7 Perfect Meal Prep Ideas Bodybuilding

meal prep ideas bodybuilding

Meal Prepping Is The Building Block Of Bodybuilding

Building a healthy body with beautiful muscles is a dream for many people. But getting the perfect body is easier said than done. Bodybuilding does not happen overnight or for that matter in a fortnight or two!

To build a body, you have to follow a stringent diet with the proper exercises. The excellent meal prep ideas bodybuilding is the necessary ingredient for functional bodybuilding. One has to know that a perfect meal prep idea bodybuilding and swatting out in the gym both should go hand in hand to achieve the target.

People have the notion that doing more and more workouts in the gym is the only way to get a perfect body. But it is a myth associated with bodybuilding subject. In this article, we are touching upon one and also an essential aspect of bodybuilding, the meal. Hence, we are providing the details about Meal prep ideas bodybuilding.

The Importance Of Bodybuilding Food Prep

Meal prep ideas bodybuilding is a crucial thing for anyone who is aspiring to get a great body. Without the bodybuilding food prep, meeting your goals will become a daydream. The food is the fuel for our body, without the excellent quality food, you cannot be able to build a great body.

How Fitness Meal Prepping Improves Workouts

Working out hard and following a healthy diet goes hand in hand. If you ignore the meal and increase the workout, well, it doesn’t work out!

For working out effectively, we need to have eaten a proper meal.  The protein-rich meals will help to protect you from muscle fatigue. And proteins will allow you to recover from the tissue tearing while working out.

Hence, you will not feel any difference in your workout. On the other hand, if you eat junk foods, it will make you tired quickly, and it will not help to strengthen the muscles. 

Tips On Making Bodybuilding Meal Preps

Meal prep ideas bodybuilding is natural if you follow our tips provided henceforth. It will help to enhance the workout experience, and in the long run, it will help to gain the perfect body.

1. Set Priorities

You have to make your priorities intact. To build the body, you have to eat more calories than your requirements. As per the general recommendation, you have to eat 20% more calories than your body requires to operate normally. 

Thus, adding nutrients, fertile eggs, milk, and other protein-rich in your diet is essential.

2. Muscle-Building Breakfast

The breakfast is the food you take at the beginning of the day. It is like the foundation in our day’s food consumption. Hence it has to be very rich in nutrients and proteins. 

You can consider adding eggs, oats, milk and milk products, varieties of fruits, and dry fruits to start the day on a good note. This will also help the muscles to get energy throughout the day and also help in gaining weight.

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3. More Calories For Lunch

Most of the people do the workouts in the evening, which means the lunch becomes a perfect prep meal. Meal prep ideas bodybuilding includes having a high protein and calorie luxurious lunch to ensure smooth workout experience. 

You can add salmon food with vegetables roasted in olive oil and a lot of fruits, which are high in proteins. A good and proper lunch is essential if you are underweight.

4. After-Workout Dinner

The dinner has to be given as necessary as lunch and breakfast. It should consist of an equal amount of carbs and proteins. The food items like pork, beef, and chicken provide enough calories and protein to recover microscopic tears in the muscles created while working out. The protein will help to build the tissues and improve it. 

Add also, don’t forget to include the vegetables, it will help to make the digestion process smoother. 

5. Protein Needed For Each Meal

Amino acids form proteins. While doing exercises, it creates tiny micro-tears in the muscles. And if you consume enough proteins then,  it will help to build the gap and thus helps to build strong muscles. A person weighing 80Kgs should consume about 40 grams of proteins to gain the muscle. 

However, this recommendation is not for everyone since the nature of the body is not the same in everyone.  It depends on several other factors like age, gender, genetics, size, etc. 

6. Protein Shakes

If you are unable to enough proteins from your meal, then you must use the protein shakes. The usage of protein shakes before and after the workout facilitates the muscle building. 

There are plenty of protein powders available in the market. You have to choose the best one, depending on your taste and food culture.

