Why Physical Signs Of Being Underweight Is Alarming?

The focus on being overweight and its health effects in the medical world are high. But there are health risks in being underweight.

The physical signs of being underweight are terrible. It includes decreased immune function, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, anemia, osteoporosis due to lack of calcium and vitamin D, fertility issues, complications from surgery, development, and growth issues in teenagers and children.

Keep reading about underweight risks, what it means, symptoms, and side effects that you may experience.

What It Means to Be Underweight

Underweight, like obesity, is determined as per Body Mass Index. It is a medical field measure agreed upon to establish a healthy weight. It considers height, age, gender, and muscle mass, to establish a person is healthy, over, or underweight.

Your BMI is showing less than 18.5; then, you are underweight medically. It is crucial to understand these are estimates giving an indication. However, it would help if you visited a doctor for sure.

Weighing too little suggests you may have a weakened immune system, fall sick frequently, suffer lack of energy, hair loss, and hormonal issues. This is the right time to understand the physical signs of being underweight and to consult your doctor.

Underweight Symptoms and Side Effects

BMI determines technically; you are underweight. However, one can understand skeletal symptoms through their side effects as you keep an eye out for them. Physical signs of being underweight are easy to detect too.

1. Frequent Illness

Being underweight indicates your immune system is weak. It means you will catch the flu or any other contagious disease instantly, even a seasonal cold. So falling ill frequently is one of the physical signs of being underweight. Besides, falling sick for skinny people takes a longer time to recover, comparing the correct weight of people.

Frequent illness displays that your immune system is causing trouble. It is unable to function in coordination with other bodily functions. When you are underweight, rely on adding vitamins and nutrients supply steadily to stay healthy. Having an underweight BMI is an indication of eating less, lacking essential nutrients.

This is the reason that your body is unable to fight infection or resist diseases such as a common cold. If you are getting affected frequently with stomach discomfort, frequent colds, or other hard-to-cure illnesses, it indicates being underweight.

2. Feeling Tired or Cold

physical signs of being underweight 1

Being underweight is itself a problem. It means your body is not receiving adequate amounts of B vitamins and iron. This leads to anemia. Having a deficiency of B vitamins implies a lack of red blood cells, which means it is not easy to transport oxygen. 

Additionally, if your body lacks enough iron, delivering oxygen to cells is challenging. As a result, oxygen transportation becomes slow. Iron deficiency is a sign of anemia resulting in a lack of energy and concentration to focus.

Fatigue is the foremost symptom of physical signs of being underweight. The tired feeling is at all times, and this is because your body lacks daily calories. The calorie deficiencies drain body resources, and energy is received only to your vital body parts. This disturbs the other body functions such as digestion and muscle repair, hence the delay. 

Underweight people feel the urge to sleep at all times. They get exhausted quickly, even with very little physical activity. The symptoms and side effects of being underweight are not easy to diagnose. Knowing the signs alone is not enough to determine you are underweight. 

There are things besides the concentration of nutrients and vitamins, and it is the hormonal imbalances indicating if you are underweight as determined by BMI. It is equally recommended to consult to determine if these have an impact on you. Besides, there is a need to discuss and understand the reason for feeling tired or cold as physical signs of being underweight.

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3. Losing Hair

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Losing hair is normal for everyone. Shedding every day a little hair is mandatory. Adults lose each day around 100 strands. If hair falls out in chunks, or you notice your eyebrow or eyelashes hairs are losing their thickness, it is a clear indication of losing hair.

If you notice your body hairs are also receding, it is a sign that ideal body weight is not maintained. This happens when people try to go on crash diets. This is when your body is not getting sufficient nutrients and protein to promote hair growth or maintain hair health.

Hair loss is a common underweight symptom. This is the first loss that comes to notice immediately. Your body does not operate well, as your immune system is not getting the required fuel. The fuel necessary for growth relates to the food you are eating. Noticing excessive hair loss in your hairbrush or shower or when your hair appears thinner is a sign you should gain weight.

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4. Hormonal Issues

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Hormonal issues trigger weight issues, especially in women. If a woman’s body lack body fat, there is difficulty in producing hormones. This includes producing estrogen, sex hormones. These can also lead to rapid weight gain.

As your body hormones become imbalanced, there are chances that women miss out on their regular menstrual periods, and this condition is referred to as amenorrhea. The hormonal level abnormalities and menstrual cycle affect women to the extent that getting pregnant is hindered.

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FAQs On Physical Signs Of Being Underweight

I have anemia. How can I increase weight?

Patients suffering from anemia have a double-fold problem. On the one hand, they suffer a loss of appetite.
On the other hand, patients gain weight very quickly because they cannot oxidize fats properly, leading to weight gain. So, in this case, you need not only to gain weight but a healthy weight gain. For this, you should consume iron-rich nutritious food.

I am not underweight, but I still lose hair. What to do?

There are many ways to treat hair loss, including massage the scalp with mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. As these increase, the blood circulation, thus preventing hair loss. Applying ginger or garlic juice is also very helpful. Moreover, it would help to enrich your diet with proteins as our hair is composed of Keratin protein.

I am constantly feeling cold. What should I do?

If you keep on feeling cold for a long time, you should see a doctor as it may signify some disease. For example, it may be an indication of anemia or hyperthyroidism.

Should I visit a nutritionist or my doctor will do?

First, visit a doctor so that he can identify the actual reason behind it. And if there is some nutritional issue, you can see a nutritionist as well.

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Keep In Mind

Finally, consult with your doctor always before initiating any diet or a health care plan. It is not necessary to have a big reason for being underweight. It may be a simple reason that you are not eating correctly and may be an indication to cause serious illness. However, there is a need to consult a doctor and be safe and sure about the physical signs of being underweight.

Underweight people need to reach a healthy weight to enjoy better energy levels, improved mood, and a healthier body. In addition, BMI may be life-changing as you bring the required control over your weight

With the advancement of mobile technology, nowadays, tracking nutrition and calorie intake is not tricky. But, at the same time, it is not easy to estimate your nutrient and calorie intake accurately without any assistance. Using health tracking apps makes it simple.

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