain some portion of good fats in them. Cook them in olive oil with veggies, take them as they are or cook them in the bacon or high-fat meat grease. You will be fat on fat that way. And that gives your quest of how to get more fat in keto diet a satisfactory result.

7. Add a dollop of Sour Cream:

Dairy products have a great number of fats in them. And of course, they are topped with plenty of other nutrients. Add a dollop of sour cream to your salads, and other dry meals and make them tasty as well as healthy. This is an easy way to address how to get more fat in keto diet. Well, besides the sour cream, you may also try some other dairy products as well.

8. Say Yes to Full-fat Cheese:

Say bye-bye to the low-fat cheese. Get the full-fat cheese and other dairy products. Read the packaging for fat details and only pick the full-fat products. This is how to get more fat in keto diet. Usually, processed cheese is low on fats. So look for the original dairy products. As they are fully loaded with fats in them. The greater the fat count, the healthier your diet be. And obviously, your keto diet will be more effective.

9. Bring on the Mayo:

Top your salads with mayonnaise. Mayos are abundant in fats. Every teaspoon of mayo has a sufficient amount of fats to address how to get more fat in keto diet. Well, you can use mayo in various ways. And you can top your veggie meals with mayonnaise. Further, you may also lookup for the homemade mayonnaise. Indeed, the homemade items are nutrition enriched than market products. Well, if you create your mayo, make it up for a week or two so that you may not have to rely on commercial products.

10. It’s time for Tahini:

How To Get More Fat In Keto Diet 3

It is time to bring some international cuisine to your dining table to answer how to get more fat in keto diet. Try Tahini, a sesame seeds condiment that is often taken as itself. Also, it is added to the desserts. Further, Tahini contains 83% fats and a total of 7% carbs. Take it a meal or taste some after you are done with dinner. Ahead of that, you can find the recipes to create your Tahini.

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11. Make magical Coconut Fairy dust:

Coconuts are prescribed to all those seeking health. The dense nutrition containment inside coconuts offers so much that most of the people do not even know. Well, when finding the answers on how to get more fat in keto diet, then try the coconut recipes. There are plenty of them available, and also you can innovate your own. Also, try making the magical coconut fairy dust and add it to your meals. Bring a new taste to your delights with loads of health.

12. And then make savory olive sprinkle:

How to get more fat in keto diet with olive oil? Olive oil is loaded with natural fat nutrients. Find the natural olive oil and sprinkle it on your meals. Even you can use olive oil for cooking and even enhancing the taste of your meals. The olive oil will increase the number of fats you take and bless your food with a unique taste.

13. Choose fattier cuts of meat:

Some portion of the meat is abundant in fats compared to others. You may get the complete detail from the butcher which portion has the most. Like the ones used for steaks. Well, you can also identify it yourself. The lower the price, the fattier the meat. Loading your body with the fat ingredient can help boost your health in the keto diet. Further, you may also try the fattier meat recipes, mix them with veggies and load yourself up with a tremendous amount of fat.

14. Do the same with the fish:

Just like red meat, some fish have too much fat in them. Like the salmons, it is a fat-enriched fish you can find for yourself. Ahead of that, you can also search for some other high fat fish. Well, you know what to do after you find the fish. Also, try new fish recipes. 

15. Eat fat bombs:

There are several fat bomb recipes available, ranging between salty and sweet taste. Certainly, you can satisfy your taste buds with the carb-free sweetened, fat bombs. Besides, there are plenty of other recipes you can find on the web. Just check for the fat bombs and try the recipes that do not have carbs.

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FAQs On How To Get More Fat In Keto Diet

Isn’t keto for weight loss?

People assume Low carb (keto) diet as a weight reduction diet. It isn’t true. Low carb, in general, leads to weight reduction for an overweight person, because of expanded satiety and fat consumption. Low-carb nourishments can help weight gain in underweight individuals. Eating low carb, and eating when hungry, can be viewed as a weight-normalizing diet.
The keto diet is an exceptionally low-carb, high-fat eating diet. It has minimal carbohydrates and more fat. This decrease in carbs places your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When ketosis happens, your body turns out to be fantastically productive at consuming fat for energy. It likewise transforms fat into ketones in the liver, which can affect vitality gracefully for the mind.

Is avocado safe for daily eating?

Just like an apple a day, an avocado a day is right for your health. Avocado has good fat, which is very important for you to gain weight healthily. It contains Vitamin B, C, and E, along with potassium, fiber, and some plant-based nutrients.
Avocados are higher FODMAP food, which means they contain carbohydrates that may not be processed or retained well. In this way, those following a low-FODMAP diet or those with intestinal bacterial abundance will likewise need to adhere to an eighth an avocado serving, even though there is no enchantment sum for everybody.

Won’t fattier cuts of meat pose cholesterol problems?

Cholesterol is in your blood as a waxy substance. Your body needs cholesterol to develop healthy cells, yet if your cholesterol level is high in your body, it can be dangerous for your heart. Unfortunately, some meat fat can lead to cholesterol problems, but you can control it by cooking the meat differently.
Don’t go for fry meat; instead, opt for broil or grill. The sort of oil you use additionally influences your cholesterol consumption. Oils based on vegetables, including canola, safflower, sunflower, soybean, or olive oil, are suitable for your heart.

How many Eggs can I have daily?

You can have as many eggs you want daily. There is no medically proven theory on how many eggs you can have in a day. It depends on your body and surrounding. Ideally, you should have fewer eggs in the summer season and have more eggs in winter. You should also not go for all egg diet. It doesn’t have everything which your body needs.
An average egg is rich in protein, fat, vitamin, iron, minerals, and carotenoids. An egg can be a part of your planned, balanced diet with other nutrition. Hardboiled eggs without additional oil or butter are best.

Final Thoughts

Well, it looks like you are all set up to answer yourself on how to get more fat in the keto diet. Experience it yourself and assist the keto diet followers in increasing their health with these tips. Further, if you feel like there are too many fats inside these tips, you may reach out to your nutritionist.

They can guide you more on how to get more fat in keto diet. These are carefully examined steps. Further, these can help the keto diet follower improve their health. Further, these are the common practice result-driven tips. Ahead of that, know these steps as best for adopting a healthy routine. Along with that, they help in gaining some extra fat.

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