Does Meal Plan For Muscle Building Work?

Muscles are a very important part of the human body. Muscle building not only gives an attractive look to the body but also has many benefits. Muscles help to increase the metabolic rate of the body because muscles use the energy of the body.

Muscle building exercises force muscles to use more energy, which increases the metabolic rate of the body and burn fats. Muscle building also strengthens the muscles and decreases the risk of many diseases. When your muscles are strong, you will be able to do many routine works very easily. 

When people plan for this, they make a proper meal plan for building muscles. They also do many different and hard muscle exercises for them. But these things are not enough for building muscles.

Along with exercise and meal plans for building muscles, proper sleep is also very important. These all things, when done combine, will help you in achieving your target in less time. This article is a guided workout and meal plan for building muscles. 

How to diet for building muscles?

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Diet is the main thing that is helpful in muscle building. But the meal plan for building muscles is not very complicated but is simple. You just have to maintain calories by adding carbs, proteins, fats, and many other micronutrients.

You have to add that thing in your diet plan, which helps you in building muscles. The addition of extra protein is very important in the meal plan for building muscles.

For building muscles and weight gain, it is also necessary to add extra calories through food. For all that first, you have to calculate your normal caloric requirement, then make a proper diet meal. 

Meal calorie count

For muscle building, it is very necessary to keep an eye on your calorie count. Keep in mind that if you are taking calories at the same time, you are also burning many of them during workouts. But muscle-building requires extra calories.

A normal female requires about 2000 calorie, and male requires about 2500 calories a day. So if you are doing muscle building, you need extra calories. Add almost 500 extra calories in the meal plan for building muscles. Add these calories through foods, protein shakes, and snacks. 

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Bodybuilding diet meals

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If you are going to make a meal plan for building muscles, then you have to be extra careful. For bodybuilding, you will need a lot of food for about 6 meals. For the muscle-building process, you have to focus on some main things. Divide meals in 6 portions, hydrate body, avoid processed and junk foods, and eat good carbs and a lot of protein.

If you are bodybuilding, then you will need about 3000 calories, 225-gram protein, 30-gram carbohydrates, and 100 grams fats. It is very wise that by keeping in mind, all these portions make your own meal plan for building muscles. Add your favorite foods in a diet plan so that you can enjoy it. 

What if I have indigestion or other food sensitivities?

Mostly indigestion occurs due to dairy products, processed food, fried foods, and spicy foods, caffeine, and spoiled foods. If you have certain other food sensitivity or indigestion for any other specific food, it is better to avoid that food in your meal plan for building muscles.

Or if you want to take them, then eat in a small amount and after that do some workout or take any digestive medicine. Proper workout and health care will help you in coping with all these problems. 

How much water should I drink?

If you are going to make a meal plan for building muscles, then you must add water in that; water intake is very necessary, not in just muscle building but also in a normal routine—water hydrate the muscles, which help in lubrication and proper growth of muscle. Females need about 3 liters water, and males need 4 liters water a day. 

Meal timing

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For muscle building, it is very necessary to balance workouts and meals. As the type and quantity of food are important in the same way, its timing is also very important. If you are going make a meal plan for building muscles, then divide the meal into 6 portions.

Muscle building needs extra energy and calories, so add extra calories in the meal plan for building muscles. Time for taking these calories is very important in bodybuilding. Some calories are taken before workouts and some after workouts. 

  • Pre-workout calories: Take 40 grams protein 30 grams carbs and 10 grams of butter before a workout. For this, you can choose the food of your choice. 
  • Intra workout: Take 10 to 20 grams of protein (can be protein shake), and 40 to 70 grams of carbohydrates. 
  • Post-workout: You can eat 6 to 8 ounces meat and 1 to 2 cups rice or oatmeal. 

You can complete your remaining portions at any time of the day at different times mentioned in your meal plan for building muscles.  

Commit to the program

If you have planned to muscle building, then it is very necessary to stay stick on it. Only making a meal plan for building muscles is not important. Commitment to your health and wish is very important. No one will force you to achieve your target and motivate yourself.

Make a meal plan for building muscles, do workouts, drink a lot of water, stay positive. Don’t cheat in foods, and don’t skip your workouts. Commitment to your healthy lifestyle or muscle building program is compulsory so that you can achieve the target. 

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Cheat Sheet: Full program

All the things which we have discussed in the articles are very important in the muscle-building process. But here are some things which most people don’t discuss which will boost up the process of muscle building. Some of them are as follows. 

Try to change the timing of your workout. Evening time is the best time for a workout. As you have gained a lot of energy all day from foods, then the evening is the time to burn those extra calories and muscles better use the energy. 

Go to bed early from routine. Add extra sleep of half an hour, and you will see the result.

Add fat burners in your meal plan for building muscles. Take a fat burner about a half-hour before your workout. It will increase your metabolism. 

Four principles of gaining muscles

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As it is discussed that building muscles are not a heavy task. Here are the general 4 principles which you have to keep in mind. The main principles are workout, rest, water intake, and meal plan for building muscles. 