7. Smart Carbs

The more you do the workout; you will become hungrier. Hence using smart carbs will save you from this situation. If you are full, you can carry out the exercise more efficiently than the hungry stomach. 

Thus, include oatmeals, sweet potatoes, corn, milk, and vegetables to make a great meal prep ideas bodybuilding.

7 Best Meal-Prep Recipes For Bodybuilding

The meal prep ideas bodybuilding will become boring without the tasty foods. Hence we are giving seven recipes that help to enjoy your meal prep ideas bodybuilding.

1. Egg And Veggie “Muffins”

The incorporation of egg and veggie muffins will make your meal prep ideas bodybuilding an enjoyable one. The egg is always an excellent nutrient food to have for all the people. And adding some veggies to that will enhance the taste as well. It fulfills the calorie requirements. It is easy to make, and you can eat it at breakfast and also as a snack.

You need to preheat oven to 350°F, cook the chopped veggies in a tablespoon oil until it becomes crisp. Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray in a bowl, combine eggs, milk, and seasoning and mix it. Then pour egg evenly and bake for 20 minutes and serve.

2. Banana Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats

Including banana dish in your meal prep ideas, bodybuilding gives you a considerable amount of fiber content. Preparing the banana chocolate chip overnight oats is too simple. All you need is 1/3 cup of yogurt,1/2 cup of oats, 2/3 cup of milk, one tablespoon chia seeds, a pinch of salt, honey, two banana, and two tablespoon chocolate chips. 

You need to whisk together all these items and keep in a tight jar. Keep this in the refrigerator for 4 hours and enjoy it. 

3. Mason Jar Spinach And Feta Salad

Adding this salad in your meal prep ideas bodybuilding makes the meal enjoyable. To prepare this first, you have to adjust the dressing with whisking vinegar, salt, mayonnaise, and sugar. Keep the dressing in a jar and gather baby spinach, sliced onion, cooked and chopped bacon, boiled eggs, and mushrooms. 

4. Ground Beef Fajita Bowl

Take some ground beef and cook it thoroughly in a skillet and add a packet of fajita seasoning mix along with water. Cook and stir it for 3 minutes. Then remove the beef from the skillet and keep aside. Add oil o the skillet and cook for 3 minutes along with onion and pepper. Take a cup and top it with veggies and cheese and followed by meat, and eat the dish. This is quite a good home remedy for bulking up.

5. Sweet Potato, Beef, And Roasted Veggie Hash

This is another high protein item you should include in your meal prep ideas bodybuilding if you are not a vegetarian. This is highly rich in proteins and provides more calories. Roasted vegetables and sweet potatoes are delicious and also has many vitamins and minerals. It will make a perfect meal after the workout sessions.

6. Poppy Seed Chicken, Asparagus, And Wild Rice

The preparation of this item does not take more than 15 minutes. You need to heat some sesame oil in a skillet and add chicken tenders to skillet and sprinkle with seasoning and poppy seeds.

You need to cook for 8 minutes, and don’t forget to stir and flip them often. Take a cup of rice and distribute it with chicken tenders, asparagus in a container. Keep this in a refrigerator if you eat it later. Before eating heat for a minute and enjoy.

7. Peanut Butter Protein Energy Balls

The preparation of this food is simple, and you can store and eat this for a week! You need to have peanut butter, chocolate chips, oats, flax seeds, and honey to get the sweetness. 

All you need to do is just combine all these ingredients in a bowl and stir to mix well. Keep it in a refrigerator for 20 minutes and roll it to make balls and enjoy the healthy and tasty food. 

Keep In Mind

You need to follow the above said seven steps to achieve a perfect meal prep ideas bodybuilding. And to satisfy your taste buds, follow the seven recipes each day in a week. It will never make your meal prep ideas bodybuilding boring and tasteless. 

If you follow and keep your diet strictly over six months, there is no one to avoid you from getting a healthy and robust body. However, you must remember that going out of course from these meal plans will take you away from the goal, and you need to spend more time getting back to the track. Hence stay on your project and focused. It will make you stay healthy and provides a sound body.

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