Why should you know the Inability To Lose Weight Despite Diet And Exercise? The Inability to Lose Weight despite Diet and Exercise is a usual look that makes people frustrated and angry. Everyone wants to be slim and attractive in the eyes of others. Loss of weight starts to become a challenging task due to some hidden and overlooked issues.

You may be making all of the strenuous efforts to lose weight. From counting calories to adding proteins, you maintain a complete diet plan. Weight loss is a long-term process that needs continuous works.

Even then, if you are unable to lose weight, it means you have gone wrong somewhere. Eating patterns, sleeping styles, and exercise time are crucial factors when it comes to losing weight. You might not be getting proper protein or doing an unhealthy eating routine. Thus you do not have to take any tablets or any supplements.

So, you have to take care of a few tips. They affect the weight loss process to a greater extent. If you do not stop these habits, you will face a lot of problems in losing weight. So you should follow the fit guides to lose weight when needed.

Top Reasons For Inability To Lose Weight Despite Diet and Exercise

1. Weight 

Lean and slim bodies are more attractive than overweight bodies. For different heights, there are various weight ranges. Average weight ranges differ for people with variant heights. The weight range also varies according to gender. The standard weight range of a man is different than the normal weight range of a woman.

For instance, a woman with a 5’6 height weighing 76 pounds is considered overweight. It is not the same for the man. A man with a 5’6 size weighing 76 pounds is fit. Before losing weight, you should know the proper weight range according to your height and gender.

2. Not Keeping Track of Calories

Inability to Lose Weight despite Diet and Exercise

Not Keeping Track of Calories is one of the causes of the Inability To Lose Weight Despite And Exercise. Making a count of calories is the right way to lose weight. If you keep track of the calories, it helps to stop portion control.

Thus, keeping track of calories does not mean limiting the intake of calories. It also says to reduce carbs in the diet and increase fiber, protein, and other needed nutrients to lose weight. So, you should keep track of all these things to lose weight. Otherwise, you will not succeed in losing weight workout.

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3. Not Eating Whole Foods

Whole foods are nature’s products without the extra sugar, sodium, and fats. If you add whole foods to your diet, you will cut down the calories. It would be best if you increased the intake of fruits, vegetables, and beans instead of taking supplements. Consumption of the whole food means taking the food that is present in its organic form.

For instance, you should eat steamed and skinless chicken instead of processed nuggets. So, you should eat whole foods more to lose weight naturally. Then it will keep you stop from Inability To Lose Weight Despite And Exercise.

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4. Not Lifting Weights

If you stop lifting weights, you lose muscle mass by reducing the muscle size. But, it ends in the decrease of metabolism. So, it stores fat in your body. If you maintain the same eating habits stopping weight lifting will result in weight gain, energy loss, impaired balance, etc.

So, it says to continue the fitness program as much as you can. Depending on your weight loss need, you should keep lifting weights until you reach your fitness goals.

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5. Not Enough Cardio

With weight lifting and strength training, you should also do the needed cardio. If you are not doing the proper cardio, the scale will get stop on a single digit. So, you have to make a routine and do the cardio works. Cardio exercise is an aerobic exercise that releases happy chemicals in your body. For example, the release of endorphins helps you in getting sound sleep. As well as reduces arthritis pain.

If you aim at losing weight, you should add cardio exercise to your per day works. It helps to keep your heart act rightly. So do needed cardio to keep your heart fit and lead a healthy life. Then it will support you to stop the Inability To Lose Weight Despite And Exercise.

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6. You Might Be Drinking Sugary Drinks

Inability to Lose Weight despite Diet and Exercise 2

It would be best if you rethought your exercise. Sugary drinks are the No. 1 source of sugars in your diet. You should take care of it as more take of sugar food does not satisfy the hunger. You end up eating up more calories in solid foods.

Sugary drinks may also cause you to gain weight as 1-2 ML of a drink can add 200-300 calories to your diet. So, it would help if you stopped sugary drinks in your diet. Thus you will be able to lose weight.

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7. You do Not have Proper Rest.

It is one of the top reasons that become a barrier to lose weight. If you feel tired and lazy the whole day, your body may not respond well to the exercise and diet. Sleep well is crucial for losing weight.

If you follow a healthy diet, it will help you to lose weight fast. If you do not rest, you will eat more calories, sugars, and fats. So take need rest to more works and lead a good life. Thus it will help you from being Inability To Lose Weight Despite And Exercise.

