Have you been facing problems finding a good camera angle while taking selfies? Do you want to know How To Lose Weight In Your Face? No matter the rise, your face still looks chubby, and you do not like it a bit? Well, it is time to reduce the extra fat on your face. 

When you gain weight, like other body parts, your face gains fat, which causes double chins, chubby cheeks, fat neck, fuzzy skin, even your nose can grow fat. If you are overweight, the extra fat on your face and neck will change your looks but not in a good way. 

That’s why you need to reduce the weight on your face by following some methods. This article will discuss some of those methods about How to Lose Weight in Your Face. 

9 Tips on How to Lose Weight In Your Face

The first two factors of the ‘How to Lose Weight in Your Face’ agenda are controlling diet and lifestyle. There are foods you should and not eat, activities you should do and not do. 

If you follow these rules, you are bound to get some results in exchange. So, in this section, we will give you 9 Tips on How to Lose Weight in Your Face.

1. Switch To Organic

The first tip on How to Lose Weight in Your Face is eating healthy, which means eating organic foods. Organic or unprocessed food is one of the best ways to lose fat in your body. 

Processed food, for example, canned food, contains different kinds of additives and preservatives that help you to gain weight. But, not only that, these chemicals are not suitable for your health at all. 

So, go to the local farmers market to do food shopping, better if you can directly buy your vegetables from the farmer. Also, cut out red meat entirely because red meat will only add high cholesterol to your body. 

In addition, consuming red meat will slow your process of losing face fat.

2. Avoid Foods That Cause Inflammation

Yes, another rule of losing weight on your face is to protect your stomach. That means avoiding foods that cause inflammation. As you have to eat a specific control diet for quite a while, there is no point in making your stomach upset. 

That’s why you need to eat healthier, and that means excluding the foods that cause inflammation. Moreover, chronic, sustained inflammation is linked to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. See what I mean? 

So starting today, stop eating high-fructose corn syrup, artificial trans fats, vegetable and seed oils, refined carbohydrates, processed meat. (organic food, hello!)

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3. Get Enough Sleep

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 1

Do you know that deprivation of sleep causes you to gain weight? You gain weight because staying away late at night makes your body secretes cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone with a long list of potential side effects, including weight gain. 

Also, the longer you stay awake at night, you get hungry and eat more which is another factor for your weight gain. So no more pulling an all-nighter and binging Netflix. 

Instead, try to follow the ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ rule and have at least 6 hours of sleep daily. Having enough sleep will prevent you from gaining extra weight and help you maintain beautiful skin. 

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4. Decrease Sodium Intake

Excessive sodium intake is terrible for your health. It causes high blood pressure, leading to organ failures, heart problems, and brain stroke. I hope you get the idea of how deadly it can be. 

Sodium causes your body to hold extra water, resulting in fluid retention. One trademark sign of excess sodium intake is bloating. In addition, it can make your face look puffy and swelling reducing which is the primary purpose of this article. 

That’s why you better check your sugar intake. It will be challenging at first to get used to, but it’s nothing impossible. Also, don’t eat raw salt at all as it directly affects your blood pressure. 

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5. Reduce Alcohol Intake Or Smoking

Alcohol and nicotine, the roots of almost all human diseases, are the reasons for weight gain. So, quitting and reducing alcohol and nicotine consumption is one of the essential rules in our How to Lose Weight in Your Face.  

Alcohol is very high in calories but low in nutrients and contributes to an increased risk of weight gain. Reducing your alcohol consumption will help you control alcohol-induced bloating and weight gain. 

In addition, researches show that quitting smoking makes it easier to burn body fats. So if you want to make your weight loss process any quicker, you better quit smoking. 

6. Focus on High Fiber Foods

Eating fiber foods will help you the most to lose fat on your face. This is because fiber foods are low in calories but rich in nutrients. One of the main perks of fiber foods is that they move slowly through your digestive tract and keep you feeling full for a great deal of time. 

High fiber foods more or less will prevent a lot of unnecessary eating and food cravings. Also, fiber foods do not cause inflammation at all, they are incredibly healthy for your body, and if you have constipation problems, they will take care of it too. 

So start eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes.

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7. Cut Out Carbs And Sugar Completely

Now come to the culprit of your weight gain— sugar and carbs. Remember this is the essential tip in our ‘How to Lose Weight in Your Face’ tips list. 

Sugar and carbs contain very little fiber but, on the other hand, cause high blood sugar, which causes cravings and triggers your body to store fat. Therefore, no diet or exercise will ever make you lose weight if you don’t give up sugar and carbs. 

Many people have said losing weight by just excluding sugar and carbs from the diet. So you know what it means—no white rice, potato, pasta, cookies, sugar, soft drinks. At first, it will be tough but don’t give up on temptation, and you will be rewarded with the result. 

8. Get More Cardio

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 2

Researches have shown that the extra fat on your face results from excess body fat most of the time. So, if you are looking at the big picture, reducing your body weight will also help you lose weight on your face, and nothing is better than cardio to make that happen. 

Cardio exercises are elementary. You can walk, run, cycle, swim, do push-ups, and whatnot. At first, start slow. Start with 15 minutes of daily cardio exercise and increase it to up to 30 minutes. Then, try to maintain at least 200 minutes of exercise weekly. 

