Lose Fat Not Weight properly

When you think of your dream body, one thing strikes your mind. That is weight loss. You start to measure your weight on the scale and start working on your body. Weight loss is the term that is usually referred to when people speak of getting back into shape by Lose Fat, Not Weight.

People generally find no difference while saying weight loss or fat loss. But what if I tell you these are two different things? Yes, losing weight and losing fat and completely different things. Though they are somehow related to each other, they help your body in different ways. And the tricky part is that losing weight is better for your body than losing weight.

Yes, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Losing fat is much better than losing weight. Always remember, getting back in shape is not only about the numbers displayed on your scale. Here is your proper guidance on how to get back in shape by losing fat.

Losing fat but not weight is about the right decisions.

Are you curious to know what the difference is? Here we go. Losing weight refers to the decrease in your overall body weight. It doesn’t work in any particular area like muscles or fat or anything. Weight loss reduces all good and bad aspects of your body to reduce the numbers on the scale. It reduces your water weight, your muscles, and your fat.

Losing water weight is of no use as it is just temporary. Muscles are suitable for your body, so losing the forces may be harmful. So one good thing that we are left with is losing fat. When you indulge in losing fat, you start getting rid of the unhealthy fat that helps you get a toned and healthy body.

Best tips to lose fat not weight

There are several ways to Lose Fat, Not Weight, without affecting your muscles. Many things can enhance your fat loss and can help you be fitter and healthier. It can be some specific foods, some dietary changes, or some exercises. Below are some of the tips to help you get rid of fat. You can also read How To Lose Weight In 72 Hours

1. Number of calories

Calorie Counting

Burning more calories eventually leads to losing fat. This is because our body stores fat to use at the time of the energy crisis. So when we limit the number of calorie consumption, our body starts burning fat. Therefore, burning more calories and consuming less is the mantra of losing fat. So even if you can’t exercise a lot to lose fat, drinking less will help. If you consume fewer calories, it fulfills the mathematics, and hence you won’t have to work too hard. You don’t need to starve yourself, though. Many such food items are less in calories but can make you whole.

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2. Plenty of protein

Another main thing that you need to focus on in your food habits is to take more protein. Among all the nutrients in our body, protein and fiber are the most helpful to lose fat. And carbs are the most harmful ones. So try to replace all of the carbs in your diet with protein. Protein makes you complete faster and also reduces your appetite. So you won’t feel hungry time and again. Also, you will cut your calorie intake without starving yourself. So try to consume as many proteins as you can. It can help you burn fat faster.

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3. Cardio

Lose Fat Not Weight 2

Cardio has proven to be one of the best exercises to help you get rid of fat. It allows you to burn more calories in a short time. Cardio also keeps your heart away from all heart diseases by challenging and improving your cardiovascular system. Also, there are many forms of exercises that are included in cardio. That is a huge perk because you won’t get bored by repeating the same exercise every day. Cardio exercises are too much fun to perform.

Cycling is one of the best cardio exercises. It works on your entire body and your respiratory system as well. You can opt for regular cycling as well as stationary cycling. If you want to develop a new skill while trying to lose fat, try boxing. It is a great exercise to help you get rid of fat.

Boxing works on your arms, core, and your entire body. You can lose fat while learning some cool moves. If you are a sports lover, then this one is definitely for you. Soccer can help you to lose a significant amount of fat. Playing soccer can burn up to 250 calories in half an hour, which is a considerable number. Jogging and running are also some very great exercises. They can help you burn a lot of calories within no time.

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4. Strength training to maintain muscle

Strength training helps you to increase the number of muscles in your body. It also allows you to strengthen your existing muscles. Muscles are fat-free tissues. So they are suitable for our bodies. Also, the number of muscles in our body is directly proportional to the rate of calorie burning.

That means if we have more muscles, our body will start burning more amount of fat. Therefore, strength training is very beneficial for people trying to lose fat. However, weightlifting and resistance bands are the best to help you lose fat. In weightlifting, you can load the weight at your convenience.

It helps to strengthen your muscle fibers. In the case of resistance bands and weightlifting, the weight is used as resistance against you. It makes your endurance better. They work very well to tone your body and help you lose fat. Strength training works on your entire body.

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5. Proper rest

Gaining fat can often be a result of insomnia and stress. It is found that people who lack proper sleep and are mentally disturbed usually gain more weight. Also, not taking adequate rest can make you lose muscles. That is not very good for your body—the resting metabolic rate increases when you take proper rest. Thus, adequate rest can allow your body to burn more calories. And burning more calories is the key to losing a good amount of fat.

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6. Focus on lean protein and leafy greens

Lose Fat Not Weight 3

Lean protein foods are very rich in protein. When you start to consume more lean protein, the hunger hormones in your body will reduce. So, automatically you will feel complete with less food. Also, you won’t have the desire to keep eating time and again. So, it will help you to consume very few calories. Protein also helps to reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism.

Plain Greek yogurt can be a great source of lean protein. Beans, soup, and lentils also work very well to help you lose fat. If you’re a foodie, you can also take low-fat cottage cheese. Drinking low-fat milk is also an excellent supplement for protein. If you are a non-vegetarian, skinless white poultry is the best option for you. When it comes to leafy greens, they are the healthiest food. They contain numerous nutrients like various minerals and anti-oxidants.

Leafy greens contain calcium, which is supposed to help in weight loss. In addition, they contain nitrates that convert your fat white cells into brown. It induces more fat loss. Also, they are deficient in calories. Almost all leafy greens can assist you in losing fat. So you can consume any and expect to get positive results. Spinach, Lettuce, kale, asparagus, and collards are a few to name.

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7. Healthy fats can be quite beneficial

Yes, you read it correctly. Consuming healthy fats can also help you get rid of fat. As compared to other nutrients, fat gets digested very slowly. This is the reason that it can keep you full for a longer time.

It will benefit your goal of consuming fewer calories. Consuming healthy fats can provide you with numerous other health benefits as well. They may also reduce the risk of various other heart diseases. Healthy fats absorb other nutrients completely and help your body thrive. Fat is an essential nutrient for our bodies. Avoiding fats in your diet can often lead to overeating. The lower portion of food can make you complete if it contains fat and vice versa.

Also, you can use healthy fats such as olive oil to add flavor to your food. Fatty fishes such as salmon can help you lose fat quickly. Dark chocolates can be a treat for you. They can help you lose fat without compromising your taste. But make sure to choose the one that doesn’t contain much-added sugar. You can also opt for going for a trail mix of nuts and butter. It provides you a nice amount of health finally, avocado. Avocado is a great fruit to assist you in losing fat.

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Final thoughts

You can find a massive list of things that you can do to Lose Fat, Not Weight. But keep in mind; it is not about losing weight but about losing fat. And they are NOT the same. So always focus on things that help you to lose fat. Yes, it may take time to appear on the scale.

But losing fat will help you get back in shape efficiently. Moreover, it won’t be temporary, so you won’t have to get worried about getting fat again. The above-listed tips are some of the things that can help you get rid of fat. There are other ways too. For example, you can try different forms of diet.

Going to the gym or consulting a dietician can also be an option for you. In addition, various other exercises can help you get rid of your fat. So, start working on your body today and make sure to lose some nice amount of fat.

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