Did you know that working a full-time job is the leading cause of weight gain in America? No, seriously! A study done by Johnson and Johnson showed that adults who work more than 35 hours per week (on average) tend to weigh 5-10 pounds more than those who work less. Of course, this isn’t surprising, considering we’re all constantly bombarded with delicious treats at work. Still, it’s crucial to remember that even though your co-workers are bringing donuts into the office every day doesn’t mean you have to eat them (or one every day)! So How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time is possible? Yes, It definitely is possible.

Working a full-time job is tough but How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time can really help you. You have to balance your time between work, family, and the rest of your life. But what about when you also want to lose weight? It can be a challenge to find the proper motivation to stay on track with healthy eating habits when so many other things in life demand your attention. However, it is possible! Read this blog post for tips on how you can successfully lose weight while living a busy lifestyle. 

3 Best Ways Of How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time

If you are searching for How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time, here are the top 3 ways.

  1. Workout At Home: If you work a full-time job, you probably sit all day. This is bad for your health and weight. Instead, you should find ways to exercise every day. For example: if you drive or take public transportation to work, try biking one or two days per week! Bike riding is a way to exercise without leaving your home.
  2. Focus on Nutrition: If you work full time and eat out for lunch or breakfast, it is important to pay attention to the food you’re eating. Small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in how you look and feel over time. For example, order a lettuce-wrapped burger instead of one with fries, or ask for half an avocado on your sandwich at lunchtime rather than using two slices of bread.
  3. Lifestyle Changes: Working all day can make you tired. But do not forget to take care of your needs when you work long days. For example, you may need more sleep or less stress. There are many ways to go about this, like taking a break on the weekend, doing yoga or meditation in your free time to relax in How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time.

Top 5 Workouts To Try At Home

1. Crunches


This is the most basic but effective workout you can do at home. Just lay on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and hands behind your head. Lift shoulder blades off the floor, and pause for a few seconds at the top of each crunch. This is good for your abs and back and one of the best exercises you can try from How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time.

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2. Squats


Stand with your feet wider than your hips. Your toes should be pointing a bit outwards. Keep your arms hanging down at the side of your body, and make sure to use your stomach muscles as you squat down so that both thighs are parallel to the ground. Stay in the position for 2-3 seconds, then stand back up again.

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3. Lunges


This exercise is good for your How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time. It helps your thighs and back muscles, as well as your chest. When doing this exercise, make sure to stay tall and not let your knees bend in or out. Stand up. Keep your head and eyes forward and not down to the ground.

Then take a big step forward with one leg, bending that knee 90 degrees while keeping your other leg straight behind you so that both knees are bent equally. Bring both legs back to starting position, then repeat on the opposite side by stepping backward with the opposite leg.

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4. Push-Ups

Push Ups

The most basic exercise is push-up. It is easy to do, and you can do it anywhere. This exercise will help you get strong! Try doing it on your knees or off of a chair or couch with your feet on the seat cushions if you are just starting. As you get stronger, you can lower yourself down toward the floor, but don’t let your chest touch – stop when your arms form about a 90-degree angle (or as close as you can). If you’re not very fit and want less intensity, do only 5-10.

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5. Tricep Dips

Triceps Dips

If you want to know How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time, then try adding some strength training into the mix! Try this exercise that works out your triceps and builds muscle in your arms; it is also easy to do at home with no equipment.

First, sit on the side of a couch or chair with your hands behind you. Your fingers should be facing forward (both sides need to be even). You can start by sitting on the side of a couch or chair with your hands behind you. Again, your fingers should be facing forward (both sides need to be even). Next, lean back slightly, then lower your bottom on the floor. Hold it for a few seconds, then push yourself back up again.

Top 5 Nutritional Tips

How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time 1

1. Watch Portions

Eating with friends and family is important, but don’t allow yourself to lose track of eating. Make sure that everyone’s dish has the appropriate serving size. Portion Control is the best way of How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time.

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2. Eat Fruit & Vegetables at Every Meal

Make sure to eat vegetables or fruit at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! You can incorporate them into your snacks too. They will help boost your metabolism because they are low in calories and high in fiber, making it feel like you ate more than you did.

3. Stop Eating When You Are Full

As soon as you begin feeling full, stop eating! It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it has had enough food so if you continue to eat after you are full, chances are you consumed too much.

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4. Pack a Healthy Lunch

Instead of going out to lunch, try packing your own! This way, you know exactly what ingredients and how much was used in the dish. As a result, you will avoid over-consuming food that may have a lot of calories and fat while also preventing yourself from consuming too little because you didn’t purchase enough food.

5. Don’t Eat Late at Night

Remember that every calorie counts even when the day has ended, so avoiding late-night snacking is important for losing weight or getting healthy. Also, it’s best not to keep any junk food in the house, so it will be easier to tell yourself no if something is calling your name late at night.

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Top 5 Lifestyle Changes

How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time 3

1. Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep

You should take care of yourself too when working full time. You may need more sleep or less stress in your life. There are many ways to accomplish this, like taking a break on the weekend, doing yoga or meditation in your free time, and getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night! Sleep is really important for How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time.

2. Stay Active While Working

After a long day, it is difficult to get off work and go out to exercise. However, if you stay active while working, you won’t have an excuse for not being able to work out later! For example, try walking around the office from one side to another. Or take your lunch outside so that you can walk during that time instead of sitting inside all day long.

3. Do Yoga or Meditate

Taking a break on the weekend is always a great way to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed with work. In addition, doing yoga/ mediation will help calm your mind and relax, so when Monday comes, you are refreshed and ready for another week of hard work. Energetic and fully recharged from How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time! While lowering work-related stress and injuries.

4. Find Something You Enjoy Doing

Take time for yourself when working full time! No one can do everything by themselves. Make sure to find something you enjoy doing in your free time, whether going out with friends, painting or playing a musical instrument. This way, the stress of the day will melt away when you come back home.

5. Eat Healthy While Working Full Time

If you eat healthy while at work, there is no reason for you to go out and eat fast food or order junk food when it becomes lunchtime. Instead, pack your lunch so that you can save money and stay healthy at the same time!

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Final Words

The weight-loss journey is a personal one that should be tailored to your life. But if you can find an exercise routine, diet plan, and lifestyle strategy that work for you, the possibilities are endless. There’s no need to feel discouraged or overwhelmed with How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time. Start small by finding something new every day until it becomes second nature. Even though work may not allow much time for fitness routines in between meetings, break up your long hours at the office with short bursts of activity throughout the day! If this sounds like too big of a challenge, then reach out today to talk about how we can help you in How To Lose Weight While Working Full Time easier on both you and your schedule.

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