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9. Always Be Properly Hydrated

Now, this is the easiest tip to follow in our’ How to Lose Weight in Your Face’ tips list because all you have to do is drink water. Water will do the easiest trick to lose your face fat. Have you ever heard of water therapy? 

It is a therapy where you drink about one and a half liters of water in the morning just after waking up, even before brushing your teeth. This therapy will help you flush out toxins from your body and boost your metabolism. 

So, drink at least eight glasses of clean water, just water with no salt or sugar.

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9 Best Exercise to Lose Weight In Your Face

Diet will help you make your face slimmer along with the whole body, but these exercises are just intended to make you lose fat from your face and neck. Don’t fret. 

These exercises are straightforward and take only a little time. You can do these exercises anywhere, and you won’t need any gym instruments. So if you want to know How to Lose Weight in Your Face real fast, please read the content below.  

1. Chin Lifts

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 3

Please hold your face and neck upright and lift your neck towards the ceiling. Stay like this for a second, then bring it back down your face to its initial position. Do this up and down face activity at least 20 times. Do this exercise twice a day. 

Chin Lift or chin enhancing exercise aims to reduce fat from your chin to neck area and help you eliminate the double chin. 

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2. Cheek Puff

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 4

Close your mouth with your lips turned inwards. Next, blow air into your mouth so the areas over and under your lips puff out. Maintain this position for a minimum of 10 seconds. Then shift the air to the undersides of your left cheek and remain like this for ten whole seconds. Next, follow the same routine with the right cheek. Repeat this 10 to 15 times and do this exercise at least twice a day. 

Cheek puff or air puffing will help you to have a slimmer face. In addition, it will help you to lose fat in your cheeks, above and under the lips.

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3. Fish Face

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 5

Consciously and firmly suck your cheeks inside your mouth and pucker your lips outwards. At this point, your face should appear just like a fish’s face (ever wonder why fish faces are so slim? Now you know!) keep the same position for at least half a minute. Repeat this season at least 10 to 12 times and do this exercise twice a day. 

This exercise will make you lose weight on your cheeks, nose, and chin.

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4. The Brow-Raiser

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 6

Touch your index finger just above and parallel to your eyebrows and your thumbs supporting your cheeks. Now pull down the skin above your eyebrow that you are touching with your index finger and try to raise your brows simultaneously. 

Make your eyes wide when you are doing this activity. Hold for two seconds, rest, and repeat for at least five times. Do this exercise twice a day.

The target of this exercise is your forehead and temple area.

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5. The Cheekbone Lift

How to Lose Weight in Your Face7

Place index fingers under your cheekbones to align your fingers vertically with pupils and horizontally with your nostrils. Now push your finger upwards towards the cheekbones and hold it there for a couple of seconds. Repeat these movements up to 20 times and do this exercise at least twice a day.

This exercise will help you to get rid of baggy eyes and chubby cheeks. 

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6. The Jaw Flex

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 8

Please push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip keeping your mouth shut. You should be feeling a stretch building up just under the chin and in the jawline. Remain in the position for at least 10 seconds, then relax for a couple of seconds. Repeat this set of activities at least 10 to 15 times and do this exercise twice a day.

This exercise will help you reduce fat in your jawline area and get rid of the double chin. 

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7. The Duck Face

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 9

The duck face is the easiest one on how ‘How to Lose Weight in Your Face’ exercise list. This exercise is similar to the fish face exercise. Pucker your lips like a duck and hold it for at least half a minute. Repeat this exercise at least five times, twice a day.

The target of this exercise is to reduce fat in the lip and chin area. 

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8. Locked Tongue Pose

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 10

Would you please place the tip of your tongue against the upper wall of your mouth? Push your tongue against the wall till you feel the stretch in your neck muscle. Now keep in that position for at least 25 seconds. Then take some rest and repeat this activity at least five times. Do this exercise twice a day.

This exercise will help you to get slim cheeks and chiseled jawlines. 

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9. Neck Roll

How to Lose Weight in Your Face 11

Look straight ahead and close your eyes. Next, tilt your head to the right, slowly taking it up so that your face points towards the ceiling, then pitch it to the left, ultimately bring it down and repeat the process from the right. Perform this rotation ten times and then relax. Do this exercise twice a day.

Neck Roll exercise will help you get a slimmer neck, and it will also help you reduce double chin. 

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Bottom Line

Being overweight or underweight, ultimately, neither is good for your body. A lot of unproductive and harmful by-products come with obesity. Heart disease, high blood pressure, brain damage, hormonal imbalance— these are all just a few names that obesity will invite into your body. 

Women have it worse. Gaining unnecessary weight can often interrupt her menstrual cycle, which causes hair loss, alopecia, unwanted body hair, etc. Some people gain weight because of genetic properties. But if you are gaining unnecessary weight just because of over-eating or lack of attention, you should become careful about your body. 

That’s because gaining weight is very easy, but losing fat is not. If your face gets chubby, it will also affect your skin. You will probably have more oily skin, pimples, acne, unwanted hair, etc. 

So, hopefully, this article about ‘How to Lose Weight in Your Face’ will solve your chubby face problem and help you lead a better and healthy, happy life. 

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