  • The workout is very important in muscle building because it gives strength to the muscles. It is very necessary to make a routine for work out and do it almost 4 to 6 days a week. Stay firm on it, and don’t make lame excuses to skip your workouts. 
  • Nutrition is another main principle for muscle building. You have to maintain the calories and nutrient values of food in your diet. Must add carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in your daily meal.
  • Rest is also important. The sleep of about 8 to 9 hours is necessary for a young, healthy person. Also, give gaps in a workout and give relaxation to your body because muscles need rest for becoming strong. Because during sleep time, muscles absorb sugar from blood in the form of glycogen, which gives extra energy. 
  • Water intake is also very important. Males need about 3.7 to 4 liters water, and females need 2.7 to 3 liters water a day. So it is very important to keep water level normal in the body because muscles should be hydrated so that they can grow well. 

Workout plans

Workouts are very important for building muscles. Diet and nutrition just help in making the muscles, but workouts give them strength. It is necessary to plan workouts in about 5 to 6 days a week. For workouts, you can join gyms because you will be regular there. You can also join any online muscle-building trainer online easily. But you cannot slip it because all your diet will go in vain without workouts. 

How to workout

You can do different workouts like weight lifting, core exercises, push exercises, and pull exercises, and many more in the gym. These exercises will aid you in building muscles and make them strong. If you cannot go to the gym, you can do exercises like weight lifting, squats, pushups, lunges, and many more at home.


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As it is discussed many times in the article that muscle-building needs proteins. So it is important to add proteins in your meal plan for building muscles. So most of the supplements available in markets are protein-based.

These supplements are not compulsory, but f you want to build muscle rapidly, then you can take them. They are mostly protein shakes, casein and whey powder, and sometimes pills also. 


Food is the thing which gives us energy and helps us live life. So it is very important. Food gives calories that our body burns to take energy. Muscle building needs extra energy, which means we have to take extra calories while building muscles.

So it is very important to make a meal plan for building muscles very wisely. We have to select very healthy and clean food that contains carbs, proteins, fats, and all micronutrients. 

Overcoming plateaus

To overcome plateaus in your weight gain journey, you have to do some extra hard work. You have to limit the number of carbs and cut more calories. You have to revise all the habits and make changes to it. If you are doing 45 minutes of workout a day, you have to increase it. Make you more active at home and also in the gym to burn more calories. 

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Frequently Asked Question

What are a few good vegetarian foods to build muscles?

As it is discussed that proteins are best for building muscles. Here are a lot of vegetables that contain protein. Best vegetarian foods for building muscles are beans, whole grains, different seeds and nuts, lentils, and dairy products. 

How do you structure a meal plan that hits all of your macronutrients for the building muscles?

Macronutrients are the main components of the food that the body needs. Protein is the main macronutrient that is important for building muscles. You have to take 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight. Carbs and fats are also important to adjust them according to protein

What is a good diet plan to shred fat and gain muscles?

For this, you have to limit the carbohydrates portion. You will have to take only 25 to 30 grams of carbs a day and increase the number of proteins in food. Also, decrease the fats portion and add a lot of vegetables in your diet. You will have to leave all the vitamin and protein supplements. Drink a lot of water and take proper sleep of 8 hours. Do exercises and walks as the daily routine of your life. 

What is a good meal plan for a female looking to build muscle?

If you are a girl and want to build muscles, then add macronutrients in your diet. For muscle building, 1 to 1.5-grams protein is required for a single pound. Eat proteins, take protein shakes in-between meal. Eat almonds and other nuts as snacks. And also add carbohydrates in your diet. Make workouts as part of your life. 

What can help you build muscle mass faster?

For building muscle mass, muscle exercises are very important. Try doing weight lifts, gardening activities, and stretching to build muscle mass faster. Also, take care of your diet and add healthy things to your diet. Eat fish, whole grains, olive oil, and nuts.  

What is the best way to build muscles?

Building muscles is not very difficult if you are passionate about your task. Add more calories to your diet. Increase the intake of protein. Take protein shakes and muscle building supplements. Do workouts and increase with time. Be consistent, and don’t skip your exercise. Take proper rest. 

What kind of diet should I follow to get ripped?

Add proteins, fruits, organic vegetables in your diet. Avoid carbonated drinks and caffeine. Use oatmeal, brown rice, whole grains in your diet. Avoid junk food and bad cholesterol, and try to add healthy fats to your meals.

Parting Thoughts

Losing weight and bodybuilding is a dream of almost everyone these days. It is also not a very difficult task if you stay committed to yourself. You just have to bring some changes in life. Changing eating habits, adding workouts, and proper rest can make it possible.

You just have to make a special meal plan for building muscle by adding specific items. Losing weight is good but in a healthy way. In the same muscle-building is also good without the addition of very high dose supplements. This article has given much information about building muscles in an easy way and you can gain some weight too. 

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