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8. Skipping Breakfast Is another Big Reason

If you skip breakfast, it becomes a bar to losing weight. When you gap breakfast, your body needs more fats and sugar foods. It also increases our pangs of hunger. We end up taking more calories in the lunches or dinner. So, you end up gaining more calories than you think.

It would be best if you tried to take a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning time. Otherwise, you will end doing the opposite of weight loss. So take a good breakfast each day. As a result, you will not be Inability To Lose Weight Despite And Exercise.

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9. Eating Close To Bedtime

It would help if you ate dinner before the sun sets down. Wisdom says that if you eat right before bedtime, your metabolism gets slowed down. It changes the undigested calories into the fats in your body. So, it is not healthy to take food before bedtime. Eating close to bedtime also occurs indigestion and other health problems.

So, if you want to lose weight fast, you should stop eating near bedtime. Instead, you will have dinner at least two hours before bedtime. Try to digest the foods that you have taken, then go for sleeping. Otherwise, you will be Inability To Lose Weight Despite Diet And Exercise. So make a habit of taking meals well in advance of bedtime.

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10. Stress Can Be a Crucial Hurdle

Inability to Lose Weight despite Diet and Exercise 3

Stress is the biggest enemy when it comes to losing weight. When you remain stressed, your body instructs you to store the fats. No matter how much you exercise or diet, your body does not lose fats. Instead of losing weight, your body starts to gain weight.

Stress influences the fats of the person to store. Stress also causes you to eat sugary and salty foods. So, you should try therapy sessions before starting the diet and workout. Always try to stay stress-free and lead a good life.

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11. Metabolism Can Also Be Responsible.

If you have a fast and proper metabolism, it will cause you to lose more weight. With a need metabolism, you will also be burning more calories at rest. If you do not have a fast metabolism, you can work on many ways to boost your metabolism.

Thus you should eat protein, drink cold water, lift heavy things, and eat spicy foods. You can take green tea to increase your metabolism as well. So, a strong metabolism matters a lot for losing weight fast. You will be fit all the time. So make a need metabolism to lose weight fast.

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12. Underlying Medical Conditions

Inability to Lose Weight despite Diet and Exercise 4

Sometimes stiff weight will not go away. Thus it stays with you, making you more stressed and strained. Following are some of the top underlying medical issues that cause the Inability to Lose Weight Despite Diet and Exercise. These are:

  1. Cellular Damage And Inflammation:  It is a needed work that fights infections and cures injuries. Chronic burn is a harmful health issue that should cure. Whether it sets or not. The cellular damage and inflammation stop the body from losing weight. So, this work should heal for weight loss to occur. Otherwise, it is tough to lose weight. Stop it for a good life. 
  2. Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism: The thyroid gland creates hormones that control the system of the body. It is either more active (hyperthyroidism) or less active (hypothyroidism) when the thyroid does not work well. In both stages, the methods of the body hamper. So, it would be best if you got it cured at first. Then, make it ideal to do the best. So you will be able to lose weight.
  3. Chronic Depression and Stress: Stress creates cortisol hormones in the body that harm the body’s systems. Stress and depression are one of the leading issues that stop a person from losing weight. Hence depression occurs in emotional eating, which pushes a person to take more calories than need. These are a big bar to the right weight loss program. It will help to gain weight instead of loss. These are the prime cause of the Inability to Lose Weight Despite Diet and Exercise. So root out them first and fast. Then, shape your body as you need.
  4. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): One of the main reasons weight loss is hard. Most women are unable to lose weight due to this issue. To lose weight, you should get medical help and take treatment to solve this bar. 
  5. Syndrome X Problem: It becomes difficult for people who suffer from the syndrome X problem to lose weight. It is a health issue related to insulin resistance. If your body does not work well with insulin, it harms many body functions to do the proper way. So, it should treat first. Then, lose weight as you wish.

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Parting Thoughts

If you face all of these issues while you have the Inability To Lose Weight Despite Diet And Exercise, you should make right your habits. Diet and exercise are not only needed for losing weight. You have to know your body. Thus, sometimes it can be your habits that become a bar to attain your fitness goals.

Instead of exercise and diet, you must rethink your sleeping, eating, exercising, and dieting styles. It can be an underlying medical fact such as depression or PCOS that stops you from losing weight. If underlying medical issues create a barrier for your weight loss program, you should get medical help. You can take professional aid as well.

Once you get treated well, you will start to lose weight and touch your fitness goals. By putting set efforts in the right way, you will lose weight and become slim and trim. Thus, you will lose weight fast.  

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